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I don’t know if you know this. I know we chatted backstage. I didn’t mention this to you,
but we’ve actually met before. -When was it?
-Yeah, I’ll remind you. [ Laughter ]
So, it was at a YouTube event. I was hosting.
I believe you were DJ’ing. You were onstage.
And here’s the thing, though. You were passing out joints to all the YouTube executives
from the stage. Do you remember?
-Now you just sparked a flame. [ Laughter ] Now I remember.
-Yeah. -Yes, sir.
-And here’s the thing. It made my night
very interesting, because all the high
YouTube execs kept coming to me
to start conversation. So there’s a lineup of
nonsensical things happening all because —
And right behind, I kept seeing you being like,
“Here you go, for you and…” “Snoop, you’re killing me here!”
-Yeah, yeah. But you know,
that’s what I’m about. I’m a wholesome guy.
I want to make sure that everybody
is enjoying themselves. -Yeah.
-You know what I’m saying? An entertainer
that loves to entertain. -You hear that?
You’re all going home with a — [ Cheers and applause ] So, okay.
But break it down for me. Let’s get real.
When is the first time you ever smoked some really,
really good weed? -Oh, man.
It was early ’90s. I was in the Poly Apartments
on the East Side of Long Beach. [ Cheers ] It was some white guys
that came by, and they had… [ Laughter ] …they had some weed
called hydroponic. And it was so good,
we just started saying, “Man, this hydroponic
is the [bleep] Cut us hydroponic.”
[ Laughter ] And the white boy
was trying to tell us “[Bleep] that ain’t
the name of it,” but we was… [ Laughter ] And then, long story short,
we [bleep] tried to change the name
of “ponic” to “chronic,” and that became Dr. Dre’s hit
album and the whole nine. [ Cheers ]
-So you coined “chronic.” Damn!
That’s some history right there. So, I feel like, at this point,
you’ve probably smoked with or around
almost everybody, so I’m just gonna
throw out a name, and you can just tell me
if you smoked with her. No one in particular —
Oprah? -Uh, not directly,
but indirectly, like, in the same room,
like how we in the same — Like me and you
in the same vicinity. -Yeah.
-Like, you understand me? Like, my thing was like…
[ Laughter ] -So, did you
do any tricks for her? Do you impress people
with tricks? -I do a French inhale.
You know, something like that. You know, nothing major.
You know what I’m talking about? [ Laughter ] -So, I want to take a look
at one of your Instagram posts, ’cause your Instagram game
is on point. I don’t think I follow anyone
as active as you. No spoiler, whatever,
he posted me, it’s no big deal. Whatever.
We’re friends. It’s nothing, nothing.
But you posted this recently. [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. Thank you. Did someone else make this
and you found it? What’s the story here?
-No, that’s the truth. [ Laughter ] I mean, I feel like
that is the truth. That’s fact.
[ Cheers and applause ] I don’t know how to do —
I don’t know how to do the Photoshop
and none of that stuff, so I couldn’t have done that.
[ Laughter ] -Well, actually,
I love that you say this, because someone’s coming on my
show I think next week it is, and his name is John Legend,
and some people say that he’s the sexiest man,
so, camera 2, if you want to talk to John
and let him know what’s good. If you’re the actual sexiest
man, I can get him to… -♪ We’re not ordinary people ♪ [ Laughter ] ♪ One of us has to go ♪ [ Laughter ] ♪ Let it go ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Okay. So you think
you’re the sexiest man. John’s called him
the sexiest man. I nominate somebody else,
because after I saw your post, someone else I know
posted something very similar. Check it out.
-Who’d you nominate? [ Laughter, cheers, applause ]
Hey! -My little dog, Scarborough.
I was like — -Scarborough!
-How a good boy got it all. -Hey. You know what?
I’m a dog man. So, I mean,
you know what? I’ma nominate Scarborough
with you. -Yes! Yes!
[ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah.
-Oh. That is totally
going on his Instagram. I love that.
So, one of my favorite songs of you is… ♪ When the pimp’s
in the crib, ma ♪ -♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪
♪ Drop it like it’s hot ♪ -It’s one of my favorite songs,
an anthem. It’s gotten me through
all the times in my life. But take me back. What was it like
making that song? Being in the studio
with Pharrell? -Around that time, I was,
like, heavily active in the streets and in the hood
and in the community, so I had, like, a lot of
gang members around me. And, uh, that’s
the inspiration we drew from. ‘Cause that’s what our
circumference was about. When we was writing,
we was writing from a different perspective. And Pharrell sort of kind of
like wanted that, but he didn’t know
what he was getting. But what he got in the studio,
with all my homies, they was like all on him like, “[Bleep] you made
Jay Z a hit [bleep] You better make Dogg a hit
[bleep] Don’t give us that bull [bleep] We want the same [bleep]
you gave Jay Z, cuz.” [ Laughter ]
So it was like — It was kind of like pressure,
but it wasn’t pressure ’cause they didn’t mean no harm. They just wanted to make sure
that he gave me a hit record ’cause he gave Jay Z a record. -And I think he did. I think he gave you
a hit record.

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