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Signs of Preterm Labor at 34 Weeks Pregnant

What are the signs of preterm labor at 34
weeks pregnant? You feel like the baby is going to fall out
at any moment. I get that feeling sometimes and that was
before I had any feeling I might be in early labor. If you are early labor, you’ll feel like
the baby is lower in the pelvis and about to fall out because it is moving into position
to come out. Or it is just in a head down position and
putting a lot of weight on the pelvis. If you feel a lot of pelvic pressure that
you didn’t have before, that’s a sign of early labor. Or I need to go to the bathroom. If you have burning when you pee, then I think
you have a urinary tract infection. Those are common during pregnancy. If it progresses to a bladder infection, you
could have whole abdomen pressure and pain in waves, but it isn’t early labor, it just
feels like it. Any infection that bad is a reason to go to
the hospital. You’d know it is early labor if you have
back pains that don’t ease up or regular stomach cramps. That’s called a contraction. Any stomach pains combined with discharge,
whether clear or bloody, are a reason to seek medical attention. I’d do that just because of the blood. Many people mistake early labor for a back
spasm, but you’ll know it is early labor when it isn’t just one side of the back
but the whole lower back. What about the upper back? The lower back is where the muscles are cramping
and pushing the baby out, whereas pain in your shoulder was because you lifted something
too heavy. Pretty soon, I’m not supposed to lift anything
heavier than the baby. If you tried to lift something with your back
despite the load you’ve already got, you might have sciatica, but that will be shooting
pain down one nerve path or muscle group, not the whole thing. I’m glad that’s one type of pain I’ve
never had. The stomach cramps that come with early labor
can trigger nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Or it means I have a stomach bug. One option for finding out is drinking water
and seeing if the symptoms subside. If you still have the stomach pain after the
pooping and vomiting stopped, then they were triggered by the uterine contractions. I didn’t think I’d have to deal with something
like morning sickness when in labor. If you’re in labor, the digestive symptoms
stop after you’ve been in labor for a while, essentially so you don’t have to go to the
bathroom on top of squeezing out the baby. That would be a different reason to see the
doctor, if I’m still ill. You have to see a doctor if the cervical plug
falls out or if there is bleeding along with the pain. You could have a placenta detaching, for example,
causing pain and blood but you aren’t in labor. I think they do a C-section if that’s happening. But if there’s serious pain that doesn’t
ease, bleeding or lots of other fluid discharges that don’t stop or don’t look good, go
to the hospital.

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