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Show Lo – BiShi’s new rival?!! =Bleeding Steel=  [ENG SUB]

Nana has brought us a special clip today Hello everyone, my name is Show Lo Bishi: Hello ZhuBiShi is my artist, I am her manager ZhuBishi: I am back When I was reviewing the script, I was kinda worried for her (Zhubishi) Zhubishi is more for like light-make up I think that’s why people like her The clothes were very short You have to consider the size of the theatre screen and when my ass is projected on it… oh my god… I think that was very tough AHHH I thought I am filming
(Where am I? Who am I) What am I doing looking like this I didn’t request everyone to leave the room, so there were a lot of males present And I think the cameraman didn’t pay attention as well Normally he looks into the screen when he films But he stopped halfway to look at me I suspect he may have developed some…. feelings Please don’t have a “reaction” for me Or it would make the rest of the filming very awkward I have to dress like that and we were filming during such a cold winter Can you imagine… that was such a…. oh my god The temperature outside is currently -38 degree celcius I just want people to know it’s not easy being an actor… -38 C dude But I can assure you noone is more beautiful than ZhuBiShi She’s my goddess Yeah? Do you not agree? Firstly, thank you to the two of you for such video I think she is the hottest “Mrs Dragon” (Jackie’s female co-star) in the known history What do you girls think? Nothing to complain at all, she’s prettier than both of us She is very sexy So you agreed you lost Alright, thank you again for the video, please have a rest and let’s get the real Mrs Dragon up here Welcome Piggy, Show Lo. A very elegant walk up the stage My greetings to all present bosses, director, senior. I am Show Lo. Please welcome our new Mrs Dragon What was that? What happened to you in that video When I first read the script or should I say when the director first met me…. He warned me, I have a very big upcoming challenge So i thought what other challenging role have I not yet tried He showed me a photo of a girl She was the western type It’s completely different from what you saw just then Fortunately when i actually went for costume testing, the clothes were completely different from the photo he showed me This costume is actually less exposing than what it was before The very first costume was over the top… It was too sexy You know the height of our director right? He instantly grown taller the last time he saw me in the original costume (Pls interpet this yourself in a dirty way XD) My apologies, I think I steered the conversation somewhere it shouldnt be So this costume has been modified for better It’s been made less exposing What were your thoughts when you first know about this proposal I was excited So you did not intend to decline at all Not at all Completely accept it I am too used to it Anyway, at least we know you not gonna look like that throughout the whole movie Let’s introduce your character Yeah yeah ofc, if that’s the case then I wouldnt have taken the role It would be scifi-horror instead of scifi-action movie Yeah it’s gonna be horror movieAnyway let’s talk about your character My role in this movie… consists of… I cant tell you I cant tell you that much From the trailers, everyone is gonna think I am just gonna have comedy effect No No… everybody… You are wrong if that’s ur assumption Please dont let the trailers fool you You know what I am saying? Trailer doesnt reflect the truth The truth shall be revealed in the movie on 22nd Dec That’s right, you must watch carefully, especially until the end… you will be like “wow didnt think it would turn out like this” So we would expect the table to keep turning in the movie And this is gonna give us a lot of surprises Just from looking at this poster, we can kinda deduce that you are one ofsenior’s (jackiechan) very important man Are you guys partners or is he your teacher Our relationship is very special We might look like we are together in this poster But we have our own goals I cant say much more than this because the director is already asking me to stop talking Because I tend to tell everyone everything once i start Then who would go watch it in the cinema So it’s for your own purpose/aim/goal That’s right But you guys ended up standing on the same side And then form a very unique group I want to name this group “Dragon-pig group” what do you think Dragon-pig? I think it’s great I know there are a lot of other big films coming up for chinese new year But I believe that the dragon-pig group would achieve good results Definitely agree the group would bring mystical power Nana also shared with us just then her experience of working with you, jackie chan senior. She has learnt a lot But I also want to know your thoughts on working with senior and maybe more on the first time you met him on set I feel like nana has only known senior from his later work But as for me, I have watched his films since I was a little boy I know all the films that he made from the very begining My admiration for senior is extremely enormous He’s my idol, or even my god So he’s at that level for me…But everytime I see nana interact with senior, I am confused to why she isn’t afraid of him I just feel like i need to respect him at all cost, so i just hid behind the truck and watched him I was scared, like extremely afraid… I really did not think there would be a day where I get to work with senior When the director told me senior was taking the role, I was like “are you for real” I was already nervous But when i first met senior, i think he was a very nice senior Normally juniors should be the one greeting the seniors first but i was getting my hair done at the moment And senior just walked into my caravan and said “Hello piggy, long time no see…” He just walked in like that… and i was like WOW, i was shocked He came in himself “piggy, how are you? we are gonna film together” He was like that I was hella nervous I dont dare to star into his eyes when I film with him I feel shy Which is why i turned into Mrs-pig I think you meant mrs-dragon ah that’s right… mrs-pig is mine (his scandal) Nevermind…nevermind… But I think you have slowly realise you dont need to distance yourself away from him Yeah definitely And everyone must thought famous superstar would stay in his caravan the whole time and would not appear at all Senior didnt do that, he sat outside with the rest of us He just sat there like “hey you dropped something let me pick if up for you” “pick up your rubbish” I think that’s something me, as a junior should learn from him We also mention before senior does pay attention to all the little details He will always ask about every bit of the filming Yeah we do get pressured from filming with senior But you also mentioned before, senior for you and probably many of us here are like a god Yeah he made so many legendary films for us That’s right, as well we know you can imitate a lot of people You been imitating senior for the past hour We have prepared two very iconic photo of senior for you to imitate Senior himself is right there, he would give u some comment later Let’s look at the big screen I think this photo is older than nana I dont think nana was even born yet Yeah that’s fromShe was born already then no not yet? 20 years? I thought Nana is nearly 30 year old Stop bullying her Come on… this is a test for you I think my clothes match this I think the first tip in imitating senior is to pay attention to his mouth…You need to put a lot of energy into it We have all seen senior drive in his films, he looks like this when he change gears I dont know why he put so much emphasis on his mouth I just thought that’s strange, coz i dont do that when i change gears. so why did he… Sometime when i drive with my mum I tried to do it, and my mum is like “what the hell are you doing” I said oh nothing I am just imitating senior Anyway, you must pay attention to his mouth when you imitating him Firstly, you must also get a bucket shaped haircuit And then do this Yeah? As soon as director yell cut, do this I think this one is easy He copied the guy behind I want you to imitate the guy in front, senior. This is live broadcast right? The thing is my pants are a bit tight today If i lift my leg up like that, it might…. (break) And i think we will get a spike in views Let’s give it a go, dont need to lift up your leg that high I think that’s really a bit high But I personally prefer his other film which one is that This gesture is also extremely iconic Please hold my mic The snake hand Look at his mouth… Anything to add Snake with little tail Even showing which species of snake cobra
(direct mandarin translate to “glasses snake”) Such skillls Round of applause for piggy

7 thoughts on “Show Lo – BiShi’s new rival?!! =Bleeding Steel= [ENG SUB]

  1. Dear god, this guy XD But him not saying anything about his character is worrisome, there's going to be some fucked up plot twist, I can feel it !

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