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Ryder Launches Natural Gas Vehicle Project

[ sound effect ] Today, we’re in Rancho Dominguez, California, celebrating the opening of the first natural gas maintenance facility within the Ryder network. The project involves the development of three natural gas maintenance facilities, construction of two natural gas fueling facilities, and the delivery of more than 200 natural gas commercial vehicles. Well, this natural gas project is important for the region because it is a first of its kind in a public-private partnership between the Sandbag and SCAG and Ryder. The environmental benefits from an emissions standpoint—it’s 25% cleaner than the cleanest diesel product that’s available today, and the costs of the fuel itself compared to a traditional diesel product is very advantageous to the operator. In addition, one of the big things about it was that it’s going to affect a lot of jobs—over 400 jobs out there for these vehicles that are made in the United States and the support services that companies like Ryder provide—sort of help keep people employed and the benefits that are associated with this cleaner fuel like natural gas. Its customers are facing tremendous challenges in the marketplace right now. They are facing challenges around rising energy prices, and they are looking to tap into the predictability, the cost efficiency, and the environmental benefits of alternative fuels. And Ryder is extremely proud of the fact that we’re in a leadership position right now to be able to bring these solutions to the marketplace at a time of need. [ sound effect ]

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