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Remedio Dolor Estomago (Stomach pain)

Youtube Hello friends, today we platicarles
about a medicinal herb, called tail cap this herb in the treatment applies
of disorders of the digestive tract, as its name implies serves mainly to
diarrhea, usually you can take to any body part administered
form of “you”, orally, except in the case wounds or skin ulcers, in which
should apply in the form of washes so the whole plant is recommended to stop
diarrhea, also for the skin, when the stomach is attacked by bacteria food broken and you have stomach pain or You can prepare a fever, as follows
Thus, a tablespoon of dried herb or green, in a liter of simmering water
and when it starts to boil leaves 10 minutes boiling water, then plug your fret and
let 10 minutes, after resting oxigenas the “I”, emptying the contents of a container
to another and you’re ready to take, you can taking it after meals two or three
times a day until the discomfort disappears, remember not to add sugar to you, so that
do not diminish its healing properties pruebalo.

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