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63 thoughts on “Reacting to Net Worth and Dating Rumours with Calum McSwiggan! | Hannah Witton

  1. Congrats on the $1million net worth 🤣Dan has reached the dizzy heights of the 1 name, Rihanna, Madona, Cher and now Dan

  2. MY SEXY BRIDESMAIDS! TOGETHER! I love when you both collab <3 The chemistry is always a+ …and this is SUCH A GOOD VIDEO IDEA OH MY GOD

  3. I have a positive net worth because I have no debt and live with my parents, I'm also unemployed… The way these things are measured are flawed for normal people

  4. Still trying to work out how someone missed that you'd dated Tim when you did a video together confirming it. Loving the Riyadh and Callum rumours tho 😄

  5. I am sure, Monica actually adores you and wanted to safe you from being completely exposed to the public by sharing loads of wrong information. 😂 If so, she’s a legend! 👌

  6. These are SEO articles. They are generally full of garbage to create the illusion of content to influence page rank in Google. They likely targeted keywords like "[youtuber name] net worth" etc.

  7. A webpage poorly written and full of inaccurate information created primarily to fill with as many adverts as possible. Sometimes spelling Hannah without the h at the end is probably a way of ensuring that page still shows up if people misspell your name when searching online. And Monica appears to have churned out almost a thousand of these types of profiles in 2019 alone just for this one website!

    But best of all – search Monica Beets and Google tells us: 'Monica Beets has a net worth of $2 million as of November 2019' Lol. The writers of these hack profiles obviously pick a fictitious pen name to make them seem more relatable, but the 'real' Monica Beets appears to be a reality star from North America.

  8. According to the writer Hannah would have had to earn $37,000 every single year since the day she was BORN and without ANY expenses to be this mythical millionaire!
    I swear…it seems that proof-reading your work…in addition to actual fact-checking…along with any confirmations…is/are only an (unpopular) option now a days.

  9. the only reason i don't have a negative net worth is because university is free in my country, but i'm still maybe 100 pounds in the positives 😀

  10. "Her flat has different rooms for different purposes" wow, where do you get flats like that? My flat has rooms for one purpose only.

  11. I just read another one of these sites that says : Hannah Witton is possibly single, and has never been engaged. Oh the internet.

  12. Hannah's seems like one of those pages that was mostly or entirely written by a bot or somebody with almost no grasp of English.

  13. So I was right in thinking that I saw Hannah and Calum snogging on the London Eye then. They told me that they were lookalikes! I now know the truth 😯

  14. I've been following you for quite some time now and didn't realize you and Dan are actually engaged! Belated congratulations! 😆

  15. A mortgage shouldn’t give you negative net worth, unless you are in negative equity, which is currently unlikely in the UK. The home is an asset of greater value. I was surprised when they calculated our net worth for our wills, they included our pensions and life insurance on the positive slide of the net worth calculation.

  16. I’m not sure how their numbers add up to you just having a million lying around. Unless! Hannah Witton is a robot that doesn’t eat or leave the house or have any other expenses, she just goes into charging mode when not making videos! Solved it.

  17. Wow, I somehow totally missed you and Dan (who is either Daniel J. Layton or a person who has reached one-name celebrity status apparently?) getting engaged. Congrats! 🥳

  18. You probably don't have a negative net worth; A mortgage doesn't all count against it, because you have the property as an asset, and could sell it to pay off the mortgage at any time.

  19. I think what happened is that the author's native language isn't English. Like, maybe by "inconvenient" they meant "uncomfortable", and just found a synonym for it, you know? Same with "deficiency" and messed up pronouns 🙂

    It makes for a really funny video though 😀

  20. Omg this is hilarious. I just googled mine and it’s apparently between $1 million and $5 million! Where do they get it from 😂😂😂

  21. I love the more relaxed content of this channel ^^ and also thanks for showing other people that "youtuber" is not a real viable carrier on its own 😀

  22. This is magnificent! Make this a tag, I need to see other youtubers react to this nonsense!
    Also I need to see you break the news to Dan (Layton) that you're dating

  23. I swear your boyfriend was Daniel J Layton, Actor but turns out he's actually Daniel J Layton, Anthropologist. I really need to read monica beets more often!!!

  24. @Hannah your house is an asset so unless it is worth less than what you owe on it you probably are in the positive depending on other loans

  25. I expect their estimation is based on the (very much not liquid) social capital. So your 600k subscribers, them finding you a delight and stuff like that.
    Additionally many such estimations don't go below 1million, so I suppose it can be accurate that you don't have more than 1 million. Questionmark…

    All in all, it must be weird having strangers write such things about you.

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