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PSA: Stop the Bleed

– Today, March 31st, is
National Stop the Bleed Day. – Stop the Bleed is a national campaign that teaches people how to help someone in a bleeding emergency. – The need for bleeding
control, referred to as BCon, can occur following car crashes,
workplace or home injuries, mass casualty incidents, and
other everyday emergencies. – First announced by
the White House in 2015 in response to the tragedy
at Sandy Hook Elementary, Orlando Health launched a
local Stop the Bleed program in February 2017. – We want you to know the ABCs of how to stop a bleed. A is for alert, call 911. – B, for bleeding, find
the bleeding injury. – A C for compress, apply
pressure to the wound until first responders arrive. – A bleeding victim can die from blood loss within five minutes. Learning these simple
steps can help save a life. – For information on training sessions, go to orlandohealth.com/stopthebleed.

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