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[Preview] How to prevent chronic disease with Dr. Trudi Deakin

For people who are at home maybe
they have insulin resistance or diabetes, if they’re not part of your program
how could they experiment to find the right diet for them? We know that diabetes is
a carbohydrate intolerance condition. So there’s going to be some high insulin
levels we call hyperinsulinaemia and some level of insulin resistance. So having some form
of carbohydrate restriction is good. And what we don’t know is the level
that one should go to. So they’re experimenting at home, then they may wish to start off
with a low carbohydrate diet of less than 130 g of carbohydrate a day. Try it out making sure that they keep
their salt and their hydration up so that they don’t suffer the symptoms
of what we call low-carb flu. And see if that works for them… Am I achieving my health goals
from this level of carbohydrate restriction? What are my health goals?
Is it my weight? Is it my waist? Is it my blood lipid levels?
Is it my level of glycemic control? What’s important to me? So they will monitor whether that level
of carb restriction works for them. If they’re not getting the desired impact
from that less than 130 g a day, they may choose to go stricter and
go on a very low-carb diet, more keto diet, which is less than 50 g
of carbohydrate a day and see whether
that works better for them.

4 thoughts on “[Preview] How to prevent chronic disease with Dr. Trudi Deakin

  1. Mainstream medicine so scared of change even though its been probed to work… advise patients to reduce carbs to below 50grms don't pussy foot around!

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