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Prepared to Respond: Classrooms and Buses Receive Bleeding Control Kits

(calm music) – We have purchased 5,200 and
we’re very pleased and proud that we’re able to distribute these kits to individual classrooms in order for teachers to have this kit available should a bleeding emergency occur. It’s not part of the requirement,
this is above and beyond. It’s a two-phase series that Round Rock is involved in right now, our
first phase was to recognize that we wanna put an individual
kit in each classroom. The second phase, which we’re
in the process of obtaining, right now, is individual
bleeding control stations. The stations will contain
eight to 10 of these individual kits in an enclosed box that will be affixed to the cement walls, and those kits will be strategically and easily accessible areas
throughout the campuses. – They would need it because
we are more prepared to, when we have a situations
where bleeding is occurring, and we know how to take care of it. I feel more safe, myself,
and I feel more capable of helping somebody to survive. – [Woman] Bleeding is the
number one preventable cause of death, after a
life-threatening hemorrhage, so we wanna get these kits out to the classrooms and to the buses and to the areas of the schools where they would be needed if
there was a traumatic event. – When you think about
what our buses do everyday, our top priority is taking our students to and from school in
the safest way possible. We’re on 35, we’re on
some of the busiest roads in, actually, the state
of Texas, at times. And we never want it to happen, and we pray that it never does, but if we had an accident
and we had children severely hurt we could save a life. – These type of events that are
happening around the country the data is showing that
people are bleeding to death when it’s so preventable, it’s something, there’s something that people can do. But you can’t, the EMS workers aren’t able to get into the
scene and help those people because they’re trying
to secure the scene, not knowing what the situation
is like inside the building. So we’re trying to arm
our staff and our students with the information that they could use to help inside the
building, help save our own, while we’re waiting for
advanced care to arrive.

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