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100 thoughts on “Premium gas vs. regular: What’s really better for your car? (CBC Marketplace)

  1. Drives a Chevy Cruze: yeah use a 87
    Drives a Nissan GTR: Use that 93
    BTW, some cars that use 87 MIGHT get better performance but read your manual about what gas it recommends and if Premium helps.

  2. Emmision test deserves revisiting to proof truely if the addative detergents are actually removing the gunk and why in the test emissions reported more polluted air as it was trying to remove it from engine.

  3. it's a nomenclature mistake : "TOP TIER" =/= "PREMIUM"

    The people have got it wrong in these clips, the detergent/clean issue is a matter of BRAND, not octane. Google "TOP TIER" gasoline for a list of brands that qualify and see the Consumer Reports on why its worth it. You'll find the same reasoning that is incorrectly attributed to "premium" gas by most of these folks. The TOP TIER logo is prominently displayed on the pump or at the station. THIS is what they are actually meaning when they talk of performance and dirt that is nothing to do with octane rating or "premium" fuel.

    Premium fuels are for performance engines/ sports cars that need the bigger bang to meet the higher HP and acceleration demands. If you put lower octane regular gas in an engine designed to use premium fuel, it will misfire and mess with the timing and performance, but higher octane does not improve the specs on a regular engine. My Honda says regular 87 octane is fine, BUT it also specifies that it be a TOP TIER gasoline which means that I spend a few cents more to go to the Chevron, 76, or Shell station instead of Joe Shmoe's Daisy Lube down the block.

    READ YOUR USER MANUAL – THE MANUFACTURER OF YOUR CAR SPECIFIES WHAT OCTANE /GRADE FUEL TO USE. If it says to use premium, use premium. If it says 87 octane is minimum required, use 87. Plus, you might find all kinds of nifty stuff you didn't know about your car, things it can do that are designed for your convenience, and other info that might save you expensive repair later (like how to connect the cables to jump a dead battery properly).

  4. The video is anti-premium, anti-gas company from the go. IT should've just been informative….Such as if you have a regular, non-performance car…..use regular. IF you have a high-performance car, and want the most performance out of your car…use premium gas to keep the performance car's computer from "detuning" or cutting timing, and therefore losing power…which would occur on lower octane fuels.

  5. This is not on the gas stations, how much training do you think their employees get a year? Higher price = better in most peoples mind I would have given the way wrong answer when I was a young kid teen as well, I got into rebuilding cars as a hobby and learned more if you would have asked me not too long ago what octane is I would have said it is more explosive the higher the number, all I can say is well dang I was wrong.

  6. the real question why a country that sits on huge oil reserves have a high price? let me guess stupidity of Canadians that accepts anything

  7. 4.8 vs 5.0 is ~5% better which is as about as it is advertised lol, no one said that premium is 10x better, it doesnt cost 10x more

    octane values:
    regular = 87 octane, premium 91 octane, difference ~5%

    fuel consumption values:
    regular = 5.0, premium = 4.8, difference ~5%

    price values:
    regular = 1.329, premium = 1.469, difference ~10%

    are you being scamed? yeah, on the price alone, you are paying 5% increase with 10% more price so you are fleeced for 5% but the test SHOWED EXACTLY WHAT IS MARKETED, 5% better economy

    tbh, you needed a better test since with this you proved that premium is premium in fuel consumption!

    PS its still not economically feasible since you pay 10% more money for 5% more performance but still… you either do science (ideally only have one variable you are testing) or estimates (get some data that shows general direction of things), this was an estimate. fail.

  8. There are so many different vehicles out there what makes you So sure that premium is not the case maybe for sedans like that it’s not the case but what about SUVs and what about trucks and what about all kinds of other vehicles where is your research for them ?

  9. How was the hp going to drop to maintain the same speed using better fuel
    It will always need 6hp to maintain the same speed as that’s the load the Dyno is placing
    If they did the same test but showed throttle position it would be slightly lower if the car has adaptive knock sensing

  10. I had a Pontiac Grand Prix gtp and it said you had to put premium in it why does the manufacturer Pontiac say that if there is no difference

  11. What's to stop gas stations from putting the same regular gas in all 3 tanks and sell regular gas as a premium gas as a scam to make more money?

  12. I use premium gas in all my gas powered lawn and garden equipment. The ethanol in regular gas begins to breakdown in the fuel in 30 days. And it starts to gum up the engine parts (carburetor, etc.). Since I have been using premium gas in all these small engines I spend a lot less time at the repair shop and have more success in running the equipment. As for the car, if you burn through it fast enough, I find it does't make much difference with my 2006 Mazada. Still burn premium for the new car. The mechanics tell me the engine is very clean even at 96,000 Kms.

  13. Did you drain or replace the fuel pump and filter and fuel lines ALL the way from the tank to the fuel rail? I'm betting you didn't and probably ran regular gas both times.

  14. I highly disagree. Premium fuel on smaller engines reduces rpm on highway driving. Also it accelerates smoother and over prolonged use does reduce deposits in the engine. Plus premium diesel also keeps the injectors cleaner with cetane boost and better quality injector cleaner.

  15. higher octane is for high compression engines or engines with forced induction like a turbo or supercharger. adding premium to a car that requires regular is a waste of money but using regular on a car that requires 91 octane or higher like race fuel will cause the engine to pre detonate because of the lower flash point of the regular gas and can ruin or damage the engine from pre detonation. that is the fuel burning before the Piston reaches top dead center and the explosion from the gas pushing the Piston back down on power stroke of a 4 cycle engine. it is all on education and knowledge of a modern combustible engine.

  16. this is biased. I have a nissan maxima which recommends premium gas and i def notice a difference if i use regular. this guys trying to persuade you to believe what he believes lol

  17. Ironic to watch the Chevy Cruze dyno run with premium. I found in my 2011, premium makes a huge difference, I can fill up and drive almost 150km longer and smoother acceleration. I just choose not to pay 0.15 cents per litre more…

  18. Octane is a measurement of engine knock. Higher octane less chance of knock or ping. Only vehicles that need premium fuel are turbo/supercharged engines or high compression engines. Doesn't do anything for average economy cars

  19. Its a bigger scam than what you would think, especially when you find out that oil is a renewable source, its like the lubricant between the joints created by the planet, between the floating plates, its not "liquidated dinosaurs" , it never was, if you look back this is a marketing ploy to create the idea of scarcity. A few years ago a guy came up with an idea to create better fuel economy in a standard vehicle, (due to how much fuel isn't burnt ) and it saved about 30-40% fuel usage, the fuel companies simply reformulated their fuel, so it would no longer work. Basically, they can produce a better burning fuel, but won't. Now days you can cut your fuel usages simply by adding a hydrogen on demand system, which mixes hydrogen into your air, cuts fuel usage yet again by 40% or more, and they can't "reformulate" to stop it. Now watch how they move into the the "battery" /hydrogen" type vehicles and screw us again in a different way.. this is what you get when you let psychopaths run the planet.

  20. This guy cant decide what to say, he said on the video where the agencies take care of the car and recommend you to change some car components earlier than the owner manual says, that you should listen to the manual, in this video he says dont listen to the manual.

  21. I'VE DONE MY OWN TESTING. The benefits of Premium gas is more noticeable in the winter time when the temps are below 0…..THE "EXTRA" ADDITIVES in premium gas helps your car run better in harsh weather conditions. It also removes winter moisture and water from gas line as well….Also, it depends on the brand….Premium gas at BP is not the same as Shell Premium gas….Different types of Premium gas have different effects…..Ultimately it boils down to WHAT TYPE of car you have….every car is different…..GM cars are engineered to take anything including ethanol so using a GM chevy car for this test is not a smart idea….It's not about octane….It's about additives and how those additives help your brand of car…..I drive Asian cars and I can definitely tell when I have premium….even my wife ask if I had some engine work done and I said no….I told her I bought premium gas.

  22. i clearly feel the acceleration difference in my camry v6. also when i put reguler my car display shows cruising range 480kms and when i put 91 premium it shows 525kms. but I didnt see any differences going above 91. so i am using 91. this video is misleading. who drives a trash chevy cruz. that garbage will break down anyways. so doesnt matter what you put.

  23. but when you put the regular in the corvette your not going to get the same amount of house power as you would if you put premium tank.

  24. In my experiences I believe it made more of a difference in older cars like before 2000, I know for a fact that in my older cars my engine ran better ,started easier especially in the winter time and I got 2 more mpg with super . I use super in my lawnmower and Weed eater and I know I get more power my mower doesn't bog down in high grass with super. But mower and weed eater dont have computers.Back in the day My bike ran like a scalded dog with Ethel ..But I agree that the cars now our more dependent on the computer and the computer does compensate for the type of gas you use.

  25. year after year i see folks make these claims if you honestly think there is no difference then by all means stop using premium youre mechanic will love you , ive torn way to many engines apart to not know the difference whats next synthetic oil is a hoax too

  26. It depends on the car. My turbo car requires premium. If it isn’t required you are just dumb for not listening to the car manual. They aren’t scamming you. You are scamming yourself

  27. Maybe we shouldnt let random tv hosts to review gas related problems, watch project farm for some actual testing. Or understand why race fuel is higher octane. Plus high octane makes some boats run better which debunks this whole video.

  28. This is kinda dumb and yet common sense the engineer has set the car to it's needs In most cases your car is gonna run it's best using what it has been designed to run on

  29. I can explain this as of how it happened. Some companies decided to use different types of engines. Those engines had a focus on specific gas for their cards back in 1989. But that was YEARS ago. Cars now do not need the different variants of gas. When gas tanks are being filled at the gas stations. You can see they are all one type of gas. There are no other tubes being filled.

  30. I drive 160 miles every weekday regular gas lasts 1.5 days the supreme lasts 2.5 days in the vehicle I don’t really see how it is a pollution

  31. What in the world is going on?!?!? Why don’t you preform this test with a forced induction engine ( supercharged / turbocharged ) instead of naturally aspirated vehicle. That corvette is even naturally aspirated ( meaning it doesn’t have a turbo or a supercharger ).

    I drive a naturally aspirated vehicle and I personally use regular 87 octane because that’s what the car was DESIGNED to use. Yes it’s true if i put a premium gas like 91/93 octane gas it won’t make a difference because the computer will compensate and change the engines characteristics to make it run like if it was on 87 octane BUT if I was to retune my car to run on premium gas my car would gain more horsepower and torque, have better gas mileage and run cleaner.

    All I know is that despite my car being designed for 87 regular gas….. I would prefer premium 91-93 octane gas if the price was the same. Just saying……

  32. this is all a bit dumb. Gas stations sell diesel too, that doesn't mean you should just put it in your car because it might be better….

  33. Higher octane gasoline is made for engines that have a higher compression ratio. Higher compression can cause engine knock, AKA engine pinging. This noise is caused by PRE-IGNITION of the fuel in the combustion chamber.

  34. I like this show, but after watching most episodes I am left wishing they had done a more thorough research. In this case, more car varieties and instances when premium gas is better, ethanol in gas, and checking if they really got the gas they thought they were getting, maybe they were testing regular sold as premium.

  35. Well if there’s no difference then why would you put premium in if you’re going to the track?? He contradicts himself with that statement

  36. Hahahaha 89 % cleaner, … they know nothing about those numbers at all. And most people are same. I never buy premium gas for my cars. If the cars ( high end ) designate ( designed) use premium gas, you should use it because the combustion of it different otherwise use regular one. Like racing cars use different gas as regular cars. Don’t waste the money for that except you want to.

  37. I remember seeing this program a few years ago and was surprised when the guy running the CATI shop (Canadian Automotive and Trucking Institute) thought that the car running premium would require LESS HORSEPOWER to do 50 Km/Hr. How silly! Of course he was somewhat surprised that both types of gas – reg. and prem. needed 6.1 HP to keep the car going 50 Km/Hr. IT COULD NOT BE ANYTHING ELSE. The correct question would be what is the amount of gas used over time to maintain that speed or the exact throttle setting to generate the horsepower to maintain the speed. If premium gas makes the car run more efficiently then you would require LESS gas to generate an equivalent amount of power and providing better mileage as a consequence. BUT, you still need 6.1 Horsepower to maintain the 50 Km speed.

    This has bugged me since I first saw the program some years ago so I'm glad to finally get it off my chest.

  38. Sure average cars don’t need premium gas, but for most cars like Audi’s, BMW, Mercedes it’s recommended by the manufacturer… says it on the gas cap

  39. Asking the people at the gad station mught think its better for the car like everyone else did it passes down fron one person to another wouldnt say there miss leading people if thats what they grew up to believe if i was working and someone asked me i would of said ya its better for the car cause thats what i was always told dont mean im just misleading them on purpose

  40. In a high compression motor, high octane works better. Period. Most cars are just fine on low octane. Mileage is surely better using high octane.

  41. Funny, doesn't matter what type of gas you use!!..

    Because, if a person uses the lower end.. it is still in the hose when they are done.

    So when a person uses the higher end, they are getting some of the lower end mixed in!!.. 🤪

  42. don't they even know what octane means. its very simply the higher the octane the high the flash point. the only benefit with higher octane is if your pulling a heavy load around double the weight of the truck or more. will keep combustion temperatures down and increase your torque. I thought this was taught in high school

  43. In the UK Shell introduced something called "fuelsave" and made untrue claims that people got more MPG with it. The uk advertising standards authority prosecuted them as the claims were untrue. Shell changed the words but still keep the name of fuel save to mislead customers. Here in the uk, all fuel comes from the same refinery so the only thing that is different is branding and prices applied. Everything else stays the same and the car adjusts to what fuel is used.
    It is a massive scam and people conned are embarrassed so claim their car runs better and continue the lie.

  44. Mark is a damn lie about cars today running cleaner. Get a vehicle with GDI and then tell me how dirty your motor gets compared to Direct Injection. He clearly knows nothing about cars and has no business in being a witness in court cases.

  45. Anyone who knows the basics of how engines work could tell you exactly why premium gas exists. Hint: it’s not because it’s actually better fuel haha

  46. I have a 2015 Chevy Cruze 2lt 1.4l turbo, and I notice a difference between unleaded and premium. It runs smoother and has more power, and it's better for my turbocharged engine. That's just been my experience. I notice the biggest difference in the Phoenix summer, cause my car loses A LOT of power when it's 115 out, but premium makes it run closer to what it normally does in nice weather.

  47. This is information skewed by lack of variables, like temperature, towing, vehicle weight, type of driving, age of the engine, altitude, and even turbo charged cars, and mountainous driving. Next time use a middle aged v-8 pick up in 100 degree weather with the ac blasting…then pull a trailer… on hills. Pre detonation in an engine is one of the most destructive things you can have in an engine…so if 2.00 bucks per tank gives me engine longevity i'll pay it.

  48. HIGH OCTANE GASOLINE is more resistant to preignition or detonation for high compression engines ONLY. That's IT! Low octane fuel in a 14:1 super car can go BANG before the spark plug goes SPARK. HIGH octane in an average 9:1 passenger car adds nothing. May even rob horsepower. It is not a scam, it's a gasoline for high performance (high compression) engines.

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  50. I worked in some gas stations on to management. Gas gives very little profit to the stations. Reg to Supreme is just a hoax as far as I can see.

  51. lol I put 87 in my WRX once to see and car ran like garbage and actually stalled at a couple of lights. To hear that guy say there is no difference in the gas makes me laugh lol.

  52. This test wont provide any different results if you dont run the fuel dry, empty the fuel pump, the lines and the fuel filter that still have the old fuel in them. Then you can run the different fuels and test. What part of scientific testing is this…pseudo science.

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