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Pope Suffers Head Wound!  Bible Prophecy?

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I’m your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the
Co-Prophet of these End Times. One of my subscribers sent me a message just a few minutes ago that Pope Francis had suffered a head wound and, of course, I was immediately fascinated so here is the article as it appears in, I believe,
this is the Telegraph out of Britain and this is a Reuters article: “Pope Francis
lost his balance while riding in the popemobile through a crowd in Cartagena
Colombia on Sunday, (that would be today) bruising his left cheek bone and eyelid
but he was not seriously hurt. The Vatican said he received ice treatment
and was fine to continue his trip. Video images show the Pope hitting the left
side of his face against a vertical bar on the popemobile.” And I’ll put a link to
the video below because it’s quite interesting; he took quite a jolt on his
face. And, of course, it immediately reminded me of the book of Revelation
where the Antichrist suffers a fatal head wound and, of course, this wound was not fatal and Pope Francis is not the Antichrist, however, I have explained
before many times on this program, the Antichrist himself does not suffer the
fatal wound but rather one of his seven heads. And those seven heads, if you
remember correctly, have names of blasphemy and that simply means that
those are the seven most prominent religious leaders in the world who will
support the Antichrist and his number one supporter among religious leaders is the
false prophet and that would be Pope Francis, as I have been suggesting all
along on this program. So, let me show you this picture, it’s quite interesting, and
you can see he took quite a bump on his cheekbone and if you look at his cassock,
he’s even got some bloodstains on it and it’s quite serious as far as that
goes. And then there’s more images of him with a band-aid over the cut on his
eyebrow. So I would say this is not the wound spoken of in the book of
Revelation because it’s not fatal, at least not yet. Now remember, the Antichrist and the false prophet get together and this
wound to his head, his number one head, the false prophet, John says “as it were”;
in other words, it’s a false flag. Will Pope Francis make this into a fatal
wound? Will he see an opportunity here? You know he claims to be the “bishop
dressed in white” and there are cases where blood clots can form or staph
infections can get into a wound. So this is something for you subscribers to be
alert to, so keep me informed of what you see, and thank you for letting me know
about this case. And as always, if you would like to know more about my
ministry here on YouTube visit my thirdeaglemedia.com website

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  2. Ok, well President Trump says he is Presbyterian, whew spell that lol, his 11 yr son Barron is Episcopal, baptized, wew another one, son in law and daughter Jared and Ivanka are Jewish and our First Lady , after visiting with the pope , said she is Catholic , but doesn't attend mass or was never baptized. ??? So … hmmmm

  3. I remember the warmth of smiles when Obama met Pope Francis and then noted the coldness between Trump and Pope Francis. Does make me wonder about Obama (AC) and Pope Francis (FP)?

  4. Hi Bill, we know that the fatal wound is a ruse because the devil cannot heal anyone. Healing comes from God alone. So the fatal wound and miraculous healing is a event designed to fool people. This could be the beginning of that ploy.
    God bless you

  5. I hope you're wearing some serious sunblock. I'm concerned how pink your nose looks, maybe stand under a large umbrella or wear a hat… Keep up the good work.

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  7. Rev. 13 can't happen before Rev. 9; Rev. 9 can't happen until Rev. 7 happens: Rev. 7 can't happen until Rev. 6 unfolds completely first.

  8. phoney francis is not the pope. He is not catholic – therefore he cannot be the pope. He is leading many catholics to hell.

  9. I wanted to share this link of an Anglican who converted from protestantism to becoming a catholic priest.This was from an experience he had in Medjugorie.Personally I have been there and seen many good spiritual fruits from this shrine.As the Vatican has undermined this shrine a bit of a shame.I remember saying the rosary with 20 priests the whole church all in unison.
    In the words of this priest and his testimony/story it happens to everyone that has visited.
    Please share your testimony if you have been there.
    The words of the catholic priest is the following; he says;
    Does this mean I am a die hard Medjugorje devotee? No. I’ve followed the story a bit over the years. I wish them well and I hope it will one day all be sorted out. If the church says the whole thing is authentic I don’t have a problem. If it is ruled inauthentic I don’t have a problem.
    My own opinion is that something authentic happened there at some point, but that it has been infected with human ego, greed and probably a concerted attack by Satan. The waters have been muddied. Bad stuff has now happened to discredit the events. Whatever transpires, I will accept the church’s decision and don’t really mind one way or another.

    I thank God for what I experienced at Medjugorje, but the truths of the Catholic faith and the authority of the Catholic Church are what are most important, and I am sure the Blessed Virgin would approve of that.

  10. My sister met a man , was married , his spouse pasted , so my sis and this man , same age as our father , oh he has money too , so they went away together for a week to see if the sex was good , that's what she said , then after living together got married and now she says she is Catholic . I have been to their church many times , I like the service , I asked all three priests there if this was ok , good , approved by the church , they all said sure , she is Catholic now. What ??? This is in Reading,Pa.

  11. As I have explained once on this channel now twice we are in the time of the wheat and the tares. People that Have had things working out for them because it with the devil are going to start not having things work out for them any longer.

    Our Lady's Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family Rosary
    The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!

  13. Don't you think there will be an extremely significant event around October 13? It's the 100th anniversary of The Miracle of The Sun

  14. This actually we the people that have the fatal head wound. For believing the bull crap that comes from the Pope and all the leaders of the unfree world. We believe we're free. We're the ones with the head wound.

  15. Could the wound be fake like a healing wound of both the protestant and catholic churches being healed creating a counterfeit church.

  16. Hello William, this morning on the local catholic-radio station I heard something regarding Pope Francis bringing his in-famous Chapter 351 of Amores Leticia to the mainstream Catholic community (worldwide). I thought that if this is correct, then we must surely be much closer to the beginning of the Great Tribulation than i ever thought before. Have you heard anything of the sorts?

  17. I am beginning to think the elites will use Justin Bieber to bring them the nones into the One World Religion.Bieber several weeks ago eruptly canceled all his concerts and is being taught by false teachers.At the Hand in Hand Houston Hurricane Benefit concert tonight.
    Justin Bieber, who is reportedly pursuing a more religious lifestyle, introduced "my man," an unnamed spiritual adviser, as well as a rabbi, Ari Lucas, and the director of the Islamic Center of Southern California, Jihad Turk, to pray.
    The prayer, making reference to the "great division in our nation," eschewed an "amen" at its conclusion in favor of a non-denominational "Hallelujah":

  18. Trump just had his 9th grandchild yesterday named Luke.
    St.Luke was the only non Jewish disciple and wrote about Mary exclusively in scripture.
    Mary, the mother of the Lord, is primarily a believer who has been with Jesus from his conception, to his birth, his infancy, childhood, and manhood as we know.
    The number 9 in scripture usually signifies finality or judgement.
    It was in the ninth year of the prophet Hosea that the king of Assyria destroyed the capital city of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and carried the people away into exile [2 Kings 17:6].
    It was in the ninth year of King Zedekiah's reign that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon conquered the Southern Kingdom of Judah, destroying the city of Jerusalem and the Temple [2 Kings 25:1].
    It was the ninth hour, Jewish time (3PM) when Jesus gave up His life on the cross for the sins of the world [Matthew 27:46].
    Let's hope it's the 9th hour for Trump to convert!
    I always say God Almighty works on the 11th hour.

  19. https://missionofsalvation.wordpress.com/message-0853/

    francis the false prophet will soon fake his own death. then his false miracles begin.

  20. Hi William. This is not related to this video's content but something maybe to take not of. We have had the total eclipse of the sun (21/8) and the moon has turned to blood on the 6th/9. The great sign is on the 23rd but Jesus told us he would shorten the days. So, on the 20th (roughly) there is a conjunction of Venus with Regulus (The heart star of Leo). People have said the star of Bethlehem could have been a conjunction very similar to this. At exactly the same time Jupiter is setting on the western horizon (twinkling of the eye time?). I really think we are on the verge of something huge. Satan of course will try to usurp the signs for his own agenda but our loving God will prevent us from being deceived (with prayer of course). One more thing of interest, NASA are going to suicide the Cassini probe into Saturn tomorrow (15th). Some have claimed they are trying to ignite some sort of chain reaction in Saturn's atmosphere and light it up like a second Sun. Just throwing some ideas out there as we get closer to the Rev 12 sign. God bless and don't stop praying. Regardless of what happens Jesus will still be Lord of Heaven and Earth now and for ever. P.S. I beleive the sign of the Son of Man could also be a galactic scale vesica piscis and not a crucifix as many believe. Stay safe.

  21. As we speculate what will happen next week on September 23rd I find Acts 2:17 very interesting.We all heard the Lord in the last days will pour out his spirit of course this is referenced in Joel 2.Sept 23rd could be the beginning of the pouring of the Lord's spirit upon the whole world.
    17 And it shall come to pass, in the last days, (saith the Lord,) I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.
    I will see if my son and daughter start prophecing lol.
    Notice last day(s) in Acts not one but several days because in John 6;54
    54 He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath everlasting life: and I will raise him up in the last day.
    Last day being singluar as in the second coming.
    So being plural in Acts can signify a tribulation period as many days.
    But our Lord will pour out his spirit upon the whole world.
    Then videos on You Tube will manifold lol and I believe many conversions will occur including Trump.

  22. 9-14-17(Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross)………..E. Lee statue being removed in Dallas, TX, what a lot of people don't know is thats the same street the parade route that JFK took back in 1963, passing that same statue, which was unveiled by FDR back on June 12th 1936.
    whats different about this particular statue is that another horse and rider are alongside Lee, the rider is known as the unknown soldier.
    interesting, Lee was known for being a southern leader in the American civil war, a war under President Abe Lincolns watch,….also a man named Lee "supposedly" kills JFK while he was riding in a Lincoln(any link to hurricane Harvey/Texas?, nah, thats a bit of a stretch, or what about Irma/Florida?), ohh the colonist, poor souls thought they were bringing the gospel to the new world while building it all to resemble pagan Rome all allowing the synagogue to foment.
    babylon is fallen, is fallen, for indeed heaven does have other plans.
    Our Lady of Sorrows pray for us.(Sept. 15th)
    Christ is King!!!

  23. one man was hit by the popes Pope Mobil, and he turned but never told the driver to stop to see if the man was OK. This Francis is real scum.

  24. The Great Tribulation is ahead of us. Here is a list of "Great Tribulation Events and Deceptions" that the Internet world of Christianity is warning us about. Please be aware of these events. Some (or all) of them will impact us.
    A FALSE Rapture is planned. Note, a FALSE holographic Pre-trib RAPTURE scenario is planned (via PROJECT BLUE BEAM); this will totally confound Pre-Tib Rapture believers. Do NOT be deceived! This fake holographic RAPTURE will appear real enough to deceive "even the elect".It will appear that people are ascending to heaven – and disappearing. But the true followers of Christ will be left on this earth – ''left behind''. Pre-trib believers are liable to be caught off guard, if not cognizant of this possibility, thinking that they were left behind (That is – if the Pre-trib Rapture is wrong). Even Post-tribbers could fall for this deception – thinking they were wrong about the timing of the Rapture – because it will seem to be happening right in front of them! Satan will use the Pre–trib Rapture belief to his advantage. Don't fall for this deception.

    Next, Internet search "Georgia Guide Stones". Its first directive is "MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE". There are now 7.5 billion people on this earth. What is to happen to the other 7 billion people? The "Great Tribulation" (which must be stopped by God) will be what people call World War III. It will bring the world down to its knees and force mankind to submit to the "New World Order" with Satan as "God".

    The electrical grid will go down "earth-wide" and perhaps be blamed on an EMP attack. An EMP attack is NOT likely because such a strike will bring down the electrical grid (plus everything connected to it) for many months, if not years. Satan's aim is to bring in the New World Order immediately, and he cannot do this if the world has been crippled to this extent.) The shutting down of the electrical grid (for a SHORT peroid of time) will shut down all "Critical Infrastructure Sectors" such as transportation, thus, food distribution, water distribution in most communities, waste disposal, communications, healthcare, the financial sector, etc., etc. This is the plan that brings the world to its knees.

    Martial law (perhaps under a more benign name) will be immediately implemented. The military will become visible in all communities, and assume absolute control and compliance.

    Once the electrical grid is down, "food" runs out very fast. Within three or four days the stores will be empty, and this world will go crazy. Note: the stores in Houston Texas emptied in four hours at the start of Hurricane Harvey (which made landfall in late August 2017.)

    Please Internet search "CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS". Many of your Christian Religious Leaders will be used (believe it or not) in the ''rounding up of Christians''. In the event of martial law, Religious Leaders have been asked by the military to follow their directives. ''Sheep led to the slaughter''. Please read on.

    In conjunction with the "CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS", Walmart and other large chains have closed certain of their stores, completely emptied them, and have been taken over by the military. Why? At the moment, "closed Walmarts" in Texas (USA) are being used to house people who have been dislocated by hurricane Harvey. USA, FEMA camps (concentration camps) have also been opened up for the Hurricane Harvey refugees. Come the Great Tribulation they will be used for a nefarious purpose, as holding tanks for Christians, etc. – who are slated for "re-education" or extinction.

    Yes, the "CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS" will guide their parishioners to such facilities for implied "food and safety", i.e. "FOOD DISTRIBUTION CENTERS", then to be transported to a "safe place" away from the rioting mobs. That safe place will be a concentration camp – with extermination facilities (death by guillotine – Obama Care – Code ICD9E978). ''Lambs led to the slaughter''! What a nefarious, unbelievably simple demonic plan! The clergy will do the dirty work for them! Do not follow your clergy to any such place for food or for safety, whether it be your Walmart, Target, Lowes, a vacant building, sports arena, school, etc. Instead follow the instructions in Isaiah 26:20, "Go my people into your interior rooms and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourself for but a moment until the denunciation passes over." Prepare spiritually, mentally, and physically for this time.

    The RFID chip (or something like it) will become a manditory addition to your body. It will be used for a neferious purpose. To get it ACTIVATED, so you can ''buy and sell'', you will have to give your allegience to the NWO system and its god Satan. This RFID chip with its activation is a perfect ''Mark of the beast'' scenerio. Don't consent to this agenda.

    Internet search (YouTube) such topics as RFID chips (which will be used so YOU CAN ''BUY AND SELL'' – the MARK of the beast), FEMA concentration camps, DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases), FEMA coffins, military guard towers (military fencing and guard towers have appeared around some schools, why?), guillotines, movements of military vehicles on trains and highways in the United States, Walmart closings, Agenda 21, New World Order. These subjects will give you an idea of the astronomical placement of necessary equipment for the preparation of World War III (the Great Tribulation) within the United States. Remember, this is a worldwide onslaught.

    But there is much more that we need to be aware of: We do not know how far Satan's deceptions will go. "Project Blue Beam" involves holography, a world-wide "sky show". Please go to the next comment.
    An earth-wide holographic attack by malevolent UFO entities, (including the appearance of actual man-made UFOs. Sources tell us that man has had "anti-gravity" ability for many years – and will use this technology – along with a sky full of UFO holograms – to frighten us into submission, thus, the need for a unified earth-wide front against such extraterrestrial terror. That ''unified front is an One World Government, the ''New World Order'', of course!)

    Then it will appear that we are saved by a sky full of holographic benevolent UFO entities (plus some of our own) who will blast the bad UFO's to oblivion, and then will probably produce the ''August One'', our Antichrist – our supposed ''Savior'' who will appear to speak many languages, perhaps even telegraphically, and will guide us into the ''New World Order''.

    Also, there is the possibility of living "extraterrestrial" aliens, coming from actual "planets" where Satan and his minions have setup camp for the last 6000 years, and multiplied a "hybrid seed" now visiting us in UFOs (who knows what he has been doing). Remember the hybred humans, etc. before the Flood.

    Plus, an army of genetically modified hybrids (beastlike creatures, things we would call gargoyles, also Giants) from underground facilities (like area 51, etc.) who will scare the willies out of us.These creatures will be demonically controlled. All of this is meant to bring us down to the point where we will comply to their NWO agenda. Remember, repell them in the name of Yeshua/Jesus.

    "MKUltra" involves mind control and will undoubtedly be used in the end-times scenario. Wikipedia explains the mind control power of MKUltra. Mind control of the masses can be initiated through television, radio, cell phones, cell towers, and computers, etc. by means of sound waves, etc. and will be used in various ways to control the populace.

    Don't be surprised if there is a so-called major "vampire / zombie attack". Go to Wikipedia, and read the "Killing of Tim McLean" – a man who was killed and dissected on a Canadian Greyhound bus. The killer ate some of the flesh of this man. This will give you an example of what can happen during a "vampire apocalyptic attack" when these people are hypnotically "awakened" during the Great Tribulation.

    HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – which involves about 18 ''ionisphere heating facilities around the world'')– weather modification technology can produce floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. now, and could be used to perform miracles during and after the Great Tribulation. Why not? First make a terrible Hurricane appear, and then disperse it (thanks to the power of the Antichrist – remember, he performs miracles).

    Further, we have the hydrogen collider, CERN, which the Internet tells us can open portals into the next dimension and allow demonic entities into ours.

    A FAKE ''TWO WITNESSES'' (a fake Moses and Elijah, etc.) showing up at the Wailing Wall – who will support the ANTICHRIST. More about this on the Web at Brenner Poetry Plus
    Islamic "sleeper cells" awakening at the beginning of the Great Tribulation. This is an EVENT, not a Deception.

    Internet videos tell us that Pyramids around the world have been "warming", that they are coming active. Some of these videos show light radiating from the apex. These lights may be a hoax, but remember, an ''awakening of the pyramids can be part of Satan's end-time scenario. Ancient legends tell us that the earth was allegedly visited by extraterrestrials, started life here, and who ''promised to come back'', etc. They could easily say that they built the pyramids. A connection can easily be formed between the two – giving credence / mental, emotional power to both agendas. Be aware of such possibilities.

    Please go to Web site Brenner Poetry Plus for a fuller discussion of these topics. (I've tried to keep this short – it's not easy. I hope you don't mind my placing it under your video.) We need to know the possibilities, so we are not caught off guard.

  25. The head wound is not physical. it is POLITICAL. Obama will be back and the world will marvel him because of his reappearance.

  26. The antichrist is to receive the head wound. He has not appeared yet. The pope would be the false prophet if anyone. Don't agree with the head wound of the pope.

  27. I was wondering if the current pope died and the last pope came back into power would that be considered a fatal wound in a biblical aspect ?

  28. You have to be kidding me! Have you read the Bible?? Do you really think a guy slipping and bumping his head is going to make the cut for Biblical prophecy?!? I suggest you take this vid down before more people see it. You might end up in a religious nutcase compilation and make us all look bad.

  29. The fatally wounded, then lives is the political One World leader (which I believe might just be a woman) not the religious One World leader.

  30. that's not true, the prophecy says that he suffered what appeared to be a mortal wound but the wound came back to life, the Anti Christ is any being that seems to want to be seen, and presents himself as God himself, the wound Revelations speaks of is when Napoleon took the Popeship from Rome, and declared himself a Frenchman the new Emperor Pope, but in 1929, the league of Nations Reestablished Rome as the Seat of the Popes Vatican City, thus the wound of the Catholic Church was healed, as declared by Mussollini,the next day, the ten horned beast was the ten tribes that made up the Roman Empire, 3were completely wiped out the Vandals, Herulli, and Ostrogoths, which left 7,Italy, France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, which is the new revised Roman Catholic Church, that we have today, America is the 8th that came out of the 7,England,!

  31. WIlliam… I have been very reserved on the issue of Pope Francis being the TRUE false Prophet and because this happened years ago it just skipped my mind. But I now recall my first ever 'anchor' argument to dismiss that Francis was the false Prophet. So I will give the argument and a premise (the later might be a wrong assumption).
    1 – Argument. I ignore if you are familiar with recent Catholic private prophecies, but I have been with this for over 30 years by now (starting with Fatima), and as many others I've been occasionally fooled by false prophets or true ones that got 'contaminated' with time. I think many of your readers,etc must be aware or know the false seer from Ireland 'Mary Divine Mercy' and her hit website 'Jesus to Mankind'. Finally it is definitively proven that she is indeed a very false seer…piles of evidence on this website: https://mariadivinemercytrueorfalse.blogspot.com.br/
    Now, I clearly remember that still on the week Francis was elected, her website came with very nasty and badly toned messages against Pope Francis (while people were s till looking the world map in search of Argentina) being False prophet,etc. Some of them were so obvious deviate, that I stop reading Jesus to Mankind and got the 'anchor idea' that if Satan was attacking Francis, he is legit (all people tuned with prophecy and End Times know exactly the personage of the False Prophet leading astray the Roman Church). "A kingdom divided against itself' can't survive. Even today, with all the blunders of Pope Francis, because of those messages (go there and see if they're still available) were so blatantly depicting him and forecasting him as FP with some very silly arguments) I still think that he was really attacked immediately by Satan… so he can't be the False Prophet. I cling to this, because we all know how Satan works… if the Fallen One used a popular and widely followed minion false seer against Francis… he hates him! – Demons and especially their general are quite clever, but also quite predictable 🙂
    2- Corollary: Satan is the father of deception and lies… so, as the Anti-Christ will look and act like Jesus in the beginning, trolling billions with that deception, I've always suspected that the False Prophet will come to stage as a very conservative and doctrinal sound and orthodox guy, a image of a true conservative catholic. That is why it will be a deception. Pope Francis odd and bold things are way too obvious and really he has been predictably like that for more or less his entire ecclesiastic life influenced by Vat II:new ideas, new pastoral approach, etc. Not the typical way of Satan acting…just look at his Luciferian most recent deception: Obama. Pope Francis doesn't really fill the picture of a wolf clothed in a lamb's skin… Obama did that perfectly, ended up getting soooo many Catholic votes!!
    I think I've made my point… do you have any possible argument for explaining why Satan used a False seer to attack Francis without even waiting 3 days???

  32. St. Padre Pio said,"pray, hope and don't worry." May the peace of Christ which surpasses all understanding, be with you. My brother, prophecy is not prophecy until it's fulfilled. And we are all going to see it when it happens. Our Blessed Lord gave us a teaching on the end times but He didn't tell us when it would happen. For us to be trying to fortell it is a waste of precious time, especially when we have so little of it. Be careful what you interpret of God's word, the wrath of God is not something to play with. Tamper with what is holy and misinterpret it's meaning? That's dangerous. That angers Him who is and who is to come. This wound on the pope is not a deadly wound and in no way fulfills any prophecy. Thank you for reading this humble comment. God bless you.

  33. If we are try Christmas we must not worry about this time. These things are necessary to happen before Christ comes back. I do. It think this is prophetic

  34. I think it was John Paul II allegedly being shot in St. Peter's Square. I say allegedly because I there are some problems about the whole story and I think it was actually scripted (a fake "shooting") to make him look like he was the "Mary's Pope" when really he wasn't Traditional Catholic.

  35. http://www.catholic-convert.com/blog/2017/09/29/francis-was-never-pope-call-me-unpersuaded-by-dr-ed-peters/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook

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  37. ALL the Pope or any Pope cannot be an Anti-Christ….if you believe in this thinking or prophecy then Jesus Christ LIED to St. Peter…those who propagate this kind of teaching is clearly contradicting the gospel when Jesus Christ PROMISED His PROTECTION to St. Peter and His Church…" Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift each of you like wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith will not fail."(Luke 22:31-32) and Matthew 16:18…Now which would you believe Jesus Powerful WORDS or a prophecy no matter how strong it may be it is only a PREDICTION and subject to DIVINE PROVIDENCE..GODBLESS!
    Show less

  38. No one says that the Pope is a Prophet, especially the Pope himself. I'm not a Catholic, I'm a Christian but you sir are doing what Christians are not supposed to do and that is, reading into things. We are not supposed to be doing that but rather being ready and that's all we're supposed to do, is be ready and not try and read into the future. Sure we can see the signs but we aren't supposed to dwell on them.

  39. it has to be a fatal wound to the cranial. not a scratch. like a gun shot to the head and dead then back alive

  40. Hi Bill , what does the art work behind you represent ive seen it in your other videos? Looks really interesting. Peace St. R

  41. If you notice actors, politician , music and of course the pope , this is there new way of showing they belong to Satan , the left eye
    They of Horus , one open one eye closed

  42. Jeremiah 30:12 For thus says the Lord: Your affliction is incurable, Your wound is severe. In reference to the antichrist, could the fatal wound have a different meaning?

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