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Pocophone F1 – Battery Life Update, Screen Bleed Issue & More

Hi guys Chris here back with the Poco phone f1 so there’s been a lot of comments on this phone here now I’ve been using for three days I wanted to go over a couple of things but first up is this screen bleed issue that some people seem to be making it into a massive issue yes there is this sreen bleed I pointed it out in my videos I feel for the price that okay yeah it’s there it shouldn’t be there if it wasn’t there that would be much better and the same goes for the notch as I pointed out you know it is a very tall notch I feel that if show-me could have gone for perhaps an 18 by 9 aspect ratio IPS panel and maybe a higher-quality one that that would have been the way to go but would that screen bleed you really do notice it you can see that it is actually lighter just around the bottom here now some people may have this to a different degree it may actually be worse on their you unit units but I feel for the price of the phone that yeah it really depends on how picky you are you can see at the top it’s not so bad you’re not getting it as bad there it’s just really the bottom that it stands out but for some people this may be a deal breaker I know someone commented and said it doesn’t have a multi-colored status LED deal-breaker won’t buy the phone even though it’s a Snapdragon 805 at only about 350 us one other thing that I did mention at the end and the cons that I’m still noticing some of that fullscreen gesture lag it’s there on my Emacs 3 they’ve pretty much almost killed it off on the other route me note 5 and what happens is that when you first log in and then you go to the apps drawer so you’ll swipe up you would see a bit of stutter a bit of animation stutter and lag just now and then or when you go through into something like recent apps it’s there now I can’t capture it on camera at the moment I have pink trying but it’s just now and then out of every imagine eight times or ten times you unlocked a phone you may see it two or three times just a little bit of stutter that considering the spec of this phone that should not even be there I just think it’s software optimization there also then brings me to the face unlocking that mustard time you can see it’s really fast and it works well I have noticed though it really does struggle a little bit in direct sunlight so when you’re outside and unlock the phone a couple of times have gone to look at it and you just see that it does that it just they can’t recognize you you keep looking at it now why it’s not working at the moment I’ve got a tripod in the way I got the camera and I have my microphone and all that that’s why that’s happening so face unlocking it really depends I have got it to record and capture my face again and I found that that has improved things but it’s not ten out of ten times now that fingerprint reader on the rear there’s like any Xiaomi phone basically that it’s always on and it always works it’s ten out of ten times that is really fast and most the time when it doesn’t work I just use that when I’m out in the daylight for example direct sunlight is when it has an issue with the face unlocking and then because now I’ve been using the phone three days this is my third battery cycle and the battery life is okay it’s a little bit off from my estimate in my unboxing and basically the the review of the phone I said twelve hours so in my heavy test I’m going to get 11 hours in 9 minutes you can see there and that’s actually really good considering what I was doing a lot of YouTube 1080p streaming and I’d also did a lot of gaming very heavy you skip the screen on most of the time you’ll see here so YouTube that was running for most two hours and some of these steps by the way they’re not actually correct revolution I was playing that for about two hours but underneath is about an hour and a half they’re pub jeev also for an hour realistically it was more than an hour and here we have a shadow fight 3 as well that I was playing so you can see that is demanding use and one of my other little minor gripes here nitpicking we’re not really actually is that not so you can see how it gets in the way completely in fact I can’t touch anything there that’s blocking that off so if you hold the phone this way with the knotch on the left when you’re in landscape mode because you’re gonna have to flip it around and then I can access what was there before that the notch was blocking so I can’t even go to the cart now can barely click it I’ll only just touch that there because of the excessively tall knotch and then those rounded corners as well ant the greatest so the worst feature of this phone and yes it’s been a little bit picky I know for the price of this phone is the screen it’s not the greatest those rounded corners the not slight bleeds not the brightest green either that is really the only real issue with this phone so if you don’t demand the absolute best super premium screen quality and if around about 480 Lux is fine for you and the things that I pointed out then this is a definite phone to go to it’s a no-brainer to buy this for the spec and selling for around what is it now about 350 and remember as time goes by the price on this will eventually start to drop and even next year next year when the Snapdragon 855 or what it in a call it comes out then this will be even cheaper it’ll probably be selling them for about 280 u.s. in about a year’s time when everyone is looking to the latest generation of chipsets so overall I do like this phone I think it’s great if I do encounter any problems or anything else then I will post another video on it and thank you everyone that has checked out the first video make sure you do check that out and I hope to catch you back in the channel with more up-and-coming videos on mobile phones laptops mini PCs you name it

100 thoughts on “Pocophone F1 – Battery Life Update, Screen Bleed Issue & More

  1. I'm so glad you mentioned the notch block at 4:00 … I never felt like apps had this issue with my iPhone X so I end up enabling hide the notch when playing Sniper 3D.

  2. Realme 1 feels much better and premium. It's thin, light, smoother, and just overall looks and feels better. And the 100$ extra you pay for the pocophone just isn't worth the little upgrades you get. I personally hate notched displays, especially the one on the pocophone. There's no reason for a notch if the extra screen you're getting is so little it's laughable

  3. theres no way i can ever get more than 10 hours of SOT. normally around 9 but my lowest is around 8 and thats with heavy gaming with bluetooth, gps and mobile data turned off. for the notch i personally dont mind it during pubg, even when it blocks the buttons ur still able to click all of them when u press at the region.

  4. The Umidigi Z2 Pro even though it doesn't have a QualComm 845 is better than the PocoPhone and is also $300 and has wireless fast charge and NFC

  5. Those huge corners and notch just kill it, playing games, watching videos, etc. Makes no sense, it's just stealing space.
    Bring back that good old rectangular shape! Who's with me?

  6. I bought 1 last week had bleeding issue and sold it for a higher price. lmao some people really can live with screen bleed but i dont. Get honor play from people wanting to switch to poco for a cheap price.

  7. Most of the bugs are came from the new UI they're making (miui 4 poco)
    Just wait for another updates. Hey, it's a new phone. Waddaya expect?

  8. for the fully full-screen issue you can turn off the notch in the phone settings first then restart the game and voila you get what you wanted (i'm using honor 10 and facing the exact same issue). for the corner cut this phone is so extreme even the "X" button got cut off on the upper-right section

  9. if we hide the notch we can play the game without any issues? reply asap i want to buy this phone just for playing games like pubg forward assault and other heavy fps games

  10. Bro u know u are one of the channel which I personally think should grow .. fast … You are doing a way better job with your reviews then most of the channel how just talk about specs and video is over .. I really like your laptop reviews they are really good well .. you don't show flashy tech but you reather show the real deal .. really appreciate your work .. watching you from a long time now and first time commenting on your video … Stay healthy and stay safe .. keep them coming

  11. If you simply want a phone that is both functional and value for performancr then this is for you. But if you're like me that ergonomics, power efficiency and aesthetics are important then you might go for elephone u pro

  12. Battery life is excellent, and I'm not even getting the SOT you are, closer to 10. Have never really used Face Unlock in direct sunlight, but it works perfectly in low light or complete darkness. Something I don't think you mentioned. 😁 I do have screen bleed, but can't say I notice it in everyday usage.

  13. iPhone has a notch because the rest of the phone is screen. Why do all these android phones not copy it. They all look crap.

  14. I'm using a REDMI NOTE 5 . Full screen gesture navigation is super laggy in my phone . I haven't seen any youtuber mentioned this problem except you . That is the reason I hate MIUI now . If the basic navigation is laggy , then what's the point of using the phone . Even after MIUI10 update it is laggy . I will never buy a Xiaomi phone again . Snapdragon 845 for 300$ 😏 I don't give a fuck bcoz their software is worst.

  15. For the people out there complaining about the Pocophone f1. Look at the Fking price . Go and buy the Apple MX that will shut you up.

  16. Still choosing poco vs mimax 3. What are youre takes on both phones? Which should i choose? Light gaming, watcching vids, reading docs are my main tasks

  17. The major issue is touch latency issues on edges of screen. Scrolling on edge of screen is not consistent and typing is problematic. You can test by typing "pe" quickly, which will often be written as "ep" (because the p touch is delayed). Believe it's a hardware issue and not software so unfixable. The touch screen in general is poor – significantly worse than my redmi note 4x

  18. And now ive watched what was the issue on poco f1, and now my question is, is it still worth to buy? I mean I am planning to buy a gaming phone, at the same time a good quality camera phone, which should I get? Xiaomi pocophone f1 or vivo v11 pro? Please help me

  19. The notch was a horrible "design-choice" there. I want to watch videos and play games but when the notch actually CUTS INTO THE VIEWABLE SCREEN OUTPUT, then we actually sacrifice functionality for a more "unique" aesthetic value. And I am not even talking about the fact that people wouldn't even be able to see notifications anymore because the upper left and right corners are too tiny to display all the valuable information that would be essential for other phones. It's sad that many have to zoom out at 90% of their fullscreen videos because they can't stand having the notch take away even the tiniest bit of viewable video screen. Games don't even give the option to zoom out, we… just have to deal with it and in the worst case: Flip our phone around depending on the game we are playing. Can you believe that?

    Screen Bleeding issues, NFC or even the fact that the Pocophone F1 can't access 720p streams of paid services such as Amazon and Netflix: facing the horrible notch, other things really appear minor in comparison. It's not even a $300 price tag problem. The notch does not cost more for the manufacturing process.

  20. I just got one yesterday. Feels awesome. But is it true that newer update wont let me turnMIUI data managemebt off??? Help please

  21. For a $300 and that gets me the 128gb version in my country..but hey chris can u review a vimble 2 gimbal?Its cheap in my country,almost $60 only and i can record good 4k vid stabilised on that

  22. I have used for 5 months a Samsung S9 , the screen on time was in the most time 3-4 hours , now i am using a poco f1, screen on time = 7,5 hours what a difference!!

  23. I don't have any screen bleed whatsoever. Screen brightness is almost the same as my iphone max. Apps bumping into the notch are developer side based and not the phones'. Pocophone is a great allarounder given the price.
    I am mostly an iphone user but this is a must have to also have a gateway into the android world.

  24. Similar priced Huawei models have the best screens, but the Poco has the best everything else. Too bad the screen corners are so rounded (the most rounded I've seen), the notch so wide (not much space left for notifications), the slight bleeding etc. Also, the chin is not as narrow as on Huawei phones.

  25. Hi guys, pocophone f1 user here.
    So im useing the phone for about 2 month and it was fantastic especially the battery life but in the last week my battery have a kind of wierd behave.Before i was charging my phone every 2 days i was waiting until the phone give me the 15% battery notification from battery saver, now when the phone is getting 19 % battery i already get the battery saver notification and my phone battery gets depleted in 1 day and a half i may metion that i dont use any games on the phone just simple apps:facebook,messenger etc.. now i dreained my battery complety and i want to make a full charge to 100% to se if aomething change in his behave…what make me worry is the notification about battery saver that now come when the phone is 19% before comes every time 15% either i have a battery problem or i am paranoid, i dont really know, i will come with an edit later about the phone.

  26. Most of the issues have been fixed with the latest miui 10 update. Including the pubg bug, improved touch latency in gestures, improved camera. Still not fixed is widevine certification and the asymmetric screen during video playback in full-screen. Miui 10 beta has fixed the notification icons on status bar.

  27. We all know that xiaomi is a beast in terms of specs and having affordable price. But the quality specially the screen is not good at all. Screen bleeding for pocophone is a known issue and screen retention or ghost screen is a known issue for redmi note 5 which i currently have. They did not put good quality on screen panel

  28. Other says its forgiveable because of the price but c'mon men? Money wise no matter how cheaper it is i will not buy anything with an issue specially of its a known issie

  29. I'm not being funny or anything… but some of you are complaining about literally either THE MOST MINOR OF THINGS orrrrr THINGS THAT CAN BE CHANGED IN THE SETTINGS.

    Stop being so damn lazy and/or ignorant.

    God some of you people are simple abhorrent.

    Great phone in my opinion 10/10 with or without the cheap price.

  30. Seen a lot of reviews on this phone. The more I see, the less I want to buy it.
    It seems that, except the SD 845, the phone is mediocre on everything.
    There are $100 less Xiaomi phones with better screen, better camera, obviously with slower SoC
    The specs are nothing without functionality

  31. Hi, thanks for your reviews.
    I was wondering if it is possible to cancel the rounded corners and have a rectangular screen… I'll be glad to get an answer ☺

  32. Half off the phones have a half circle screen bleeding (but only the ones that are shipped to country's without warranty)

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