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good morning and welcome to You Be All You Are TV I’m your host Brad Harmon and today my
guest is Doctor David Russo with Colombia Pain Management in Hood River Oregon. good morning Doctor Russo welcome to thebroadcast. morning Brad we appreciate you taking time out
of your busy schedule to join us. We’re glad that you’re here. Now
recently, You announce that you have stem cell therapy at Columbia Pain Management.
we talked a little bit about what regenerative medicine is. Can you tell us so more about that
this morning? Can you tell us a little bit about platelet rich plasma and how that fits
into the regenerative medicine and how it works? yeah yeah absolutely so you know as we
talked about last time regenerative medicine is really a combination of tools and a approach to diagnosis and
treatment of acute and chronic pain and
orthopedic conditions so really the goal any regenerative
medicine procedure is to stimulate your body’s own natural
healing processes and sort of jump-start the recovery cycle. so you are taking a
patient out the kind of the festering cycle of injury repair injury repair and
really moving them into new tissue growth healing and
regeneration. so we do that principally three ways. the first way
actually starts with something called Prolotherapy and Prolotherapy is a form treatment that’s been known since at the
beginning of medicine. it’s basically tissue Debridement and the idea is that you really can’t expect true tissue healing to begin if there’s a lot of poorly vascularized scar tissue in an area. so what are the
first regenerative procedures that physicians ever used was Debridement and
Prolotherapy so sometimes going in and just sorry
creating a nice healthy tissue bed can be the first step to you
promoting healing and tissue regeneration so building on that concept Prolotherapy
and Debridement the next a the next approach would be to use platelet-rich
plasma so why? what’s so special about
platelets and and plasma? well you know, if you’ve ever cut yourself and you don’t have a bleeding
disorder or you don’t have a genetic platelet disorder,you
realize that eventually you stop bleeding and you
begin to heal. how does that happen? platelets, platelets make it happen. and what platelets contain are but
granules and growth factors and over the last five or 10 years ,
molecular biologists have been able to you are qualify and quantify the
kind of tissue growth factors that are in these
platelets and there’s at least half a dozen. so by taking platelets concentrating them bringing them into an injured area or
structure those growth factors can begin to act as
chemical messengers and signalers to bring in tissue growth and healing. so that is called platelet-rich-plasma. and at Columbia Pain Management we
have sort of taken the the concept of platelet-rich plasma one step further by partnering with
Regnexx. that has been able to you develop a set
of protocols that allow us to concentrate plasma and.
platelets in a manner that is more custom and can be tailored to a specific
patients injury problem or condition you know a lot of regenerative
medicine clinics a lot of people who are interested in this approach to
medicine use platelet-rich plasma products that
come from a bedside centrifuge and that is adequate but it really
only gives you one kinda product by doing manual processing like we do at our clinic we are able to concentrate
the product to a varying, to varying degrees and we can really look at the specific
indication. say you know, are we trying to you help stimulate
healing a tendon or a soft tissue or are we trying to you know, jumpstart your body’s natural
stem cells in a joint and we can concentrate that product is
varying degrees based upon the specific indication.
that’s new and that’s exciting That is exciting news! so basically
you’re taking the persons on blood or bone marrow and your centerfuging it down and creating a super concentrated mix of platelets to
reinjection back into the injured area and that just helps it heal faster?
That’s right, that’s right and you know the application, this
application is new but this sciences time-tested so the concept the idea that using platelets to promote tissue healing is
something that goes back decades to the you know the beginning a wound care to
the beginning you know treating up burn victims and how how do you keep skin grafts alive viable in patients who you know are really going to have to
depend upon that that kinda tissue regeneration to
have a normal life again. so the application at using these
regenerative procedures and platelet-rich plasma really comes
from these time-tested indications and now
we’ve been able to expand those indications into musculoskeletal medicine and orthopedics by using precise image guidance and that and that’s really novel and a you know just last week a study came out a looking at the use a platelet-rich
plasma using ultrasound guidance what they were able
to find was that you know again, by specifically targeting the tissue and by specifically looking at your body’s own you know vascular response to
treatment you can predict treatment effect
from a regenerative intervention like platelet-rich plasma
injection. so the science just keeps evolving and and and the application for patients
with musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. it is just
really exciting. that is exciting and you guys are now
able to provide that service and your on the leading edge of it here in Hood River Oregon. Right, yeah
it’s great.I mean it’s an exciting time to be in this field and it
and it’s an exciting time to be looking at these at these treatments for patients. So
Doctor Russo, if somebody sitting there and they’re watch this because they suffer with chronic pain, what kind of pain
issues can a rich plasma are your super
concentrated platelets help them with? Yeah, so, you
know, like the answer to all good
questions is it depends. so you know, the first, the
the diagnosis is everything in medicine and so you know the first step is to come in for a consultation get a fresh set of eyes, you know
looking at the situation from a specialist and get the right diagnosis. so if it’s
tendon, ligament, other soft tissue then you’re probably a candidate for a super concentrated plasma, supper concentrated platelet or platelet rich plasma injection
if the issue is more related to Cartledge or bone then are you know a super concentrated platelet
injection on may be the place to start but a there’s an emerging consensus that those sort of disorders tend to respond
better to you the a bone marrow concentrate, slash stem cell-based procedures as as a first step. so you know the answer
is it depends, but people with you know
conditions like tennis elbow or up a knee ligament strain or Achilles or you
know, heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis pain any of these kind of smoldering difficult to treat, recalcitrant, tendon
ligament issues tend to respond very well to
the super concentrated platelet injections and I would say certainly warrant an evaluation by someone who understands how to apply these regenerative
therapies in a musculoskeletal setting. that’s very
exciting that’s a lot of pain issues that have been difficult to treat in the
past and some people just feel like they just have to live with them. right and for a lot of people who
you know have been are you know quote getting by taking you know four or six Advil or Aleve
per day or have had a 3, 4, 5 or even 6 steroid injections and are beginning
to wonder you know what are the long-term
consequences this? am i doing more a harm than good by continuing to expose my body to repeated doses of courtica steroid or repeated doses of nonsteroidal
anti-inflammatories? you know these regenerative treatments
offer another option another alternative up for patients to try another approach
to injury healing. Yeah, well, it sounds like it so much more long-term approach than just you know. temporarily from taking a pill.
right exactly right Brad. that’s very exciting
news. If you had to sum up the excitement about playing a rich plasma in a sentence or two to conclude today,
what would you like to say? well I would like to say that you know
there are many steps between doing nothing and surgery and there are a
whole lot a very practical time-tested and novel interventions that patients should try before either
giving up or going under the knife and I think coming in our meeting with a musculoskeletal oriented, pain
physician such as myself or any other
providers at Columbia Pain Management can help shed a new light on alternatives and options that you
know maybe haven’t been presented to you that’s very exciting news and we’re
we’re we’re glad to find another way to stay out out from under the knife. that’s right
with doctor Russo has always been a wealth of information we appreciate you
joining us on the program. Thanks Brad it’s fun. it is sir. and thank you for joining us on You Be All You Are TV, I hope that you’ll join us again for another broadcast

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