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Plant Care Tips : How to Grow Bleeding Heart (Dicentra)

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.com.
Next we are going to talk about how to grow bleeding hearts or Dicentra. Now bleeding
hearts are gorgeous plants and they have just these fleshy roots of a start and then they
get a nice green plant on top with big pink pendulous flowers coming off of them usually
in early Summer and they are just gorgeous and mine bloomed really well this Spring into
Summertime and then they started looking a little bit tacky so I chopped them down by
late Summer and they’ll do fine and they’ll just come back next Spring and bloom next
Summer again. So the trick with the Bleeding Hearts it to make sure and put them in some
shade. They do not want to be in full hot sun all day and you plant them about three
inches above the roots so that they’re not to the top and they’re not planted seven inches
deep either. They really like to be just a little bit below the surface and they don’t
want to ever be dried out so you have got to make sure that they stay on the wet side
because if they get too dried out sometimes you can lose them. But they are actually pretty
tough and they’re really a beautiful plant in your garden, just make sure like I said
that you don’t put them in full hot sun and you water them enough because they will die
if they don’t get enough water and they also will die if they are sitting in just a bog
of water where they never drain out and then they’ll eventually rot. They are an easy plant
that are very hearty. You don’t have to dig them up in the Winter even in the coldest
of climates and you just plant them any time of the year and they’ll bloom each Summer
and you can enjoy them every year.

20 thoughts on “Plant Care Tips : How to Grow Bleeding Heart (Dicentra)

  1. Hello i just got my bleeding hearts about 5 in a bag all that i had was the root, was kinda orangy in color and a little bit of white im assuming that is the top of it, i hope they do okay , lastyear i planted in pure shade and they did not do very well i am assuming i didnt water enough =( Thanks for your video i hope my plants turn out!!

  2. i just bought a small seedling root of a bleeding heart and i live in the north east.should i plant them in april? or wait till after the first frost till mid may?please let me know of some tips.i never had one and looking forward to adding it to my garden!

  3. These are hardy plants! My neighbor had her foundation worked on and the company ripped all her flower beds up. They hacked the beautiful huge bleeding heart plant to peices 🙁 I asked if I could salvage it. THey said "sure if you can". I dug a hole on the Swest side of my apartment complext, planted her and prayed it would work. Shockingly it survived and every year gets prettier. I live in Alaska so our sumer is short, wet, and cold but this plant is amazingly strong! 😀

  4. I have a huge bleeding heart that came with my new house. How do I care for it and how do I share with friends? When in full bloom, it's about 5 feet wide and 3 feet tall. I want to share but I don't want to end up killing it. I live in Minnesota and need to know what time of year is best to do this and anything else that I should know. Fyi, I'm a bit of a novice gardener so anything helps 🙂

  5. im currently looking for bleeding heart bulbs… the first bleeding heart i didnt know it perennial… TT_TT it was my favorite then it started to lose leaves and flowers, my dad threw it out augh!

  6. the root is thicker and darker, the plant shoots are more tender, lighter, and will quickly turn green if they haven't by now!  Good luck!

  7. What if it's in a pot. How do I keep & Winterize my plant. It's starting to change colors. I live in Michigan by the thumb  🙂

  8. I planted my first bleeding heart in a shady spot in march. it was a very small plant when I bought it. while it grew well at first, it has since stopped, and no flowers have appeared. it is now about 9 to 10 inches tall and very thin. no bushy foliage, as I've seen in pictures. is this normal for a new bleeding heart? no blooms first year?

  9. I understand that these plants like shade. Would they do well in an all shade area or do they need so many hours of direct sunlight?

  10. My Eating plant is very tall and very spread out and right in the middle of it it’s empty I don’t know how else to explain it can I take a bleeding heart and tie it up a bit or do I have to wait to do it next year or after it blooms

  11. Something has chewed up all the leaves and flowers on my bleeding heart plant. What could it be….?? 🙁 Help!!!

  12. I know this video is old but if you still check the comments… Thank you for the video. What do u have around your tree behind you?

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