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Parallel Pay is Now Open

This is very much about public-private
partnerships once again, something we do a lot in Greenville, and this is a great
example of it. So the project is a little bit less than
a half-mile long. It’s got, obviously, it’s got the traffic circle on Verdae and
then it’s got two more traffic circles on Ketron and Green Heron that will
take you to the front doorstep with this great development across Woodruff Road. And we’re hoping to take about 7,500 cars a day off of a 40,000
vehicle per day road and it, we think, is going to have a great impact. We’re proud to partner with so many
local stakeholders to make Parallel Parkway a reality. We thank everyone who has had a role in this exciting project and we all look forward to driving on this road and
having better connectivity, so thank you all very much. you

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