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One Stop Shop Business Center Client Profile – Motor City  Gas

Oakland County Michigan
One Stop Shop Business Center
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Start Up My name is Rich Lockwood and this is
Motor City Gas. I’m the owner and the master distiller here. Back during the local recession I lost my job and decided to pursue one of my deep
passions, which is whiskey. We produce our whiskeys, the full process here from grain to glass. We love supporting our local community here and we also love
helping the local agricultural industry. We’re very fortunate to get introduced
to Oakland County’s One Stop Shop. They really helped us through all the
processes of getting a business started. They offered classes that would help us hone our skills that we would soon need for running a business. Originally we were looking at opening
this in downtown Detroit. Royal Oak welcomed us with open arms
and Oakland County has such a breadth
of nice resources for us to use. They were great with everything from helping us enhance our business plan that we had to looking at our financial spreadsheets and modifying those to make it more attractive to banks. So after Oakland County’s One Stop Shop helped us through the financing of purchasing the current building we’re in, we then ran
into some environmental issues at the last minute with securing the mortgage.
So I called Eric Phillips at Oakland County’s One Stop Shop and he was able to put me in touch with some specialists that were able to come in and kind of
give me a quick introduction and education on environmental and kind of
helped us through a bit of that process as well. As I talk to other local
business start-ups, one of the first things that I always do is suggest that they reach out and contact Oakland County’s One Stop Shop. I think you’d be doing yourself a disservice as a start-up to not at least talk with them
and see what they have to offer for you. I’m very thankful that we engaged them
very early on in the process because if it wasn’t for them we probably would not have our distillery today. What are you challenges? Contact Oakland County’s One Stop Shop Business Center today and learn how we can improve you business. [email protected]
(248) 858-0783 Oakland County Michigan
One Stop Shop Business Center
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