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One Man Brake Bleeding Kit – Available at 1AAuto.com

What’s up, guys? I’m Andy from 1A Auto. Here I have this brake bleeder tool. This is a one man bleeder, so you can do this
by yourself. You hook this onto the brake bleeder, and
then you can go into the car and pump the brakes. You open the bleeder when you do that. And this is going to keep the air out of the
brake system once this fills up with some brake fluid, and that’ll keep the air out. It has a nice magnet on it, so you can attach
it to the vehicle to like the strut or somewhere in the vehicle so that it doesn’t fall. It comes with a bunch of different attachments
and a couple extra hoses. If you want this tool, click the link in the
description, and head over to 1aauto.com. Thanks for watching. Visit 1aauto.com, your place for DIY auto
repairs, for great parts, great service, and more content.

2 thoughts on “One Man Brake Bleeding Kit – Available at 1AAuto.com

  1. hey do you have an ebay store? ive bought parts from you 3 years ago but i cant remember if you were on ebay motors? i need some parts for my 02 stang

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