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Ochsner Patient Story: Jules Morales

There was a lot of, I guess like, having to get over like hating myself. Not wanting to be different. I had to get over that, and you know, just fully learning just embraced myself was kind of hard… I was in kindergarten and we had to draw self portraits and I drew myself in the most honest way and it was different than what everyone saw but it spoke to who I was. I struggled initially with feeling like I had to lose Katherine in order to have Jules, almost like a death and that was hard. Yeah my feelings have changed significantly now. I’m much more comfortable with the process I recognized that she’s very happy as she’s moving down this down this road. His mom knew me from before so she had asked if I would see her at that time before Jules transitioned. So I went there for like a check-up with my weight and stuff just to get blood work done, then later I found out she also specializes and helps transgenders and, it you know, clicked, like well maybe I should go to her for another reason. Probably one of the most difficult challenges he faced was disclosing to his grandfather, who is a retired internal medicine doc, that he would want information about this. I don’t think it became clear to me until I received the letter that she sent to all the family members and it was then that I had no difficulty at all accepting that fact and as I wrote her in the letter I loved her as Katherine and I would love her as Jules also. His support means everything. I feel like I could do anything having him, you know, on my back. But I thought the hardest thing was the turmoill that she had gone through. It touched my heart to find that she then by accepting this had become free and she felt like that…that life was going to be worth living again. I mean we need to care for every patient in a holistic way. I mean otherwise we are missing our mission. You know people get lost in the fact that it’s something different, so they have trouble seeing beyond the fact of what’s going on. Don’t miss the mark there’s nothing different about this patient population than the general patient population and we got to care for them as a whole and again we will make mistakes say you’re sorry mean it ask how you could do better and then move on and care for the patients. It’s all changed for the good because we can’t all be stereotyped we are all different individuals and no two people are exactly alike and we just have to live and let live. It’s a big thing to hear but I would just encourage parents to love your children…period. I look at it and I’m finally the “happy boy” that I drew so many years ago, so really the happy boy is here, you know really…it’s me. He’s finally…he’s finally here.

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