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NREMT – EMTB Bleeding Control and Shock Management

[Music – “Dreamer” by Kevin McLeod] This skill is designed to evaluate your
ability to control hemorrhage. This is a scenario-based evaluation. As you progress through the scenario you will be given various signs and symptoms
appropriate to the simulated patient’s condition. You will be required to manage
a simulated patient based on these signs and symptoms. You may use any of the supplies
and equipment available in this room. You have 10 minutes to complete this skill. Please take a few moments and familiarize yourself with this equipment
before we begin. Do you have any questions? I’ve got my gloves on, the scene is
safe I notice bright red blood squirting from the wound I’ll immediately put
pressure using gause. Does that control the bleeding? The evaluator at that time
will tell me “It does not,” I will secure the gause in place temporarily
while I get out my tourniquet. to try and control blood just a little
bit. Get my tourniquet. Going to apply my tourniquet approximately two inches, three inches
above the wound. In this case it’s going to be just above the elbow. We tighten down stick on the tourniquet until all arterial bleeding is stopped. I’ll lock it in place. Secure it into place, place the time. Is the bleeding still controlled? The evaluator will tell you, “Yes, bleeding is controlled however your patient is showing signs of hypoperfusion” At this time i’ll immediately lay the patient back. I’ll cover my patient to keep them warm. Will immediately apply oxygen via non-rebreather at 15 liters per minute making sure that the bag is full and I recognize this as a load-and-go

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