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Not even a million lucky cats could help me.

and so began the last day of my trip
that I spent fully well. after this day everything about our trip would be
changing but I had no idea what was coming Harper and I started the day walking to
the train station and stopping for a snack and some coffee at Starbucks.
we sat across from people doing their work, a mother and her son who was
finishing up some homework, and Harper ate a Sakura donut which is to say that
she picked off the pink frosting on top today we would visit a shrine and a
temple neither one overcrowded with tourists. it was a peaceful day, a day of
contemplation, a day of quiet. Harper and I left wishes written on a little fox
statue that we bought at the first shrine. I had no idea that I should have
been praying for mercy for what was about to come Harper and I are here at the lucky cat
shrine, Gotokuji shrine it’s so beautiful here. it’s incredibly peaceful,
there’s all these little birds singing, the cherry trees are just starting to bloom,
and you just immediately feel this sense of peace wash over you when you get in
here. we are going to look around and also find the lucky cats because we hear
there are like seven million of them here so let’s go do that okay we’re home, we’re exhausted.
both Harper and I were just like at the end of what we were capable of this
afternoon, or probably a little past it, so we took the train home, went to the
grocery store bought some snacks and came home. I’m eating some kind of bread with corn and I think mayonnaise that’s really good
the bread is kind of sweet and very soft. just really yummy and
I’m having some milk tea. it’s just exactly what I needed.
yes there you go and Harper is on her second cup of yogurt so we’re just glad
to be back in the apartment still working through jetlag. fun times I have been deathly ill

43 thoughts on “Not even a million lucky cats could help me.

  1. The way you edit is marvelous, the sights are wonderful, and the painted cats, well the goofy hello kitty
    Is starting to make sense. Nippon is incredible, the cherry trees inspire true bliss. I Am sorry you got sick
    but you have all this footage to help you remember the way Japan made you feel.

  2. Mayonnaise may have been your malaise? Great oral narrative in the beginning and the video of the surroundings beautiful.

  3. Sometimes all a great vid takes is good footage and the right music to it. You nailed this one flawlessly.

  4. Hello Erin !! Beautiful video. Lovely music, made me cry at 4:00. Hope your well. From Chihuahua.

  5. As I'm allergic to cats. There is no such thing as a lucky cat. I like them. Just can't be around them.

  6. This was amazing! I'm glad you're all better though! I follow you on Instagram so I get real time. Lol

  7. Nice peaceful tranquil video,Japan seems like a very clean country,people walk around with masks in all your videos,I’m so sorry you became ill again,that’s two times on this trip isn’t it?

  8. No doubt that every country have it’s own beauty, mistareis…that’s why I love Honda cars, lawnmowers and let’s not forget Godzilla…May the force be with you always !

  9. Now it all makes sense… I thought it was the airplane food that did you in but now I know. Starbucks is the devil. I rarely go in one of them as corporate coffee (and especially Starbucks) is generally awful but the two times I did get something to eat there I was violently ill afterwards.

    Other than that little rant, Japan is spectacularly beautiful… your taste in music is fantastic and you really have a gift for creating content. I can’t believe you don’t have a million subscribers but I bet you will before long. This channel is too good not to get noticed eventually.

  10. I do not know why God gave us the ability of evil, destruction, ambition and selfishness, this world is so beautiful in which we should share and care that is what we should do a world without borders. I really enjoy your videos. Thank you for sharing,Thank you for the effort you make. God bless you.

  11. What did Harper think about the shrines that you visited, did she make any comments about what she was seeing?

  12. I may have to do a round the world trip in Sep-Oct now, after watching your Japan vids! Glad y’all enjoyed your trip! Sorry to hear you got sick! Nothing worse than feeling like death when you’re far from home!

  13. You have a gift narrarating ,perfect voice too . You could do astory book for an hour and I would listen to the whole thing and of course the videography and audio were awesome as well . Actually watching your danged Japan videos , you have a gift .

  14. If this was a tv series, the gods (japan says they have at least 8 million of them!?) at the shrines/temples would have cursed you for not giving proper prayers + offering$ I hope you have no repercusions of said ill incident, who would make this neat videos if you became ill?

  15. Wow that place is so empty!! People don't seem happy there!! Flat no expressions!! Cold blooded!!!depressing!!!suicidal!!like a cemetery!! Creepy!!

  16. In the end all paths we travel wear us down in their own way. Wander this world enough and the soul shrinks as the mind expands, at least for me. Feel better Erin.

  17. As usual your vlog is both beautiful and thought provoking. Welcome back to Mexico and hoping you are well on the way back to good health. Hubby and I were recently in Huatulco and Oaxaca, a short trip meant to explore possibilities for retiring. And found a lovely little home in Huatulco that I will be moving into in November. Such a lovely place, right on the Pacific. Consider a visit… nine coves, 36 beaches.

  18. When I was younger, I actually considered moving to Japan. I was still in 20's, and I wanted to study there. Boy, do I miss the time I actually believed these things were possible. I was so innocent. So naive (though I miss being like that sometimes). I will never move to that country. It's not even immigration friendly (though it is, for some people). All the same. It's a beautiful-fascinating country, indeed. PS – To anyone reading this: Don't let my experience discourage you. You might get lucky. Who knows. 🙂

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  20. Pepto bismol to clean stomach.
    Alcohol to cleanse the mouth.
    Something like afterbrush rinse to rid of the bacteria and germs will do.
    Be safe.
    Love your videos.
    Working for me for years .

  21. Beautiful video. Did you take home matcha? How about sencha tea? You'll be missing good sushi.

  22. Finally getting caught up watching Youtube. Loving your Japan vids! P.S. Happy Mother's Day! <3

  23. Hope you are feeling better! I enjoy your honest and insightful vlogs with accompanying music. Can you tell me the artist and song in your video about why you left the United States?

  24. I know it’s hard to publicly give away info but I really wish we can meet up I have fallen in love with your videos ! I’m from Chicago IL but have family & Bf in Guanajuato & will vist over the summer I’d love to meet you ❤️

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