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New treatments for acid reflux

Recently, there have been some advances in
surgical treatments in particular in the management of reflux problems. The classic treatment
over the years has been what is referred to as a Nissen fundoplication and that involves
wrapping the upper part of the stomach in an axis usually around 270 degrees which then
enhances the sphincter muscle and thus reduces the amount of acid reflux coming back up.
But more recently, we’ve seen the emergence of a device called a LINX device which is
a magnet which is attached around the outer part of the oesophagus. It’s done surgically
under a keyhole technique under full anaesthetic and done by a surgeon. What it basically does
is attach itself as a magnet that is made to measure on the outside of the oesophagus
so that when food goes down through the oesophagus it pushes open the magnet and goes into the
stomach and then when the food is resting in the stomach the magnet opposes itself and
acts as a sphincter. That device is called a LINX device. It’s becoming increasingly
obvious that that is beneficial when selected in the right individual.

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