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New, healthy skin and rapidly wound healing on this 91 year old woman in Newport Beach, California

I am very, very happy about getting the light
therapy for my problems. I have pain, from my daily activities.
Things like walking or running or swimming words we’re becoming more and
more difficult. I have a limited range of motion and have become quite
stiff and sore in certain areas of my body. I have a friend of my
daughter’s Barbara that had been trying some light therapy and I had took about
6 to 12 weeks of the light therapy sessions for about 20 minutes each, and
the light therapy, they extended the strength of the different levels of the
light that was being used they tested me with probably 6 by 6 units of light and
other time various and sundry levels of what the light was, and it closed up my
thin skin, closed up my open wounds, and gave me a great deal more
strength in my arms and my legs; and at the
moment I am free of the bleeding openings because of the light therapy
treatment. It took me about six to twelve light sessions of about twenty minutes
each and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that was suffering as I was
from bleeding and thin skin and all that kind of stuff

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