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Today we are having with us.. And where are you from? From Barnala sir They are from Barnala and the name of the child is khushboo. She is their daughter and was she suffering from ITP? Is it? Yes sir! Please tell me, from what duration she was suffering from ITP? What struggles you went through during this? Yes sir! Initially she was having fever. When this occurred? This is the incident of May and about 8 months have passed till then. Okay, She was suffering from fever before 8 months. When she caught fever we thought that this is normal and thought of giving her medicine. When we consulted doctor so he checked that she is having red rashes. He advised us to do the platelet count. To test platelet count. When he saw the reports and told us that she is suffering from some serious disease. At that time the platelet count was too low. They were around 17,000. 17,000. Yes. So he told us that she will be referred to some other place because this can’t be treated here. 17,000. They referred us to Patiala after that. When we take her there then at that time we have no idea about the platelet and platelet count. You might have thought it is normal. For us it was a disease but we were not realizing the seriousness of the disease. Okay! When we go there so they told me that the platelet count is 5,000. The platelet count was just 5,000 only. They told us to bring the prescribed medicines after the treatment and she have to be infused with platelets now. But they have made a thing clear to me that her life is in danger because the cell count was 5,000 only. And this is a very low count. Platelet count was 17,000 earlier. Within two hours it reduced to 5,000, they were reducing with time. When they infused platelets according to their procedures. Okay. This treatment was continued for one week. Okay. The treatment remained continued and they kept on infusing cells and they infused red blood cells too. Okay. Then the count become stable, according to them this was normal. Later we came to know that this was not normal. Though she get well in one week but the count reduced again in next week. Okay. It reduced to 20,000 only. Okay, It was reduced to 20,000. Yes, they have told us that you can take her as the count at that time was 2 lacs and it reduced to 20,000. Then again after one week it remained constant up to 20,000. We realized at that point that there is no treatment available in Barnala for this as they have already referred us to somewhere else. Then we again go to Patiala. Okay. When we go to Patiala then they again followed the procedures, but they do found out the fact that she is suffering from ITP. They didn’t confirmed it and have to do analysis of bone marrow. When they take her for the bone marrow analysis, she was already in a sensitive condition. She was weak. Yes, they first gave her an injection, named midaz. Okay! It induces sleep in children and keeps them calm. Then they somehow managed to do the analysis of bone marrow. No, that didn’t happened. It didn’t happened? Because when they injected her that resulted in attack of seizure. Okay. This sensitive child gets up with shock, shouted and fall down again. Okay. We haven’t saw that incident even and we came to know as my sister was there. She told us that what happened was too dangerous.. Okay, that caused some reaction. That was some allergic reaction caused by injection and said that analysis of bone marrow can’t be done now. So did they confirmed this condition as ITP or they have said that she is suffering from ITP. No, they have not written it. Then who wrote the fact that she is suffering from ITP. Then after this incident we take her to PGI for consultation. Okay. That she is not safe here and her life is in danger. Okay. But till that time this was clear to us that this is a serious problem. Yes, this is a big problem. Because we were going through that problem from 25 years. Then when we consulted in PGI, the senior doctor present there confirmed from the reports and history that she is suffering from ITP. Okay. Then when we suggested for bone marrow analysis, but they told that there is no need for bone marrow analysis. They just saw the blood tests reports. Yes, then they prescribed some more medicines and told us to continue these. Okay. It continued up to 2 months and no benefit was there because after that also the platelet count remained around 20,000 or 15,000 or 8,000. They told that she is not in danger. Didn’t that fact threatened you when the platelet count was 20,000 or 8,000? We were so terrified at that time and we can notice marks on her body. Black spot used to occur at that time and blue spot also. Her face never got cleared. Red rashes.. Red marks were always there. Yes sir, they told us that these cells are very powerful and they will protect her. He believed that these cells will divide themselves. But what happened? Along with the treatment there we started homeopathic treatment also. Okay. Someone told us that homeopathic will help the cells to increase in number. We followed that for two months but we didn’t get any results. Then the count increased up to 40, 00, and then 35,000. You continued taking allopathy along with homeopathy. It didn’t give any result. and the platelet count didn’t increased more than 40,000 Yes sir, that was the maximum count. When the count reaches up to 40,000 we were so happy on that day. But when the count gain decreased first to 20,000 then to 15,000. Okay! The count kept reducing up to 40,000. Yes sir. Okay these all incidents took around 8 months? No, 4-5 month have passed till date. Okay, 5 months. There is someone close relative whose child have recovered from DMC, he was suffering from dengue. Okay. He told me that you should take her to DMC, where treatment is possible for this. Okay. Because she was ill so we were sharing this everyone thinking that we will find a way. Then when we again analyzed her platelet count there then they told us that the platelet count is 7,000. She will have to be hospitalized but when the time came for hospitalization then she denied on this because we have already done that and have infused the platelets already. This made the condition more worse. Okay. This infusion method is all fake, the count will again reduce. She will not recover with this. For her recovery she started watching videos on YouTube. I have not seen that but she has seen in YouTube videos. She told me and then I see that too. I saw the videos and got confirmed that children are getting recovered from this treatment. Adults are getting recovered too, kids are getting recovered. People are coming from far-far places. The distance for us is only 4 hours and people are coming from long distance. I couldn’t have come alone here so she came along with me. While taking medicines for one month, her platelet count which was on 7-8 thousand increased up to 89,000. 89,000 in one month? That too in one month. Then after three months.. I have started giving you from. And no one was believing that cells can increase up to this limit. In 2019, you came here for first time in 2019. I only gave them medicine for one month and the platelet count reached up to 89,000. Yes sir. Then you again repeated the same medicines till December. Now the current platelet count is one lac, one lac fifteen thousand. Yes sir. They are increasing with time. Yes sir. In two-three months. After taking treatment for three months the count has reached up to one lac fifteen thousand. So, this disease named ITP, I have made more videos on kids with ITP and adults too. Their condition get improved and get recovered. The count will gradually increase, now it’s one lac fifteen thousand slowly it will increase up to 2.5 lac. Then we will again made your video? Yes sir. So that people may came to know. I want to tell you something, when the platelet count was too low and reduced to 90,000. Yes. Then count remained up to 80,000, after that it also reduced to… Platelet count has also reduced to 75,000. Yes, up to 75,000 too so this fluctuation remained for three months. So I want to say that no one should get distracted. Should not get frightened. Yes, should not get frightened, and should not think that this count will never increase. The same thing happened with me and I have never thought that the count will ever increase. So I sure after the latest reports that she will get recover from here only and from nowhere else. So I have them Ayurvedic medicines like spirulina and green things should be given more to her. I give Spirulina and Immune Booster that is one of our product. There is Plato Plan, which is available in syrup as well as capsule form. Praval Panchamrit which is full of natural calcium. And all these are included in Ayurveda. Have you followed the diet properly which I have given you? Yes sir. That red juice and green juice. Yes sir, in red juice we are adding grapes which we have stopped now after 15 days. Okay. We think that the grapes we were buying then were not good. You can add. We are adding beetroot in that now. You have to add that undoubtedly, the composition of red juice which I have given you. In that you have to add carrot, beetroot, pomegranate and apple, you have to give this juice. In that you have add grapes in red juice in order to improve the taste otherwise it doesn’t have anything important. You can avoid that also. That used to come from store. That was imported variety, from California. If you don’t want to add red grapes then you can add green grapes also. Yes sir. So you can give her juice containing apple, carrot, beetroot and pomegranate, juice of these four ingredients. You can give it to her in morning and green juice in evening which contains coriander, wheat grass, and mint. What else were you adding in this? Tulsi. You can add few leaves of tulsi and few leaves of spinach and radish. Yes sir. You can also add other green leaves like durva grass and wheatgrass. Yes sir. You can also plant wheatgrass in your house. That we have already planted. Yes sir, we have planted spinach and radish also. You should plant all green leaves. And coriander also. Okay! This is your prescription and keep it with yourself. We will see this gain next month. Yes sir. This is like a miracle to us that the count increased up to 1 lac and 15 thousand. This is the message I want to give to all through this video. Because we have seen her pain in these 6-7 months, this was not her pain only. This effects the whole family. Yes, whole family get affected, all relatives get affected, all our friends and well-wishers get affected. Mother and father get affected with this the most that their child is suffering from some disease. There is one patient in Nepal and I am giving her treatment from some time. Okay. She sees every video and will definitely see this one too. She was not getting the results and have visited here for 3-4 times. Our whole staff is now familiar with her now. But now she is improving. She was suffering from ITP from long time. Your daughter was having the problem from 7-8 months but this girl was having from long duration. Results do come but takes time. There was one more lady whose son was suffering from ITP when he was of 14 years and they continued the modern treatment till he reaches up to 20 years of age. When his son reaches in age 20 she came to visit me and we continued the treatment for 5-6 months. And within 6 months he had recovered with Ayurveda, the problem which didn’t get recovered in six years. Results do come in all age groups. I am not giving the commitment that I will recover all the 100 patients but I have given positive results with Ayurveda. I am having the reports of the results and other documents related to this. I have asked you to give the photo copies of these prescriptions to the doctor. Yes sir. That reports too. Yes sir, ma’am have provided me the contact details also. Okay ma’am have given you the contact details. Yes sir. You can contact her in case you have any query, you can discuss with the doctors. I want to give this message to all people all over the world that the ITP and other diseases which are autoimmune have given very good results in Ayurveda. And people do get recovered. This disease is not having any treatment in world. Yes, this is true. Treatment is nowhere. I got a call from patient who told me that there is one girl of 20 years who is suffering from ITP from childhood. He was unaware of the Ayurvedic treatment. There is one boy who was visited here the same day when he got diagnosed. He followed the treatment and get recovered on time. This is destiny also. You should start treatment on time. Yes, on correct time. This video have the same motive. Don’t let her use the phone this much. She is the only one who is consuming all the internet data. If she is finishing all the data then you should give her some toy for playing. She will be fine then. Yes sir. Earlier we used to give toys to kids for playing and today we give phone instead of that. I would also like to say that don’t give phone to kids. Thank you sir, for giving us some time from your regular OPD’s. Thank you.

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