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Natural treatment for Colic and Reflux – Pediatric Chiropractic Smyrna Georgia

We started him in six weeks which
was crazy when we were telling people like your baby goes to the chiropractor? yeah you love it! The main reason we brought him in was
just overall fussiness like he was just upset all the time we tried everything
we tried taking on car rides and every white noise machine he had a swing
and a rocker and a rock and play he had all these different things and just nothing
seemed to calm him so we you know looked into some alternative medicine some
alternative options and we ended up here to try and give him some peace and some
calmness he wasn’t latching sorry we brought him because he wasn’t latching
he just had a lot of discomfort just seemed uneasy and uncomfortable all the time miserable, just miserable lots of crying…
he would cry sometimes to just was upset if he wasn’t sleeping or eating he was
just upset and that was that was heartbreaking for us and stressful for
us the weeks after he’s generally pretty calm during the day and we tried
everything we went to a specialist for a Tongue and lip tie mean that’s as far as we
went basically we tell people is we tried the top hundred things to calm a
fussy baby and this was 101 so so we just wanted to try and give him some
peace and comfort and calmness and so I mean that was the reason we brought him
in and I was a little more skeptical to be honest with you but I gave it what they gave it
a try and I think that he’s shown a lot of improvement
he would not latch it all before at all like so he would get pissed when she
tried to make him and now he actually does latch at night and…. say we saw
pretty immediate improvements and then we usually see that he has you know
several bowel movements the day after which is a good sign you know that he’s
like his his system is all aligned and then he takes some good naps I mean he enjoyed it he was never seem
to bother him he was I mean I want to say the last several visits he doesn’t
have been upset at all like not that’s kind of weird for him to not be upset
but he’s got a lot of good neck control which has been really cool to see like
full range of motion and and he lifts his head up all the time and as you’ll
see in the picture when he’s getting adjusted his head it’s completely up but
he seems to enjoy it he’s he’s smiling through it all
laughing and and he seems calm and he

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