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Natural Relief For Menstrual Cramps!

Period cramps getting you down? Just chug
some oil! Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews – with a new
study about everyone’s favorite topic, period cramps. And if you’re a guy watching this
– don’t switch off just yet, because some day – you WILL have to deal with a girl who
has cramps – and when that day comes, you’ll be thanking yourself for watching this episode. The Caspian Journal of Internal Medicine published
a study this week, showing that thyme oil – is a safer and more effective painkiller
for cramps than ibuprofen. Who knew? Researchers looked at 84 women with primary
Dysmenorrhea – which is the medical term for painful menstrual cramps – and separated them
into 3 treatment groups. The first group, received 200mg of ibuprofen as well as 25
drops of a placebo essential oil, at the first onset of cramps. The second group was treated
with 25 drops of thyme essential oil and a placebo capsule. And the third group was given
both a placebo capsule and 25 drops of placebo oil.
They were then asked to rate their pain – using the visual analogue scale – both before the
treatment, and during the treatment – for two consecutive cycles.
Turns out, the women treated with thyme oil – experienced slightly more pain relief over
time, than the women taking ibuprofen – both of which were more effective than the placebo
treatment. What’s more, is that the women taking the
ibuprofen, reported a decrease in pain relief during their second monthly cycle. While the
thyme oil group, reported even greater pain relief in the second month of use than in
the first. Researchers say this is because the body builds
up a tolerance to pharmaceutical drugs, but not to things like thyme oil – which are recognized
by the body. So not only does thyme oil provide relief
for longer – it also doesn’t carry the same set of risks as ibuprofen, which can cause
widespread inflammation and other health problems – even in the short term.
Because of those side effects, people have begun seeking out more natural methods for
pain relief – and thyme oil in particular, has been known to relieve both pain and muscle
spasms. It contains high amounts of Carvacrol – which is an organic compound that inhibits
the growth of bacteria, and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.
A similar study conducted in South Korea in 2012, also found that clary sage, marjoram,
cinnamon, ginger, and geranium oil – accompanied by an abdomen massage – were also more effective
in alleviating menstrual cramps, than a dose of tylenol.
So the next time it’s that “time of the month” – try dropping some thyme oil into your tea,
instead of popping a pill. The only caution experts give, is to make sure you get a good
quality, therapeutic grade oil. MAN science is amazing – and it gets better
every day. If you agree, then you ought to check out
IFLS with Elise Andrew, where she explores all things trending in science. There are
new episodes every week, featuring fascinating stories related chemistry, health, astronomy
and beyond. Including stuff
like this. Guess THEY don’t have to worry about menstrual cramps, huh? Lucky bastards. As always if you have questions, comments,
anything you wanna say about this study – leave em in the comments below. Otherwise, thanks
for watching!

98 thoughts on “Natural Relief For Menstrual Cramps!

  1. 2:45 by "beyond" she meant that the facebook page likes to waste time being butt hurt about religion instead of talking about actual science.

  2. I almost wish the girl I'm stalking would find me and call the cops. These bushes are scratchy and my legs are cramping.

  3. I wish I just got moody on my period instead of experiencing cramps. Cramps are fucking hell ugh 

  4. ibuprofen does not cause widespread inflammation, it does exactly the opposite, which is why it is in the class called non-steroidal anti inflammatories (in response to what was said at 1:45), the risks that ibuprofen does have are Gastrointestinal upset/bleeding, fluid retention, bronchospasms (and possibly an acute asthma attack) and reduced clotting of the blood.

  5. 84 women is not a statistically significant enough amount to give generalizable results.  Especially when only 1/3 was taking the oil as pain relief.  I would try it to see because I don't think there are many adverse effects to taking thyme oil, unless its low grade non-edible, but I really don't see a study of 84 women showing conclusive results.  

  6. An orgasm as the first sign of menstrual cramps eases them greatly… So says my gf…  Anyways, I happily oblige 🙂

  7. I hear sex helps with menstrual cramps. Don't have to give her the D. Just stick a Diva Cup in her and just play her. The Diva Cup will catch it all.

  8. I don't use ibuprofen, the only times I've ever used that was after I had two of my wisdom teeth pulled.
    I use paracetamol and sleep.

  9. My contraceptive implant has made it so I haven't had a period for nearly a year and it's been bliss 🙂

  10. I've been bitchin' about Tara for the longest. Yes, I thought she was a bit boring. Apparently that's just DNews. HardScience is the shit. Her and Anthony make me giggle uncontrollably sometimes! Now I hear HardScience may be done with?! Why and what-the-fuck?! I just caught wind, and now you're fanning the smell away? NO FAIR!!!!

  11. i am a man i feel very out of place for watching this. it is time for me to delete my browsing history  :-/

  12. Thanks. I'll send this to my sisters the next time they decide to live out their menstrual cramps on me.

  13. If they would take Ibuprofen 400, then the results maybe would be different 😉 ibuprofen 200 actually is not helpful! Any kind of NSAID's usually help, if you take them in the right moment, not when cramps are already very harsh 😉 but when scientists found smth natural that helps – it is great 🙂

  14. Could you guys possibly do a Dnews episode about cannabis oil and it's effects on cancer??? I would love for everyone to know about it!

  15. LMFAO (0:13) what guy in his right mind would ever stop watching a video that offers relief (not only for her, wink wink nudge nudge) of period cramps.
    Nearly forgot to include that the above is coming from a straight male.  Not to be insensitive to homosexuals, but the heterosexual viewpoint (for some reason) just happens to be my default perspective.
    So essentially what I meant to say was "What heterosexual guy…"

  16. Where was the group in the study that got to smoke cannabis, and showed that it provided far more relief for their cramps than ibuprofen or thyme oil?

  17. Does oral sex help with menstrual cramps? That is a study I'd like to take part in. In your pants. I think I'm in too deep with those jokes. I don't have to spell it out for everyone. 

  18. I told my friend that she should do the hot water bottle thing when she was having a period pain, she ended up liking it so much that she's my wife now. Trust me guys, this knowledge is power!

  19. Try jogging on the spot with high knees, that helps get things moving. Hot water bottles and pills do nothing. >.<

  20. For years now scientists and conspiracists have been advising people to stop taking so many unneeded medications, NSAIDS included. I am so happy that recently there have been so many studies that prove this, and now they are starting to find actual remedies! So awesome, homeopathic medicine isn't all shite! haha there is some truth occasionally!  

  21. I REMEMBERED!! I have a suggestion for your next video (I've been meaning to post it but ALWAYS forget but i didn't now!) 

    You guys should do a video explaining the psychology of fandom, and why some fans will defend their idols like it's their mom or something. And why fans get so defensive over someone insulting their person and take it so personally.

    idk I guess I could find out on my own but….nah too lazy 😛

  22. With only females being tested Im astonished that not everyone rates their cramps as 10/10. grabs popcorn

  23. Going high-carbohydrate and low-fat is WAY more effective than thyme oil! Do it! We're really not meant to suffer every month.

  24. They slipped that part in there about the bugs. You can totally tell women were in charge of the script for this video.

  25. When I get athletic cramps a teaspoon if mustard usually helps for short term relief, I'm not sure if this would transition to menstrual cramps but just some friendly advice

  26. We love you Women. Periods and all. I understand  its not easy being hit on and having to look pretty all the time and all those haters hating on you girls.. but hey we still love you.

  27. I would be more interested in I F love Science if they didn't have the fucking in there, it's like listening to a damn teenager.

  28. Sometimes having an orgasm can help. Among other ways, the motion of the cervix during an orgasm can help dislodge clots, which are usually the cause of more painful menstrual cramps.

  29. guys seriously should have no say in anything about menstrual cramps or periods in general. yeah, freedom of speech and you can say your opinions, but no one but other guys will take you seriously lol 

  30. "Gender roles are a social construct. When we attempt to assign strengths and weaknesses to either gender, we literally cut our potential as a human race in half. Feminism seeks to prevent that and instead, broaden our perspective for EVERYONE’s benefit."

  31. why was this video not realse earlyer, Could of used some more information on this and helping my girlfriend.

  32. How does DNews pick the background music that it plays for each host? I love that the channel now has two female hosts, but I find the background music played when Tara is hosting kind of distracting.  

  33. Well I tried it and it really works great, thank you DNews! It is really nice to not take pills, since I always feel uncomfortable when I have to take a pill. And yes, I really had take one, sometimes two… But headache remains, I'd like to solve that without medicine, too. Anyone have any idea about that?

  34. Oh yeah, make sure you only buy the high quality snake oil guys… otherwise you wont be able to notice the difference between taking real medicine.who would have thought!

  35. Have you ever tried to drink 20 drops of thyme oil? First of all if it's pure it won't mix with water to make a tea. Also it burns your skin when it touches parts of your mouth. Also if it's hot it'll clear your sinus really well

  36. Another great episode of DNews, but they forgot to mention that the study used 2% Thyme oil! The oil NEEDS to be diluted with a carrier oil (like olive oil) before being ingested. The 100% pure Thyme oil is volatile and acts like an irritant. If applied to the skin or ingested it will cause BURNS and inflammation!!!!!!!

  37. Everything I can find online says don't ingest thyme oil and all references to this study say it was taken in very low concentration so telling people to put a few drops in their tea probably isn't the best advice…

  38. In my aromatherapy certification studies, I have learned you should be very careful about the essential oils that you are ingesting, as they are VERY POTENT. One drop of essential oil is equivalent to drinking 75 cups of tea of the same herb. It is best to consult a certified aromatherapist for internal use of essential oils  (Written in July, 2013 by Christina Anthis) would the 25 drops of thyme the people received be this potent?

  39. the gay guys on here be like "wow good thing i won't ever have to deal with this!! hahA!" like they will NEVER ever come in contact with a female? mother? sister? friend?

  40. 200 mg ibuprofen is like taking a skittle! I have to take 800 . Mine are so bad that I have prayed for God to take my life instead at times. Sucks.

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