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100 thoughts on “My TESLA battery DIED!!!

  1. Get a gas car and you can just fill up also it only takes a couple minutes for gas and like an hour or more for charging

  2. 1:13 its cause it's a battery …. you think when you lock it the car consumes nothing ? The alarm will slowly drain your battery is exactly same with a petrol car you do not start/run the car the alternator isn't gonna charge matey, the battery is gonna die

  3. This is satisfying, a Mercedes of similar range wouldn't have ended like that (they're also cheaper & more luxurious)

  4. I would have brought 3 50 foot extension cords and used the UMC to plug into the car. Granted that's only at maximum 5 miles of charge per hour. But after a couple of hours you could then drive to any ev charger to charge faster than 5 miles per hour. Put about how many miles you need to reach a supercharger then charge her up. I got a call from a friend who drives a Tesla model 3 and did the same thing you did, stop checking the state of charge with your phone as it fully wakes up the car and uses a lot of power. After three weeks he arrived to find it had power for roughly 45 seconds before it died. He then called me asking if I could help. I asked if the battery still had power which it did so I told him to remove the UMC connector and plug it into the car and I was bringing him over a 100 feet of the extension cords which when I plugged the together and into a 120 volt socket the car slowly came back to life. Three hours later we left the parking lot and drove to a nearby destination charger he didn't know about. 40 amps of charging later we walked over to a restaurant where he bought breakfast and was very happy when his phone went off and the car announced it had sufficient power to make it home. He had selected home as his destination.
    He now carries 4 50 foot extension cords for oh no! Events. He also learned not to check the state of charge unless the car is plugged in to a 110 volt outlet which when your gone over a week will easily charge the car to 90 percent. No need to plug into an ev charger when a 110 volt outlet will do for long term parking.

    You learned an expensive lesson, kindly learn from it.

    Thanks for posting.

  5. Your channel actually makes me want a Tesla less. Just nothing but incredibly frustrating situations that could easily be avoided with any other car in the world.

  6. I know what my crap cell phone batteries act like when they get about 2 years old. Time for a new phone like clockwork. I don't need the same issue with my car.

  7. You need one of those little power pack things my kids use to pump up the tablet when it's dead. Just leave it plugged up to the car with a solar panel to keep it running, or maybe a little mouse running on a wheel or something while you're gone.

  8. You cant treat a Tesla like a gas driven car. Maybe get to know it and how to use it would be a good idea?? owners manual would be a good place to start.

  9. My IQ has just went down after watching this brain starving guy,Im getting horrified while these guys having this high tech. vehicles

  10. You would think tow companies could have a portable charger so you coukd get enough charge to get to a local charging station.

  11. So glad you shared this. All the people saying bad things about you is not warranted. Most people want to buy a Tesla because of the low maintenance.

    This was very informative. Thank you!

  12. Yep, you drive a Tesla with 30 miles of range to an airport, then leave it there for 10 MONTHS, and you really expected to drive it away? Seems like you would do a little research on such an expensive purchase to see if you should try something like that. I would charge it up and then leave it at home and take a cab before I would leave it at the airport. Oh well….rich folks problems!

  13. So it uses battery even when not in use? So flying overseas for vacay for 2 weeks is a no if youre a Tesla user?

    Dang, that’s lame, then you should just leave the car at home then right

  14. Why can’t you just get a portable battery to the airport,get the car charged there itself and drive back home ?Who all think this is a better idea

  15. The more I watch these videos, the less likely I am to EVER buy a Tesla. This guy's not exactly who you want as a brand ambassador.

  16. So why are tow trucks not in possession of portable battery chargers? I mean they carry jumper cables. I would think that this guy can’t be the only silly person who owns a Tesla. I’m sure that many others have made this mistake. Just look how many people run out of gas every day. And that’s much harder to do

  17. So why are tow trucks not in possession of portable battery chargers? I mean they carry jumper cables. I would think that this guy can’t be the only silly person who owns a Tesla. I’m sure that many others have made this mistake. Just look how many people run out of gas every day. And that’s much harder to do

  18. You forgot a gas car uses a battery too to start and for 10 months of no usage on any battery it will drain👍🏻

  19. Now did the Tesla pay for long term parking at the airport or did the tow truck driver just pay for the 30min and you got the car out for free?

  20. 30 miles(40km) lost in 4 days? 10km per day?? It lose miles of range per day more than i drive per day(most of the days)
    I drive mostly 8km(5miles) per day.

  21. And u cannot compare tesla car batery with phone batery. Phone batery stop working after 2 years.. and tesla batery runs for 10+ years

  22. If a car batery get to 0% there must be way to just plug it in.. And charge.. until car is ready to go. So without any towing needed. Of if u cannot plug-in tesla must have some mobile team with a remote big batery.. which cann be used to charge a car anywhere.

  23. Tesla should make power breaker such in cars from 40s-50s to shut battery complete if they can't make it stand by efficient lol ….

  24. Hey Dummy, the reason why a Tesla uses charge while parked is to run battery diagnostic software and to regulate the temperature of the battery pack. This is something that has to be done to preserve the longevity of the pack….in other words, to preserve the value of your vehicle. You should be aware of this!

  25. I know this is a very old video, but I would have brought a portable generator to the airport garage, ran it for a hour or so to get enough of a charge to get to a public charger.

  26. "A gas car doesn't do that" Well… I left my gas car in the garage for a few weeks and after that it wouldn't start – battery was flat. So yes, a gas car still has a battery that will go flat in close to the same rate.

  27. 6:52 ' just take it , i know u want it "
    * sexually force the charger in the car *
    " i know you want it car " 😂😂😂

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