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100 thoughts on “My Home Office Tour! | More Hannah

  1. Miss 🎄M🎄O🎄R🎄E🎄 🎄H🎄A🎄N🎄N🎄A🎄 your studio is beautiful beautiful & you are always looking gorgeous…………. Love❤😘

  2. How well do you play the flute? Would love to hear/see you play… Oh, and who's guitar? I'm seeing a musical duo in the future…

  3. I would love to have 2 screens! When I'm revising for school I use a word document to write everything down, but then if I need to look at the powerpoints I either need to switch back and forth every time or I have two very small windows open 😄

  4. what. the. fuck. everything about this room is like the room my husband and I hang out in. the long ikea table with his computer and mine. our custom built computers with LED lights. my case is white, his is black. the EXACT SAME ikea bed behind us. like everything you mentioned is our room. LMFAO wow. freaky.

  5. Future video request: balancing keeping up to date with friends with work/boyfriend. You always seem to have so many friends and I've got no idea how you manage to maintain all your friendships whilst also being so productive!

  6. I learned how to solve a rubik's cube exactly a year ago, from a youtube tutorial. I've been trying to get faster, but it still takes me ages to work out which corners need to swap.

  7. I just realised that I have wayyyy too many pens that I don't use. More than one drawer. I should get rid of most of them.

  8. Love your tours you do. This office aesthetic is so nice and I love how you have such nice framed things. My favourite interior thing is that I have posters for a few of the shows I've done framed so I can remember all the memories with them and frames make everything look so much smoother and nicer.

  9. My dream office would have a sewing table, a mannequin, lots of fabrics and other sewing stuff ! It would also have a cosmetic making corner. Maybe.

  10. I love how colourful the office is! I'm hoping to do writing as a career so I'd love to have a window onto a busy street so I can people watch when I'm lacking in inspiration:D

  11. I always really enjoy office tours and that kind of stuff. Your outfit is fantastic- that top and those earrings are both amazing! I'd love an office with a crafting space because I have lots of jewelry-making supplies, bookshelves and a comfy reading area because I think it'd make the most sense for me to have it be an office/library room.

  12. Just interesting fact, you should look up Síle na Gig if you haven't before, similar to the 'woman flashing her vulva to the devil' picture

  13. By my standards, this space is beautifully organized and fairly minimalist. Clean and efficient, it also makes room for the human factor.

  14. I hate being that one person, but it's spelled "stationery" with an "e" for writing implements/paper, and "stationary" with an "a" for not moving.

    I'M SO SORRY!! Unless you put stuff that just doesn't move in there, in which case, touché.

  15. Seeing the yogscast poster made me way more excited than it should have lololol, idk if you are but id love to see you on the jingle jam again this year 💖💖💖

  16. i never want to work at home my dream office has all that stuff but it’s far away from my house and i can only get there on work days

  17. They are not lanyards anymore, they are souvenirs. You can absolutely collect and enjoy souvenirs. I bet you could go through each and recollect a happy memory.

  18. You didn't cover the outside. Is that like a balcony or a deck or a fire escape lol? Hannah I love your channels! You make me laugh. And you're always a very festive lass to boot! I guess I relate better to British women since I was married to one for 15 years but been friends with her for 25. She had left the UK after her time with the Royal Navy to the US because she wanted to become both Firefighter as well as a Paramedic. You can't do that there.

  19. I… I don't want to be the one to point out the spelling error on stationery.
    … and yet, here we are.
    mild self-loathing

  20. I had no idea you had so MANY awards that's so cool, you're so deserving you do a hell of a lot💕
    But your whole office is adorable as hell wow

  21. FAB VIDEO!
    Would be so so so so so appreciative of you could subscribe to my channel! I’ve just started out and want to help people 🙂

  22. Ooh, we probably have the same desk, mine's just half as long. Have the same drawers and everything, feeling kinda fancy now 🤭

  23. Your office is beautiful. I’ll have a craft room guest room in my next place and looking forward for the room to be multipurpose

  24. Hannah your boobs look so wholesome in that jumper like it's one piece of flesh joined to your body. Rosie would be wanting to grab it so bad. Can u do a vid about the time you slept with a girl? How did it feel? 🙂

  25. Idea for the convention lanyards: Get a photo album to put all the cards into, and then just keep the most recent one hanging. When you go to a new one, you can switch them out! 🙂

  26. Omg I know I‘m super late to this but I love the title of the German version of Doing It! I got the English version at SitC so never really looked for the German one but did kinda wonder how they’d translate the title and I think the solution they‘ve found is genius! (If anyone is interested: it’s kinda hard to translate but I guess „talking around down there“ comes somewhat close)

  27. Hannah we need to teach you about raceway and cable management because you'd love it but also because you need it O.O

  28. I would love a treadmill desk! (as long as it converted for the option of sitting). I don't move my body nearly enough on work days at the moment.

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