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55 thoughts on “My 30-Day Self Experiment With Nasal Probiotics For Chronic Sinusitis (TGIF Ep.3)

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  2. Have you ever tried Irish Sea Moss? Its a nutritious seaweed popularized by the late Dr. Sebi. It does wonders for asthma, allergies and sinus infections. I healed from nasal polyps disease n sinusitis but still have very mild asthma from slip ups on my diet…still irish sea moss helps me with that almost immediately and I can get off Advair and sleep during the night.

  3. I have a thick rubber like yellow infection that will not cure with anything.
    i have been sick for years, makes me very low power and pain.
    Do you think a sinus rinse with this is ok and are they a transient bug or do they live in sinus?

  4. This strain can cure fungal infections which cause most sinus infections caused from fungus. Depends what it causing your infection but if it's fungal you will improve with this 100%

  5. Thank you very much for your enlightening posts, Dr. Sovey! I ordered Bactoferm F-RM 52 US . It is from CHR Hansen. Would it be alright to use it instead of SafePro B2?

  6. Hi

    Thanks for posting your findings, it was interesting to note your results so far, hopefully you will continue to get a good experience from using those probiotics.

    Continuing to use my Sinupulse with an isotonic solution, and a weak solution of povidone iodine, has certainly helped me to clear my chronic sinus infection. My mucous has gone from green to amber to clear.
    I still feel the need to use the Sinupulse and continue to do so. I will start to leave out the povidone iodine as there is not longer any infection there and I guess that the iodine will do as good a job at killing the needed bugs as it will at killing the more unpleasant type.

    I have started taking Bromelain….


    …as a supplement and I'm hopeful that it will help with the stuffiness I feel.

    I did test out, used it once only, an OTC medicated nasal spray and within 20 mins both of my nostrils were open and clear. That was a wonderful feeling…! However I am reluctant to use that form of medication long term if I can find a more natural and sustaining relief elsewhere.

    I had read an article about using a hypertonic solution for the nasal rinses, to help with inflammation….


    I would not know enough of the validity of that suggestion as it concerns me regarding the potential to irritate my nasal linings rather than soothe them.

    The quest for sinus and nasal relief continues…..

    Best wishes to other sinus sufferers and thanks again for posting these videos.

    Anyone know the correct ratio to use of salt, non iodine and no caking agents, and baking soda when making an isotonic solution to irrigate..?

  7. Why are you orange …u look like you have been snorting turmeric and using it for hand lotion…probiotics r awesome tho

  8. Hello can i use normal probiotics pills ?????? Please answer i have very chronic sinus infection that causes me a lot of issues with my tonsils and mouth alos deep dark circles around my eyes i really want to get rid of it😭😭😭😭

  9. I like your program today. I would just make one suggestion. Maybe you should put the probiotic in your nose from a separate glass so that you do not mix germs from your mouth into your nose.

  10. Okay I went to the Chr Hansen website and found nowhere to order this without being a company. HOW DO I ORDER THIS SAFEPRO B2?

  11. Hi dude i apreciate you.
    But i have sinusitis chronic and polyps grew up on my nose two of both for 5 years. And i drink carrot mixed with black grapes juice and put some black coffee without sugar in my nose. After 3 weeks my sinusitis chronic completely gone. and for 3 days more, my sinus polyps, feel out from my nose. Thanks

  12. You can get the stuff now for less on Amazon:

  13. I put hot pepper powder in my nostrils,  that quickly generates a lot of secretion, then blow it all out. I also make a nose spray with Johnson's baby shampoo and distilled water, that breaks up biofilm.  I chew raw garlic cloves. Sick of taking antibiotics.  This only happens in fall and winter.  No problems the rest of the year.

  14. can you give us an update almost a year later if it keeps working for sinusitis/sinus infections? Please i would like to know as you know they are expensive and im willing to buy it but only if i know that has helped you with you sinuses. Thank you

  15. Great video, thank you very much for the information. I just got this product from NZ. How many times a day would you apply this probiotic?

  16. Chris i have an overabundance of coagulase-positive staph in my nasal cavity. I also have a lot of sigestive problems including SIBO. is it possible the staph in my nose can be causing this? how can i treat? i have high potency probiotics with lacto and bifido strains but those dont really belong in the nose. however they do not colonize so maybe they can still have a benefit? also is l.sakei a histamine producing strain?

  17. I would definitely not take any chances of introducing more bacteria from my mouth to an already infected nasal passage by drinking from this solution before putting it inside my nose.

  18. Hey I’m doing exactly what you said because I suffer from sinus inflammation with post nasal drip- exactly how you describe your symptoms. Especially with the feeling like you’re always on the verge of sickness. I ordered my own lactosinus and I’m excited to see if it will help me!

  19. Hello everybody from Belgium. I wanna thank you for this video and what saved me from sinusitis of 20 years. The best effect is snuffing probiotic in the nose and not to much at once, twice a day was enough for me. Now I don't use any spray and sleep as a big baby. Just try it for 1week

  20. I've been experimenting using probiotics inside the nose with ProBiota HistaminX by Seeking Health. Little evidence but so far three people have experienced good results. I'm curious to see if you experience similar or better results using ProBiota HistaminX.

  21. I do this with garlic..I cut it up..I put it in a little cup and water and I put the cutips and I let it soak in the cup for a few mins and I put it in my nose and ears..I do this every day mostly…and I'm from Michigan also bro

  22. My problem sinuses tend to be the sphenoids – they are way back and up. I would be tempted to rinse with this stuff (and you have to lay down to get back to those sinuses). I'm wondering if salt would be toxic to these microbes…that is would you need to be careful to get the saline level really perfect? Rinsing without salt is very painful!

  23. Terrific Video..!
    I was also seeking relief from general light uneasiness, and I started eating only fermented foods especially only fermented cheese, or meat if I am not eating vegan.. and it is terrific

    I then decided to start eating yeast, and that also helps extremely fast and easily to make you feel great. Also I have started eating raw tempeh, and it cleans the body extremely fast, and powerfully wit a beneficial mold culture.

    I found this video from looking up an experiment I am pursueing of eating the bacteria that creates sausage, because I am from the year of the pig in astrology/ also a cancer/crab, and I have found that is the reason I believe why I can only eat fermented foods , and why I am mostly attacted to fermented sea food.

    Consider these ideas..
    Keep up the good work, and the info is exactly right.

    ///also do you know the miracle of ECM from Pig bladder which can regenerate any tissue?

  24. I have been using non-fat pure yogurt in distilled water as a nasal spray for about 5 years. it's been a game changer for me. My son also had chronic sinus issues and the Dr's were talking about removing his tonsils and adenoids. Since using the yogurt spray he has had no issues.

  25. Can anyone recommend a source for these in the uk as i am struggling to find a single place in uk to get this.
    many thanks.

  26. por favor me ajude minha filha tem sinuste a 6 meses dor de cabeça constante nada para já tomou antibiótico .gratidão

  27. Could I not do this experiment with kimchi juice or other fermented products that contain L. Sakei? I currently have some pickles fermenting (with garlic) and supposedly it is the garlic that encourages the L. Sakei to grow. I might try this with the pickle juice as it will be ready in a few days.

  28. Hi Chris, if I said to you I’m producing lots of green mucus, I can’t taste or smell, I feel crap/fatigued, blocked and stuffy nose and a very slight pressure in my forehead when I stoop forward….what would you say? 🤔

  29. L.Sakei appears to have improved my sinusitus symptoms considerably. I still get mild sore throats every now, minus the sinus issues, so it doesn't fix everything. Still happy with the results.

    I recently also tried PRO-Dental S.Salvarius (by hyperbiotics), which is marketed as an oral priobiotic. So far I get a moderate sore throat every morning after I use it. Perhaps I need to lower the dosage. At the very least, that suggests it's potent, with the bacteria doing *something*. Other people have reported success with it.

    For buying L.Sakei, I can recommend the chr-hansen sourced product as already mentioned in the video. I have also used Lactopy Prime from Korea (pure L. Sakei), website http://www.probio65.com. Probio only deliver domestically, so I've used www.konlinehouse.com twice now to place the order, who will deliver worldwide for a handling fee.

  30. You didn`t mention the foods you were eating. I`m positive digestion related hidden food sensitivities is a major factor.So you are on the right track but the medical picture is bigger then what you are conveying here. Keep up the good work. You are definitely thinking outside the box.Next you can use the results and finding in balancing ear micro biome. I find that even more interesting.

  31. By the way Ozone nasal treatments solves sinus problems very fast. But not instead of what you doing. The two together will produce greatly magnified results.The key is you have to find the cause or causes of the problem.Keep up the great work. WE ARE IMPRESSED Doctor.

  32. Hi Doc. I get about 1 to 2 sinus infections a year. Usually I need antibiotics. My sense of smell usually gets weak during them. Should i be worried it'll wreck it permanently? Thanks.

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