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Motivational movie scene : Bleed for this “It is that simple”

Journalist :People are calling this one of
the most unlikely come back since sport history What do you attribute it to? Huu, yeah I don’t know, I had a lot of help But you also had a lot of adversity You’ve had issue with management Conflicts of interests Yeah, well, the boxing world looks shiny from the outside It is fill with promises that most of them turn out to be lies You can’t rely on anyone So, what would you say the biggest deception was? What was the biggest lie you were told ? “It is not that simple” Why not? No, that is the biggest lie i was ever told “It is not that simple” It is a lie they tell you, over and over again What’s not simple Any of it All of it That is how they get you to give up They say it is not that simple Vinny So, What’s the truth? That it is That if you just do all the things that they tell you… you can’t Then it is done ! You realize it is that simple That is always was

9 thoughts on “Motivational movie scene : Bleed for this “It is that simple”

  1. There's always some amateur asshole that thinks its okay to edit music to a scene on the assumption that they're adding something good into it. Leave the lily white music, or any music whatsoever, out next time.

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