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Welcome to M&D Distributors. We are a
family-owned diesel fuel injection and engine components distributor, based in
Houston Texas and for over seventy four years we continually added to our
capabilities and expertise to help serve the needs of our customers. Today we are
operating eight locations with sales, service and distribution
responsibilities. We like to take a few minutes to tell you about a fairly new
addition to our diesel fuel injection service capabilities. M&D is now the
only factory authorized service and repair facility for Mitsubishi PS Fuel
Systems used on the popular SR series engine. M&D can offer you
complete repair and remanufacturing options for Mitsubishi PS fuel
injection pumps and injector. We cover all of the USA and Canada and our fuel shop
is conveniently located in Houston Texas along with our main distribution
center and company headquarters. This new edition only reinforces our lineup of
original equipment manufacturers that trust M&D to provide sales, service
and warranty support for their products. Manufacturers such as Bosch, Stanadyne , Denso, Delphi, Yanmar, Zexel and others have chosen M&D as their partner and
we take pride in representing the leaders and diesel fuel injection
industry. So let’s take a closer look at some of our proprietary repair processes
we used that attracted Mitsubishi to M&D in the first place. All components that flow through the
M&D repair center are subject to a rigid set of inspections and testing.
During this phase of the process, all parts are subjected to thorough
inspections to determine if the existing parts can be reused or must be replaced.
The necessary measuring devices to ensure tolerances are within the manufacturers reusability
guidelines are essential in determining whether a part can be reused, salvage or replace with new. All components are assembled by product specific
technicians who are organized into specialized teams. Cleanliness is critical
in the remanufacturing process. Without effective safeguards dust and dirt could
easily contaminate tight tolerance components resulting in early product
failure. M&D teams work in a “hospital-like” environment and our
facility has air filtration systems that provides exceptional contaminant control.
M&D design the process to keep dirty and clean operation separate.
Components enter a pre-cleaning area prior to disassembly, and all parts are
washed thoroughly again after disassembly. To further reduce the risk of
contamination to the tight tolerance components, the M&D small component
operation is located in unique “room- within-a-room”. Many new parts are used in
the remanufacturing process and just as important only genuine Mitsubishi parts
are used. We keep our huge inventory of genuine Mitsubishi parts in our on-site
warehouse that we can use repair or remanufactured your pump. We are 100%
committed to avoiding “gray market” products for any diesel pump repair.
Before we return your pump to you, we run into a series of strenuous tests to make
sure that it meets or exceeds the specifications of Mitsubishi engine
company. As part of our certification to be an “Authorized Warranty Repair Center”,
we have isolated the tested with capabilities to test PEC response. Using
calibration inductors and test lines for Mitsubishi factory specifications. We can
simulate full load, idle, and part load conditions. We have verified that fuel
injection wanted the entire meet the Mitsubishi factory specifications. This
process ensures that the pump will integrate with the rest of the engine’s
emission regulation system components to result in an emission compliant engine. So you
can stand behind the repair for your customers for years to come. We’ve learned over the years to never
cut corners at the end of the repair and this includes the final coating that we
used to protect your pump. We use the “Mitsubishi-approved” number 1900 117
coating to ensure long component life. Once a component is repaired, it is sent to packaging for
completion and quick shipment back to your shop. Completed pumps also come with
the one year unlimited mileage / Hours warranty, regardless of application.
And we hope you can see why an M&D repaired pump can offer both
exceptional quality and value to the nationwide Mitsubishi service network. If
you’re looking for a proven, reliable service for your Mitsubishi PE fuel pump,
look no further than the experienced team at M&D Distributors. Call us today
at 800 392 5517 to learn more about the M&D difference and how we can help you
keep your equipment running at peak performance. For more information and to
keep in touch click the link below

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