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MedCline™ Acid Reflux Relief System – Testimonial from Liz

I like will get off work at say eight o’clock, 8:30 and get home and have whatever meal. And at that point, I’m ravenous. I go to sleep within an hour, so I would just… within 30 minutes of eating, I would start to feel that burning sensation in the stomach or I would start to feel that heartburn or the pressure in my chest. And the pressure feeling was terrible, because I would feel like I couldn’t breathe and I didn’t understand why that was happening. Was it my heart? Am I having a heart attack? So learning about MedCline, I thought that was a great idea for myself because I never felt like medications actually worked for me, over-the-counter, and knowing what side effects it can have over the long run, I really would rather just avoid it. Thanks to having the MedCline, I’m able to wake up without having acid reflux or any heartburn. My day starts off much better. I don’t feel like I’m in any pain. I’m able to have breakfast normally without feeling like I have this burning sensation in my stomach or pressure in my chest. Mornings are always the craziest at the salon, so being able to sleep with my MedCline and waking up feeling more comfortable and not in any type of pain, starts my day off better. I’m not in any type of bad mood because I’m having heartburn. I can have a cup of coffee and not feel in extreme pain and I love my coffee. I was nervous about getting a MedCline because of the price. I was concerned about how much it costs and if the cost is going to be worth it. And now that I have it, I know that it is worth it. I know that, when I think about it, the amount of money I would spend on Tums or Pepcid would probably already cover the cost of what I’ve spent for my MedCline. So, it’s definitely worth it.

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