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Mattress for Pregnancy – Massage , Back Pain Relief & Sleep | Cozy Bump

hey thanks for tuning into our channel again as
always putting together videos in regards to tips and tricks that will
help with lower back pain when pregnant one of the key things we’re gonna use in
this is our our product called cozy bump mattress for pregnancy and then one of our other products which
is a massage for pregnancy today we’re gonna focus on sciatic pain during pregnancy and specifically in that
she happen to have sciatic pain pregnancy running down her right side as well as we’re
gonna see different size openings such as this size and then the bottom side as
well so the good thing about the cozy bump it
has multiple different features one of them being that if it’s not comfortable
for the topside for you because besides too small you can obviously flip it over
to accommodate for a larger lower sitting stomach that just so happens to
be the scenario here which we’re gonna go with her and interesting to feel more
comfortable lying on the backside of it so let’s go ahead and have you lie down
well before we do that let’s put down the swaddle
the reason why you gonna have to swaddle there so that gravity doesn’t pull in
the stomach and hurt your upper and lower back okay perfect alright so she’s
not now having pregnancy sciatic pain and it’s stemming from the SI joint which is
right here okay and it’s going down some people have it what’s going on the
outside but just what happened to going this way for her okay big one of the
good things about the pregnancy mattress called cozy bump is you’re able to fully lie on your stomach during pregnancy
which then you be able to access everything in the back so she had
sciatic pain here and here or some upper and lower back pain to be able to target
all of that we’re using the massager today specifically for that it’s great
for the spouse to have and I’m pretty sure that she’s gonna have her husband
doing this for it tonight what we can do is we’re gonna tour get here where the
sciatic nerve is that okay and then we’re just gonna kind of just massage a
little little baby circles going like this and working your way down some of
the other moves as well it’s just kind of gradual doing here
there’s some some key parts you want better hit is there anything
specifically that point minute yeah right there okay as you can see the one
of the benefits of this right here is the fact that often often what we’re
doing is husband’s our hands are getting tired hon my hands are tired I can’t
massage anymore it’s kind of an out sorry guys this is no longer an out you
can keep massage for pregnancy in your hands like me get tired and give it help you your poor
pregnant wife target those those painful joints or painful sciatic nerves during
pregnancy all right again you’ll be able to target all this because the fact
that she’s lie on her stomach on the cozy bump pregnancy pillow or cozy bump pillow thanks for watching our video if you’re
interested in learning more crazy bump tips and tricks
on how to help with back pain during pregnancy make sure you hit the subscribe button to be
alerted when we come out and do videos in addition if you’re looking for more
information right now click this next video here

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