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Makeup Tips : How to Fix Bleeding Lipstick

Hi, Do you love lipstick as much as I do.
Well, great. I’m going to show you a great new trick on how to fix your bleeding lipstick.
Now, if you’re having this problem and you tried everything now is your opportunity to
try this new trick. Take your foundation like so. Apply it directly to the top and bottom
lip. Make sure that the color is very natural and close to your skin tone because what we’re
doing, we’re creating a base to prevent the lip bleeding. Once you do this, you’re well
on your way to stop the bleeding. Once you secure your foundation on top of the lip like
so, go ahead and take some translucent powder and apply it to the top of the powder of the
foundation that you applied on your lip. This is going to set your foundation. Once you’ve
done that, go ahead and apply your lip liner making sure to apply it right underneath the
lip line. This is going to help the feathering. It’s going to help your liner to stay on longer
and when you apply your lipstick, it’s going to also help your lipstick to stay on as well.
You can color it in a little bit with your pencil and this just kind of creates a base
for your lipstick. Once you’ve done that, you can go ahead and pick your lipstick color.
Once you pick your lipstick color, make sure that you use a brush because it helps that
you don’ t put on too much lipstick. When you put on too much lipstick, it will run
or bleed as your body temperature warms up. So, once you’ve done this, believe me you
would not have anymore feathering or bleeding of your lipstick. Go back one more time. Dot
the lip line and the lip area withe the same foundation that you used. Go over it one more
time with your brush and reapply your lipstick. If you do this, carefully you will have a
beautiful lip. My name is Sylvia Russell and this is how you can prevent your lipstick
from bleeding.

15 thoughts on “Makeup Tips : How to Fix Bleeding Lipstick

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  3. Too bad her lips are a result of cosmetic surgery! But I digress. I learned a lo from this video. BYE losers!

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    God bless.

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  6. sure your not racist , and sure your happy with your life , ah , thats why you talk like that , .. say it to a kid ,,, wanna?

  7. I gave youthumbs up, you are right. But im not in the least concerned about my lips, so i had to say something. But seriously I was right about the racism america part, but who cares if we are talking lipsticks

  8. good job, i just came across the vid, not really that bothered about lipstick but just saw the abuse, take no notice, they're sad people who clearly have nothing better to do. if you didnt wana watch the vid, dont! x

  9. This makes your lipstick stay on longer, BUT it severely dries them out. I hate using lip gloss on top of lipstick because it changes the lipstick's color (for me personally, even clear gloss makes the original color look different).

    Does anyone know how I can do all of the following steps without insanely dry lips?

  10. @lilaleahg Use vaseline as a lipbalm, wait for it to "dry" (stop being so sticky to the touch) and then follow this video. You don't need to do it twice, though.

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