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Make an Iron Heart Bleed (chemistry trick)

Greetings fellow nerds. In this video we’re going to make a heart of iron wire appear to bleed when placed in solution. First get 100 mL of water and add to it 1 gram of potassium thiocyanate. Then add to it 1 mL of 12M concentrated hydrochloric acid and 1 mL of 30% hydrogen peroxide. Shake up the solution until completely dissolved. Pour out the solution into a dish and drop into it an iron wire that’s been shaped into a heart. Instantly the iron will appear to bleed as the chemicals dissolve the iron and produce iron thiocyanate that has a blood red color. A more dramatic approach is to hang the iron in the solution and view it from the side. And there you go. Yet another nerdy valentine’s day chemistry trick. This is a variation of the bleeding iron trick i showed in a previous video. Thanks for watching. In this video we’re going to make iron nails appear to bleed. In this video we’re going to make flowers glow in the dark under ultraviolet light with a fluorescent dye. In this video we’re going to break a heart with liquid nitrogen. In this video we’re going to set these valentine’s day candy hearts on fire using our favorite oxidant; potassium chlorate.

100 thoughts on “Make an Iron Heart Bleed (chemistry trick)

  1. Hey NurdRage.. since your kickstarter was not successful, how about subable? i realy wish, your videos would pop up again in my feed:(

  2. hello, I want to ask, what happends when you brake high or low pressure sodium vapor lamp under water? please make a video of it, I realy want to see what happeds.

  3. i dont care if you show us how to make bubbles with vinegar and baking soda just do stuff so we can watch you!
    youre awesome! D:

  4. Watching all of your videos over again. I really miss seeing them pop up in my sub box. Too bad your Kickstarter wasn't successful :/ I wish you luck in your future endeavors whomever you may be 🙂

  5.   ☻/☻/☻/☻/  ︻╦╤─  …………………..               
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    I███████████████████]            pinned down! JOIN THE RESISTANCE!!!
      ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤              Fuck Google+

  6. Are you completely hopeless nurdrage? 🙁 thank you for teaching me chemistry 🙂  you are the one who made me the best one in my class….xD thank you! but, its so sad to see you go ;(

  7. I dont know if its been suggested but you mentioned upwards of a quarter million in order to open your own lab. and its infeasability in this economy.    I suggest kickstarter.   Youve got a lot of loyal fans and you might be able to crowd source your videos!

  8. We… need… more… videos… please… (just be like Walter White and take some chemicals. I'm sure they won't notice 😀 )

  9. I'm sure he has reasons. I could imagine where one of those reasons involve an employer who may view such use of their lab in a sub-optimal light. I so wish he would be able to start with new content. 

  10. You know I started to take chemistry serious after watching a lot of your videos back in 2011. I also subscribed back then. That was more than two years ago. Since then I'm learning chemistry, and it's sad to see your channel, that made me love chemistry this much being finished. I think you did everything you wanted and reached your goals with teaching thousands of people, but now… 10 month without a single video… I know now you don't have the job that let you do videos with proper equipment, but watching this abondened channel is just sad.

  11. Would you PLEASE try again to get money from the internet!? PLEASE! if just your subs PAY 1 DOLLAR you will get more than 250k! please dude!!!. BTW the last one you did I didn't even know about, that's because you made the video UNLISTED… I found it too late. And don't lose hope if you didn't get much at the beginning. I cannot pay because of my country but others probably can. Would you agree!? please.

  12. Dear Mr. NurdRage,
    Hello, my name is Ian Beamish. I have been a subsriber for what, 3 years now. You taught me chemistry. You were the one who got me into it. You were the one who made me love it. I am now a grade 11 student and I'm going to be taking my first full chemistry class next semester. I just wanted to say that you helped make me who I am. And that you are a big hero of mine. If you need money I'd suggest starting a kickstarter, or a subbable. I'd share it all across my school and to anyone who would listen. I had already started showing your videos to my friends last year and they love em. I just miss ya and I know im not the only one that does.
    Whatever happens. Thankyou.

  13. To nurdrage:
    I know you really aren't going to see this comment but I have to say THANK YOU for all of the inspiration you've given me. I've been subscribed to your channel for a long time and I've learned so much from it. Now as a Chemistry AP student I can honestly say that you have given me so much of my passion for chemistry and science I general. I wouldn't be even close as knowledgeable about the subject without you. I understand your reasons for leaving, and even though this channel will probably never come back again, I will always remember it. Again, THANK YOU for all that you've done for me and many others!!!

  14. It is a bit of a shitter when they gather this huge following and then just piss off without a word. I understand his circumstances changed so that he could no longer do chemistry vids, but would it have killed him to spend a minute recording an audio only clip thanking people for their support and explaining that the channel was now dead?

    Of course he had no obligation to do so, but it is more than a little rude to do it the way he did.

  15. Please NurdRage, if you are unable to make videos in the lab, then try to do some home science like millions of other people do. It would mean a lot for you coming back to youtube. Not just for me, but for your subscribers.

  16. You should make an organism if scientifically or religiosly possible it sounds cool to a twelve year old like i

  17. NURD RAGE, i hereby suggest you to do the ultimate experiment of them all!!!
    plz do combustion of MERCURY THIOCYNATE, this time more epic, higher concentration and amount, of course find a proper place and equipment…..

    come back nurd!!! open the gates of hell

  18. Plz…come back I really miss your video you could start a campaign and we'll support and donate to you…(even if Im a 13 year old kid)… Just please come back :'( (not using Google+)

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