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Local Teen Helps Ease Pain of Women Fighting Breast Cancer – ABC7 KABC News

– [Narrator] Live from ABC 7 this is eyewitness news. – [female news anchor]
Inspired by his mother’s battle with breast cancer, a local teen has made his mission to help ease the pain of women fighting the terrible disease. A teen affected by his
mother’s painful breast cancer surgery tries to help other patients. Daniel Aronsohn donates
specially made tops to breast cancer surgery patients at Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks. His mother struggled with the drains from a double mastectomy and he’s honoring his best friend by trying to bring
others a little comfort. [Daniel] There was an article about them and so I saw them and was very surprised that I didn’t know about them. And that’s when I decided that if it couldn’t be easy for her, I’m gonna make it easy
for a lot of other people. [news anchor] His non-profit called AJ’s Comfort Zone has helped 200 breast cancer patients. He sells donated items to raise money to buy the soft tees. When Daniel goes off to college, his younger brother Josh
with continue the effort. If you’d like more information
and you wanna help, you can log on to our
website and that’s abc7.com

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