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Light Chiropractic Review: Komathi & Mathee – Mid-Back Pain

I think the biggest difference I have experience here as I have mentioned earlier After my first adjustment, my mid back pain had gone away And my adjustment have thus far been pretty effective The effects of the adjustments has on her Has more of an effect on me Just to see that she is responding well to it As soon as she did her adjustment She was lifting her head While she was on her tummy and she has never done that before To witness that That was pretty awesome yeah In 2010, I had a bad fall and that caused a herniation in my lower back so L4 and L5 and I have had chiropractic adjustment since then at different times periodically, whenever the pain does come in all around the world actually, Like in the US, in Peru, in Singapore But when I came back to Singapore, I have not had an adjustment since 2015 I went through pregnancy Just after, when my baby was around 4 months I felt a peculiar pain in my mid back Which I didn’t had that immense before I felt hat I needed to take a look at that bring attention to that particular pain because it was not there before I knew I needed to get some kind of an adjustment So I looked up on the internet, I checked out various sources online and I came across Light Chiropractic On that day I was just in pain and I called up various chiropractics that morning Most of them seems to want you to take an x-ray and they didn’t do adjustments on the first visit I was really in pain and I knew I needed an adjustment So when I looked up Light Chiropractic they didn’t require you to have an x-ray and you could get adjustment from the first visit and the reviews and the testimonials on the internet, on the Facebook page and all that seemed pretty positive as soon as I called I managed to get an appointment on the same day So I came in I saw Dr Theo I explained to him my history and my current situation the current pain I am going through and I think he knew exactly what was happening he didn’t require any further x-ray or whatever he just checked my spine he could detect what the problem was, he did adjustment for me and I could feel immediate relief Two days following that over the weekend, the pain had gone in the mid back and subsequently I’m coming back for adjustments more for my postural problems and just to maintain my spinal health so that my lower back pain would not come back again now that I’m like carrying my baby and moving around I think over all I do need a lot more spinal care then before The biggest change I would say is the impact the adjustments the doctor did had on my baby I did notice that her spine was protruding a little on the lower back I was a little concern, the doctors said it was fine, it was not critical It’s not something to be concern about but when I brought it up to Dr Theo He look at it more of a long term spinal health of a growing child and how correcting her condition of the spinal health now is better for her long term development so that it wouldn’t cause scoliosis or affect the way she sits or her posture in the future This is looking good, we can see more extension now She was never able to do this on her first visit When I had her lie the first time she just turn, her shoulder were tilting and leaning So as a new mother the effects of the adjustments has on her has more of an effect has had on me just to see that she is responding well to it because as soon as he did the adjustment she was lifting her head while she was on her tummy and she has never done that before to witness that, that was pretty awesome yeah

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