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LEONA LEWIS Bleeding love inspired make up look

Hey all, I’m Jorgan, hia. I’m going to do a Leona Lewis
Bleeding Heart inspired look today. I got a request last night for it and it’s actually something I’ve been getting
a lot of requests before for as well, but didn’t get around to doing it, and it can refresh my memory, so here we go. I was trying to lay off the greens
’cause I do a lot of them, but it’s a kinda, it’s a good look
so we’re going to give it a shot. First I’m going to apply some Mac Sharkskin. Mac Shadestick Sharkskin all over my eyelid and create the base, the shape that we need. I’ve already warmed it up, that’s why the lid was off. And you just apply it all over the eyelid. I’m going to create a little tick. Kinda go straight across, so you’ve got like that kind of shape. It’s all going to get colored in. If you warm the shadestick up
between your hands, it doesn’t apply so harsh. I know a lot of people
have complained about that, being it won’t go on the skin very well. Now, I know that looks really silly, . but you’ll see when it comes together
what happens Okay, so that’s colored in. Actually, now we need to do the bottom lash line,
because we’re dark on the bottom as well. So just line the lower lash line. Now we’re going to apply Mac Deep Blue Pigment, Deep Blue Green, sorry, all over the eyelash, the eyelid. Just completely cover that entire black. The blacks are used ’cause it helps
to stick the color out there and also, if you had used the deep blue green on its own, without the Sharkskin base, you wouldn’t get the exact color that I’m after. You’ll see what I mean if you own a shadestick. It really does change the colors for you. Just blend that in. If you don’t want fall out,
like I had last night in me visuals, make sure that you stick the color
onto the Sharkskin, the shadestick rather than just applying it. You’re just sticking in on there
so it doesn’t fall out there so much. Okay, now that you’ve done
your deep blue green, you’re going to apply some Night Light, Mac Pigment Night Light, just use the same brush,
it’s not a problem. We’ll apply that half way in, and out. And then on the inside, until where you’ve got,
where you’ve got the half line. Probably supposed to start from the inside,
the half way in, and out and then from the inside then right over. This gives the middle its cut apparently. I don’t always do this
cause some of us don’t have time, ’cause I try not to edge out me visual too much so that you get to see the whole lot
and not just chopped bits. ‘Cause I know when I see a chopped video,
its hard understand what they’ve done when they’ve cut and they’ve come back
and they’re full face you think well I don’t really know what happened there,
so I try and do this as fast as I can. It’s actually quite annoying because
some of the looks take a while to do, so you need the extra time to do it. Anyway, now we’re going to apply
some Mac Pigment in green. Mine’s all gone. I got a little bit in the bottom. I’m just going to apply that
to the outer corners, like that. Alternatively, I’ll run through some colors as I go. If you haven’t got the Mac colors, ’cause I know some of these are not,
they’re discontinued, so if you haven’t got them, you can always use the Barry M, emerald color or color green or MIX the lime one you can use,
there’s not many greens, in fact that’s the only green. But there’s lots of different ones,
L’Oreal Hip has different colors that are good and pigmented. Now, once you’ve done that,
couldn’t get that lid back on, we’re going to apply some white Mac pigment and we’re going to lift the color up a little, just using the blending brush stick a little under your brow bone
and blend it in. Down on the inside as well. On the inside of your nose and bring it along. Right now we’ll quickly, not going to have time to do the mascara, but I’ll show you on the finishing photos, quickly go along with the green, with any liner brush that you have
and just line them bottom lashes where you’ve put your sharkskin. The sharkskin again is going to
act as a base. Just put the green all along the bottom. Now quickly, if we’ve got time, just find a black eyeliner, I got some pots for me
brushes and things. This is terrible,
I put them in one of the drawers, just so I can carry it around so,
I’m not going to find that, where is it? so I’m just going to use Powerpoint
industry it’s close enough to MAC Engraved. Then again, it’s not sharpened, damn! [sighs] Gonna have to do. Going to apply, when you put black on your waterline and you use and industry
which is like a slate gray, but I wanted black
but I can’t find it, so you just use black on the inside
on your waterline. This isn’t sharpened very well,
just may scrape my eye, but anyway, just going to brush away any fall out and, there it is, eyebrows quickly. It’s all, you can’t see it’s kind of color
coated greens all the way through. And finish off quickly
with some gel Mac lipstick, ’cause there it is wearing a peachy color. I hope you like it! Thanks for watching.
Zoom Zoom.

100 thoughts on “LEONA LEWIS Bleeding love inspired make up look

  1. Why is it that women insist on slathering all this war paint on their faces. Women are forever wanting men to "love them for who they are" but then covering up who they are. Ladies, please, cut this amount of make-up in half and let the real you shine through. Don't fall prey to the fashion industry's assertion that you need to hide your natural face…..

  2. can you please do leona lewis' make up from i-d magazine cover?? by the way you are amazing,carry on with more success….

  3. @in2food First off, men need to get off their high horses and stop thinking that women do everything because we want them to love us. We don't do everything for men! Women love colourful things, we like make-up because we want to look our best for ourselves. Some women feel comfortable in make up like that. I personally don't like harsh colours or use dark colours on me, I like to keep it neutral and natural but without make-up I feel so monotone and boring to MYSELF.

  4. Gorgeous!!! It helps that you have beautiful eyes.. I am definitely trying this look fo rthe next girls nite out. Cheers

  5. I-HATE-YOU!!!
    I hate it when I want to listen to a song and then videos like this appear at the first place and then I don´t see,that it´s only a video about the make up in the first moment and klick on it!!

  6. i luv your make up parts but i dnt like the someone snoring but i like you lot! i can soo tell that she iz geordie because i am 2!

  7. I love this look..and wow!! over 3 million veiws lauren..keep up the good work your doing good and i love how you are watching family guy..haha!!! ly lauren xxx

  8. i tryed out this makeup last year look and it looked so good i had to watch again to refresh my memory so i can do it this weekend for a party

  9. Thanks for spending your time helping people with these looks =) I always keep coming back to your videos for new ideas!

  10. yeah I love it……..but I don't have the money to be wasting 9 bucks on one type of eye shadow. Cause that's how expensive they are over here 🙁

  11. @Angel49253 YES it is in every video 'coz she is in her home when she is filming ,and so is the dog, too 🙂

  12. has anyone else noticed the snoring in the backround of about all of her AMAZINg videos.?:p <33 I LOVE YU PANACEA81 !! UR MY INSPIRATION.! IM 12 years old:) <333;*** I LOVE UR ACCENT TOO:D

  13. @MrJoey1379 it's her baby pug. They snore while they sleep. What's wrong with family guy in the background? there's probably someone watching it in another room. Leave the lass alone

  14. This is astounding! You have a standard hoody on sat in a room casually doing this beautiful look without your hair being done in a special way, not trained in artistry and now you're this successful makeup woman 🙂 🙂 You really deserve it. People love you cos you're REAL! x

  15. i had to watch the video 2 times!
    first time i zoned out watching family guy then the second time i tried to focus on the tutorial!:)

  16. @Shax002 her dog in the background, lol, I remember watching this wayyy back when and she explained it at another point in time.

  17. This was proberbly one of the first make up tutorials I ever watched when I was 7 I'm 14 now and I just keeps remembering SHARKFIN SHARKFIN fin SHARKFIN Lauren Luke said that it was the most beautiful colour I forgot which video it was and I found it yaaaaaayaaaaaa

  18. This is the year I starting watching YouTube. I would watch over and over her videos. How much she has change yet still very lovely <3

  19. This is the first "make up tutorial" video that I saw and found "WOW!". It called my attention the method that you use to show us the step by step, your techniques and sense of humor.
    Your videos made me love more and more the make up world and I've even thought about making this my new profession 🙂
    Thank you for everything you've taught us through these years.

  20. This was also my first makeup tutorial I ever watched I think I was 14!!!! This is o e of the things that made me love makeup because I saw all the steps and colors and I fell in love. Now as a makeup artist I can say this was one of my biggest inspirations and I always from time to time come to watch this video.?

  21. The nostalgia is real. I miss you Lauren. It's been over a year a NO new upload 🙁 I hope you're well and you come back to YouTube soon! ?

  22. Y'all this ain't the first makeup tutorial on YouTube. Watch Michelle Phan's forst video. It was posted on May 7, 2007 while this is in December 14, 2007.

  23. I remember asking every mac store around me if they sold the shade stick in Shark Skin because i wanted to re create this look.

  24. I remember watching this on my 15th birthday. That was the first time I realised people were uploading videos on YouTube to entertain people on this platform, until that day I went on here for viral funny videos and music videos.

  25. Omg nostalgia !! You were the first ever YouTuber I watched n are the reason I fell in love w make up!! So glad I found ur channel again ?

  26. Used to watch this girl back in 2007 and I couldn't remember her channel to save my life. Finally found it. She was a genius to my 12 year old self. ?

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