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Japan, IOC urged not to allow ‘Rising Sun’ flag at Tokyo Olympics

the International Olympic Committee’s
said recently that it does not plan to stop Japanese fans next year at the
games in Tokyo from flying the so called Rising Sun flag a symbol of a symbol
highly offensive to people throughout Asia whose countries suffered under
Japanese Imperialism the IOC so far has said simply that the Olympics should be
free of political statements and that the flag itself is not inherently
political Kim bo-gyung takes a closer look at the issue to people in China
Korea in other countries in Asia the Rising Sun flag was the symbol of the
Japanese Empire as it took over their countries in whole or part in the early
20th century according to Alexis Dudden a historian in the University of
Connecticut it is both unnecessary and unfortunate to see this flag still used
by Japan’s self-defense forces some sports fans and right-wing political
groups she compared the use of the Rising Sun to the Confederate flag in
the US flown by the south in American Civil War light the Rising Sun she said
the Confederate flag is now discredited not only because that sight lost the war
but also because it causes deep pain and suffering to the descendants of the
victimized in her opinion the IOC should reconsider allowing the Rising Sun flag
next summer in Tokyo and it really is to learn why this hurts so much I mean
imagine a flat imagine this Los Angeles stadium Olympics
full of American Confederacy flags that would be terrible
in fact the design Japan has chosen for next year’s medals at the Paralympics
featured elements that strongly resembled the Rising Sun which professor
Dutton thinks is intentional I find it deeply unfortunate that the para Olympic
medals will have the Rising Sun flag on them as you’re displaying right now I
think that is a specific political act and it is up to the International
Olympic Committee to recognize that there there really is a historical
distinction going on here to settle the issue she said it’s important to have an
international conversation to educate people on how much suffering this flag
still causes along with that she said she hopes the
South Korean government can navigate the challenges Japan keeps putting in its
way and she urged the South Korean athletes will be competing in Tokyo to
rise above any provocations they encounter there Kim bo-gyung arirang

32 thoughts on “Japan, IOC urged not to allow ‘Rising Sun’ flag at Tokyo Olympics

  1. Rising sun flag design is popular and widely accepted.http://www.howitzer.jp/urinara/page03.htmlRead more Show less Reply     1

  2. Nobody is making it controversial except for Koreans. It bothers Korea, please boycott the upcoming Olympic. This will settle your problem.

  3. Don't forget to support a BDS movement against Japan and boycott all Japanese goods and boycott the radioactive Olympics in Fukushima and avoid the contaminated  radiation nuclear waste leaking into the soil, water and air in Fukushima increasing the risk of cancer later in life.

  4. It's one-sided, prejudiced, parochial "Korea-only" viewpoint which vast majority people and countries (including ones in Asia) never take. Besides politicization of a common, free-domain design is against the Olympics principle. But of course SK holds a right to quit altogether in protest, as the IOC, host Japan have never forced SK team to join the Games. That could be

  5. The Let me ask a simple question. What flag do the Japanese are allowed to raise in the Tokyo Olympics? It kindly weird for a host country not to raise their own national flag.

  6. Not to allow Rising Sun flags at Tokyo Olympics? BTW the Japanese national flag (Red circle on a white background) is called "the Rising Sun" in English, too. And the flag of Red circle on a white backgrounds was more often used during WW2 like this → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gjn6-M6ZtSY By what authority does South Korea, which is completely in ignorance of the history of the Rising Sun flag, judge the Rising Sun in this video is the symbol of the Japanese Empire and the flag of red circle on a white backgraound is not? Both types of Rising Sun flag is our Japanese pride and our Japanese culture!
    Just like other nations'people who are proud of their flags, no one from the outside of Japan can take away individual freedom to have the Rising Sun in its country!

  7. how long should I boycott Japan? I REALLY want to drink Ashai beer again and I also need new clothes from Uniqclo!!!! I am also hungry and want to start eat sushi again…SO PLEASE TELL ME…when can I stopp boycott No Japan?!

  8. People might think Koreans are too sensitive on this matter. But we know Japan better than any other countries. Their "cool Japan project" is trying to make it look cool. And Abe is trying to revive the imperial army breaking the peace constitution. That flag is going to be the symbol of the army. More seriously, Japan did never admit their massacres in Asia was wrong. So, guess what is happening? We will have the Asian Nazzi back soon!

  9. How does folding fan, which has a meaning of brighter future in Japan, show any resemblence of the rising sun? what the hell? This "expert" should first study the descriptions of the design of the medals before commenting such a stupid statement.

  10. The Rising Sun Flag and the iron cross are the same thing. There is the same thing as the flag of the Nazis called the government-supported social flag.
    Japan does not use it from the beginning.The US, who won the war with Japan, is not protesting.South Korea says it was a pain for Asian countries. But Europe and America colonized Asia and Africa.Korea is merger, and Japan does not profit until now. It is not exploited. Japan was a deficit by the support in Korea.

  11. The nuclear accident … now the Japanese Nazi flag.. well… it's smells a bad Olympics Games already… lol… let's prepare the Pop corn guys

  12. Rising Sun flag should not be allowed to use any of aspects in Tokyo Olympic 2020. RADIATION OLYMPIC ….PLEASE DO ACTIONS AND DO BOYCOTT ~¡¡¡

  13. The flag exists far before the war time, all the way back to edo era in early 1600s (refer to wiki). Also rising sun has a symbolic meaning to describe Japan as it is located far east where the sun rises.

    Some Asian countries oppose against the flag, and it is mainly south Korea nowadays. Their view of the flag is always an Japan empire symbol but they have claimed such view suddenly and strangely since 2011. Beforehand, they used the flag on their fishing ship.

  14. 2:00 those Olympic medals of next year doesn't look like a rising sun to me but if the IOC will accept it then there is problem if not then it needs changing it

  15. We should start making mushroom cloud Olympic medals. Mushroom has been around a long time and is very healthy for our body. We should promote mushroom all over the world.

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