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Is there any treatment for Ulcerative colitis? | क्या अल्सरेटिव कोलाइटिस का कोई इलाज है?

Namaste sir. Namaste Namaste Doctor Namaste Sir, welcome to the Planet Ayurveda Center. Thank you What is your name and where do you come from? My name is Vishwa Bansal and I come from Nabha, District Patiala. Sir, what kind of health-related problem did you have that you contacted Doctor Vikram at Planet Ayurveda? I had an ulcer problem. I took allopathic medicines for two years but there was no improvement. Whenever I stopped the drugs, the problem started again. Then on the net, I read about Doctor Vikram, I started medicines from here and noticed the difference in the first month. I used to have a lot of loose motion, going six to seven times a day. It became completely normal after eating medicine for seven to eight days. You are diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Yes, the test was done by from Patiala by Pramod Mittal and Sunil Arya. When they diagnosed it. They must have given some medicines. Sir, medicine was given. Took a lot of medicines. When I take medicines, I used to be a little fine and when I stopped, then the problem started. How long did you take my medicines? After 6 months of taking medicine, I was completely cured. But some medicines are still running for the problem of gas. The medicines I was prescribed to him from the last two months, among them, there is no medicine for ulcerative colitis. Yes there is no medicine for ulcerative colitis. I gave him Brahmi Capsules to calm his mind. Otherwise, he does not have that much stress now. I’m normal now. Was the stress too much when you started treatment? Doctor, he was much stressed due to the problem that food did not digest him. When we came to you, his condition was very weak. I was losing a lot of weight. Now it increases or not. Now it increased by about 3 kg. It’s a good thing. Earlier, it loses day-to-day, nothing was digested to him. When he ate anything, he used to go to the washroom. How many times a day did you go to the toilet? 6 or 7 times a day. Ok, 6-7 times and blood also used to come? No blood never came. Initially, some blood must have come? No He never had a blood problem. Was there mucus with it? Was there anything like mucus, foam? Yes, a little bit. This was not a severe matter. There was no blood, only a little mucus. Did you have a thin stool? Yes. There was a very thin stool, like water. This might be causing a lot of weaknesses. Yes there was a lot of weakness. Was a colonoscopy done when you were diagnosed? Yes. Ulcerative colitis was diagnosed in that test. What did the doctor say, how long do you have to take medicine? They used to say that medicine will have to be taken for a lifetime. They said, when you recover a little, leave it. Then start again. So, it is commonly said worldwide in ulcerative colitis, after colonoscopy, you are given lifelong likemesacol, steroids, Azoran which are immuno-suppressant and biological injections have also come now, they are also injected.

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  1. Very helpful medicine by dr vikram sir for ulcerative colitis .. i aslo get medicine by planet Ayurveda . 7781086168 for any query can call i will help you regarding this by supportive way

  2. सर सबको आराम आरहा है पर मै 2 महीनेेसे आलसरेटीव कोलाईटीस प्यक ले राहा हु और डायट चाट भी फोलो करराहा हु पर कूछ फरक नही पडरहा है

  3. Ulcerative colitis ka parmanent treatment sirf dr vikram sir ke pass he Mare treatment bhi dr vikram sir se chal raha he bahot acha results mila 9950617870

  4. hello Dr
    I have sarcoidosis problem in which blood Angiotosen converting enzymes increases. and in ct scan multiple enlarged lymph nodes enlargement bilateral pulmonary nodules. I have cough problem . kindly recommend some medicines

  5. Sir seborrheic dermatitis ka bhi real testimonial daliye
    Aur esa patient jisne medicine Leni chod do aur skin diseases reoccur na Hui ho seborrheic dermatitis ka

  6. सर आलसरेटीव कोलाईटीस मे सीरीखंड आंजीर केवी. खासकते है

  7. आलसरेटीव कोलाईटीस मे सबजी बनाते टाईम नमक. लाल मीरची पावडर तेल शेगदाने आदरक लसुन पेष्ट ले सकते है

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