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Is it Normal to Bleed During Ovulation?

Is it normal to bleed during ovulation? Most women bleed about two weeks after ovulation. Really? Not during? Two weeks after ovulation is when you have
your period. Then you get to bleed for three to ten days. Uh, duh. You might be mistaking ovulation with implantation.
If you conceived, you might see a little spotting as the embryo implants. That’s after ovulation. It would be two to three days after ovulation.
If you’re off on the date of ovulation and it implants sooner, you might be a short wait
away from re-enacting scenes from a pregnancy test commercial. I don’t know if it would be the worried one,
the freaked out one or the pensive waiting. What else could make me bleed? Your period may be off. Or you could have
an STD. That usually causes heavy periods. If you have an IUD, the bleeding might be
the IUD doing its job. However, anything more than spotting means you need to see a doctor. Because I might be pregnant. Because something might be wrong with the
device. That’s not good. Any time you have bleeding you can’t explain,
you need to see a doctor. In fact, even if bleeding is from a cause you can explain like
having sex, you should see a doctor. Bleeding shouldn’t occur after sex, after
the first time. That could be due to things being overly dry
down there or an infection. The first is an annoyance, the second is a
problem. If the bleeding isn’t because you weren’t
ready, something’s wrong even if it was due to sex. This is sounding like the start of a horror
movie. And even the happiest outcome could be a horror
movie to some, like “The Test” and “The Waiting” and “OMG, not a baby!”

One thought on “Is it Normal to Bleed During Ovulation?

  1. Ive seen a doctor about it and they can't find anything wrong. Every month for a year now when my period ends a few days after I start lightly bleeding during ovulation. Still can't understand why -___- if anyone else experience this please let me know why! Thanks~!

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