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Is it Normal to Bleed a Little While Pregnant?

Is it normal to bleed a little while pregnant? It is normal to spot a little after implantation
of the egg. Some women spot when there period should start the next cycle, though it won’t
be as heavy as a full flow. I’ve heard of women mistaking the spotting
for a light period and incorrectly estimating when their pregnancy started. Being off by a month is now big deal. There’s
a whole show of “I didn’t know I was pregnant”. There was a nun who named her baby boy for
Pope Francis who didn’t know she was pregnant. I’m sure there is an interesting story behind
that. Hope it isn’t a horror story. What else could make a woman bleed while pregnant? Miscarriages are the most common reason once
the egg has implanted. Heavy bleeding means you are losing the baby. How do they stop it? In many circumstances, they can’t. There’s
also the possibility the placenta is detaching. Isn’t that the same thing as a miscarriage? In a miscarriage, the baby has died or the
body is rejecting it, and you’ll lose it. If the placenta starts to detach, the body
is trying to stay connected but the connection is fraying. And you see blood. And if it gets worse, you can lose a lot of
blood. That isn’t good. In placenta previa, the placenta is over the
birth canal. You go into labor and the placenta ruptures. That’s life threatening. What should I do? If it is a little, don’t worry. If it is
a lot or accompanied by pain, get to an ER quick. If in doubt, go to the doctor. I’ve heard
that before, but I’m afraid of the bills. If it is something serious, don’t delay
or the price will only skyrocket. At the price of my health or the baby.

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