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Is Carbonated Water Bad For You | The Truth About Sparkling Water

In this video I’m answering the question “Is
carbonated water bad for you?” Hi, I’m Dr. Zyrowski from NuVisionExcel.com. If you’re new to the channel it is such a
pleasure to have you here. Be sure to subscribe, hit that little bell
notification to join our notification community and I’m going to help you excel your health
and your life. In this video were talking about is carbonated
water bad for you. This is a question we get a lot for a couple
reasons. First is because drinking sparkling water
or carbonated water is one of the hottest trends right now simply because people are
finally realizing that sodas are very terrible for your health as their loaded with copes
amounts of sugar. They also have a lot of artificial flavorings
in them and they also if that wasn’t bad enough. Have a lot of artificial sweeteners. So, they are really bad for your health and
people are making that lateral movement, that lateral switch in switching over to carbonated
water. Now the other reason I specifically get a
lot of questions is because I recommend people drink it while fasting and they say well there
are all these different problems that can come out of it and so I am going to go and
address each one of these top questions that we get regarding carbonated water for you
right now and give you the truth behind it. So first one here is that it dames tooth enamel,
does carbonated water damage your tooth enamel? And so when we look back to a study done all
the way in 2001, what was found is that carbonated water had hardly any different effect than
drinking regular water on your tooth enamel but what was really bad was drinking sugary
sodas. Sodas were found to have 100 times worse effect
on tooth enamel than drinking carbonated water. Now specifically drinks like red bull, coca
cola, and even Gatorade. Which isn’t even carbonated at all had very
bad effects on your toot enamel. So, when we look at does sparkling water damage
tooth enamel that is actually false. It does not, so it Is completely fine and
will not harm your teeth. Now the next one is does it decrease bone
density. Some people say it I heard it flosses the
bones pulling out the mineral content and decreasing bone mineral density. So once again when I looked at the studies
here, what was found is that due to sodas having a high phyfolate acid content, that
is what is actually believed to decrease bone mineral density. Not good ol’ sparkling water. So when we look at does it effect your bones
we are looking to sodas here but not actually sparkling water. So once again this is false. Sparkling water will not have any effect on
bone mineral density. Now does it cause kidney stones? I don’t have a lot to say on here but basically
the same thing was found here is that when were looking at these carbonated drinks, it
was related to soda and not sparkling water. So when we look at all three of these here. Basically what were finding is that this is
a problem with drinking soda and not sparkling water. And many times people didn’t differienated
the two from each other and they kind of just figured when they saw the studies well it
Is these carbonated drinks that is doing it but you know truthfully it is more of the
content of what is in that carbonated beverage not the carbonation it self. Now the next thing is bloating. Does it cause bloating? Well, yea truthfully carbonated water is going
to cause some bloating. As a matter of fact like if you are going
to the beach or anywhere you don’t want to look bloated I wouldn’t drink any type of
carbonated water. So, you know, unfortunately it does cause
some bloating but that’s to be expected when you are drinking a beverage that is loaded
with bubbles. The next question is does sparkling water
cause heartburn. So the truth is that it actually does cause
heartburn in some people. I find that it typically causes heart burn
in people who already have some type of gastro intestinal issue going on but it Is not everybody. So, some people it will, most people it will
not. Unfortunately for sparkling water I have to
say that it will cause some heartburn in some people. So, I’m going to give that a positive. Does it cause constipation? Well as a matter of fact sparkling water is
proven in the research to help with constipation. So, what they found in this study that those
who are constipated that drink sparkling water, their able to get things moving again. So, if you’re constipated sparkling water
actually has a positive effect. So, were going to go ahead and give that a
green check for that it can actually help with constipation. Now does it cause hunger or does it cause
you to feel full? So, this is a interesting one because overall
what was found in the research is that it actually helps you feel full but also when
we look at these different carbonated drinks that have artificial sweeteners, and artificial
flavoring and flavoring of any sort those are certainly going to stimulate hunger. So when I am referring to drinking a sparkling
water while intermittent fasting or fasting of any sort. I am referring to a Pellegrino or a Perrier. Which is a sparkling mineral water that is
without artificial flavors or sweeteners in it. Now, if you are drinking one that has artificial
flavors or sweeteners then you by all means you are going to stimulate hunger. Now actually if you want to learn more about
fasting, interminetant fasting check out the video that I did on it so that you can learn
how to intermintent fast and then why I recommend using carbonated water while fasting. So at the end of the day I am going to continue
drinking sparkling water, I am going to continue recommending it to people while fasting because
now we know that most of this stuff is a myth and it doesn’t have any negative impacts on
your health. Be sure to like this video, post what sparkling
water you like to drink in the comments section below, subscribe to my channel and check out
my other videos over here because I have tons of great videos on fasting that are going
to help you improve your health. I’ll see you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “Is Carbonated Water Bad For You | The Truth About Sparkling Water

  1. Thk you…too bad, I personally hate seltzer waters even the flavored ones. It might be because when I was like 10 my dad had me drink an alkaseltzer with water for a stomach ache. Let's put it this way my stomach ache felt better before drinking it lol

  2. I started drinking sparkling water last month and notice the ease of my bowel movement. I never thought it was the sparkling water. Thanks for the info.

  3. For last 2 month I have been only drinking Perrier and Pellegrino I only had regular water maybe 5 bottles all together is that bad? I’ve been have little discomfort in chest area, I’m on Keto and Intermediate Fasting 18/6 and lost bout 50 pounds with almost 2 month, please someone who knows let me know I’m thinking drinking only carbonated water might be reason I’m feeling discomfort in my chest last 3 days, otherwise I’m healthy as bull also forgot to mention due to my work last 2 weeks only been sleeping 4-5 hours a day but I’m never sleepy so I don’t know, any idea what to do? I don’t have health insurance I don’t wanna go to hospital

  4. "The studies"
    Which studies? I'm not trying to bash on anyone. I am not anti-carbonated water or fasting or keto and I'm not trying to discredit the doctor here, but if you're going to incite a study, please reference it properly. Which study, by whom, what were the variables and controls, when was it done? There is so much misinformation circulating on the internet, regarding fitness especially. You can't just casually fling a term like "What the studies have shown" around. Please reference them properly and provide us with links to the studies in the description, that way we can validate your claims by checking out the studies themselves and I don't have to finish watching your video with my question still unanswered just because you did not properly substantiate your claims.
    Best regards.

  5. I totally agree with you people tend to make bad leaps in logic and associating one thing with another just because there are some similarities. So in this case they make the assumptions that because there are bad thing associated with drinking carbonated soft drinks and they are carbonated then these same bad things must be true of Carbonated Water and/or Sparkling Water. You do need to watch the Carbonated Water that you drink, many of them out there have sugar and/or salt added, not good. You also have to understand that Natural Sparkling Water do tend to have a lot of salt and minerals in them, so watch the salt intake. I drink a seltzer water that has nothing in it, just Carbonated Water and Natural Flavors.

  6. I have just discovered Bubly sparkling water from Pepsi, I like the lime flavored one, which truthfully is the only one I have tried so far. You mention drinks with flavorings having some negative effect like hunger, will this be one of those that can do that? It advertises itself as having no sweetners. I guess I need to try and kick my diet Coke habit and I was wondering if this is going to help and be healthy?

  7. I have a Primo machine that makes carbonated water. I use a touch of Volcanic lemon juice occasionally, or usually a few drops of lemon oil for flavoring. I also drink it plain before eating.

  8. The question, "Does it cause constipation?", concluded that it does not cause constipation. Therefore this question should have been marked with a red negative, and not a green affirmative.

  9. I used to drink San Pellegrino until I discovered Topo Chico which I am now addicted to…. cost about 8 bucks and 12-pack and I buy one or two a week…. I rarely ever have a soda but you didn't address my concern which is the carbon dioxide content…. when you're talking about carbonated beverages, specifically my Topo Chico mineral water, are there any adverse effects consuming the carbon dioxide which actually carbonates the mineral water… appreciate it whenever you get timeDoc! Thanks for the videos.. peace

  10. Soda stream so I don't need to buy all the bottles all the time, bit more environmentally friendly:) Great video good stuff to know:)

  11. Hi is sparkling water during pregnancy have any negative effect ? I’ve never drank sparkling water before but this pregnancy I am addicted

  12. I'm sorry Dr. But i have to correct your math. You stated that carbonated water has 0 on tooth enamel. You also said soda has 100 times worse on tooth enamel. 0 x 100 = 0. So, soda has 0 effect on tooth enamel. lol

  13. seltzer water is like drinking diet water. my favorite sparkling water is walmart brand all-american. i know its bad cause they add aspartame but at least no calories, carbs, sodium and no sugar.

  14. Water is hilariously the worst thing for heartburn. It is almost impossible to drink the amount of water recommended without suffering from heartburn…acid + water= more acid

  15. Great video, thanks for providing great content. I use whichever carbonated water so long as there's no sodium. But, Pellegrino has 10mg of sodium. So, if I'm buying carbonated water at a resto, I will choose whatever they have in stock. But, if I'm at the supermarket, I go with the Perrier. I also make keto friendly beverages with it like matcha iced tea soda which is delicious.

  16. There will always be bad facts about anything these days. I bet theres bad facts about broccoli if you youtube it.

  17. I think i will switch to carbonated mineral water….because all we look for is that throat burn when we drink a soda..carbonated water does the same ??‍♂️

  18. I do intermittent fastening so I had to come make sure my sparkling ice was ok to drink while fastening. Although I shoulda looked this up before I brought 2 cases ???
    #Spidey ??

  19. My Youtube search was 'Sparkling Water vs Still Water Hydration'. I've watched several videos and still have no idea how well sparkling water hydrates you in comparison to still water. How is that all of these videos talk about how water affects your BMD, yet all seemingly neglect comparing these waters in regards to their primary function: hydration? Intuitively, I know that I probably shouldn't reach for a La Croix when I'm on a run or in the gym, but I'd like to understand why.

  20. I learned to drink s. Pellegrino! Hehehe it makes me feel full!!
    Thanks for your video!!
    It provides me some minerals i need!

  21. I love waterloo! ❤️ I’m not used to drinking normal water anymore :(, thank you so much for proving everyone wrong. 🙂

  22. Thank you so much doc, i needed this info and adding it to my diet, it stops me from being hungry.

  23. Nyc video , I mixed acv and carbonated water and sm pink himalayin salt , it tests great , but is it good for health and weigt loss?

  24. I drink Pellegrino and Perrier with fresh lemon, key limes or berries when I want a little carbonation.  It is Keto friendly :-).  However, I do drink filter water as well and Essentia for bottled water.  With Keto, I try to cut out any drink with natural flavors or sugar even if it says 0 calories.

  25. Thanks for the info. I've drinking sparkling water about two years now and I does improve my health overall. It's very good when fasting.

  26. What effect does it have on you being hydrated? Also would you recommend intermittent fasting if you're an athlete

  27. But, given that it has a different chemical structure, eg Club Soda, but not mineral water, will it rob the body of minerals, eg magnesium?

    N=1 experiment: when I began drinking club soda, and nothing else changed, I had tighter muscles and had to begin stretching more because of muscle tightness.

  28. Surely you should've given the 'constipation' bullet point an 'X' since it doesn't cause constipation? Great video nonetheless.

  29. So you're not an actual medical doctor. Like if you're on a flight and someone has a heart attack and they ask if anyone is a doctor, is there anything helpful you could do for the person?

  30. Seltzer water has been my favorite drink since the 70’s. Never liked soda, way too sweet and it left me with an after taste I hated.

  31. I drink "ICE SPARKLING WATER LEMON LIME, and it's only good poured into a glass of ice. At least that's what I think anyways. I am a type 2 diabetic, I drank coke, then switched to Coke Life, that is really good, but still had alot of sugar and carbs, so tried the Ice sparkling water, and it wasn't hard to quit the coke, because it tastes so much like a lemon lime type soda, and I found it does fill me up, where I don't eat as much, so message numbers have came down alot!

  32. Started drinking it for fasting, but i found that it was taking my craving for beer away too. I still get the sound of the can, the feel, the guzzle sound and that acquired taste with carbonation

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