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Is Apple Cider Vinegar for Stomach Acid and other issues REALLY Helpful??

Hello. I’m Ashley Oswald. I’m a dietician and founder at Oswald Digestive
Clinic. Today we’re going to talk about apple cider
vinegar. I’m sure you guys have all heard that apple
cider vinegar helps with everything. Trust me, everything. Do you have a scratch on your skin? Apple cider vinegar. So of course I’m kidding, but I’m sure you
have heard all the claims of everything that apple cider vinegar supposedly does from all
these different random sources. So because of that, I’m sure you guys know
it’s not true. And because of that is why I created this
video where I would like to share with you what the research actually shows apple cider
vinegar to help with. Before we start, please hit the subscribe
button. Hit the little bell next to the subscribe
button. Like this video. It’s all going to help the video move up in
organic search so that I can keep making these videos for you. In this video, we’re going to talk about how
apple cider vinegar helps with stomach and digestion, helps with blood sugar management
for diabetes, and then also whether it helps for weight loss. So if you want to hear all of that, please
stick around to the end. Let’s start by talking about how apple cider
vinegar might or might not help with our stomach or digestion. Before we get to that, I want to just review
some of the basics of the first part of our gastrointestinal or our digestive tract. So digestion, it starts in the mouth with
us chewing food. We chew the food. Some enzymes are secreted that start that
breakdown of the food. Then it goes on our esophagus, or our food
pipe, and it ends up in our stomach. Our stomach is this kind of holding tank,
this reservoir. It’s supposed to be acidic. The acidity helps to break down the food. It helps with some mineral absorption. And it helps to kill any potentially pathogenic
or harmful bacteria that might be on our food. So we want to have an acidic stomach. Having it be acidic can also help make sure
the little sphincter between our stomach and our esophagus, our little valve, stays shut
when it needs to be shut, which can help prevent any of that acid reflux from coming up if
you’ve ever had that experience. All right. And let’s keep going just for kicks and giggles. Our stomach, again, churns that food. It breaks it down, starts the breakdown process
where it then gets trickled into our small intestine. That’s where most of our food absorption happens
of all those vitamins, and minerals, and nutrients in the small intestine. Then it moves on to the large intestine, and
that’s where a lot of those fibers that aren’t going to be absorbed in the small intestine
get fermented, because most of our bacteria in our large intestine and that bacteria ferments
it. It produces different molecules, like for
example, butyrate, one, which is really important for our immune system, for the health of our
gut lining. Then, of course, the food that’s not absorbed,
not able to be absorbed into our body gets excreted in stool. Today, though, we’re going to rewind back
on up to the stomach because the claims that you’ve probably heard are on apple cider vinegar’s
effect on stomach acid. Again, stomach’s supposed to be very acidic. The question is, does apple cider vinegar
really help to increase that stomach acidity if it’s not acidic for whatever reason for
a particular individual? A lot of potential root causes to not having
an acidic enough stomach, different topic for a different video. So, we actually don’t have research to show
that it helps to increase our stomach acidity. However, I have heard of and I have seen it
help people help with getting rid of symptoms. So we do have some cases, some instances where
it actually could help. Some examples of people who were about to
be put on a … something like a proton pump inhibitor because they’re having acid reflux,
and they tried using some apple cider vinegar with meals and it worked. Their symptoms got better. They didn’t need to use the proton pump inhibitor. So no research, but it might be safe enough
to try it if you want to. Now, I will say a caution to that, couple
cautions. First, if I’m not your dietician, don’t take
random advice from me from a YouTube video because everybody’s different. The second advice, if you’re on a medication
for your stomach already, either a proton pump inhibitor, or an H2 blocker, or anything
else, please be cautious about taking apple cider vinegar because you might get some really
negative symptoms that you won’t be too thrilled about. So always check with your main healthcare
provider about that. Now, the other thing about apple cider vinegar
has been researched for in regards to stomach is gastroparesis. Gastroparesis simply is slow movement of the
stomach. We have these muscles in our stomach lining
and in our intestines, too. It’s this peristalsis that we call it, kind
of like the muscles moving our food along, right? So with gastroparesis, it means that the nerves
helping to control that stomach movement, it’s just the movement isn’t happening as
it should, so it’s slow. It can be a negative affect to diabetes, for
example. So if somebody’s struggling with gastroparesis,
they’re going to not want to use apple cider vinegar because we do have research showing
that him make that gastroparesis worse. So don’t use it if you have gastroparesis. Because if we make that worse, it could set
you up for getting constipation, and constipation can lead to gas, and bloating, and uncomfortableness,
and just nobody wants that. So apple cider vinegar, to review, for the
stomach, it’s some case reports showing it might help with acid reflux but no research
showing it increases stomach acidity, but research showing it can be harmful for gastroparesis. Now let’s move on to talking about apple cider
vinegar in regards to blood sugar management and diabetes. So we do have some research showing that apple
cider vinegar can help with blood sugar management, and people with diabetes, and also with insulin
sensitivity. That was actually a bit of a surprise to me. Know that there are a lot of other nutrition
approaches that can really help with blood sugar management too, so I wouldn’t just start
drinking apple cider vinegar all day to try to get those blood sugars down. I would recommend working with a dietician. You could even work with our clinic if you
want to. We’re a virtual clinic. You can go to our website, oswalddigestiveclinic.com,
and schedule a 15-minute call. But, there is research showing that it can
help, so it could be a component of an overall plan really depending upon what’s going on
with you and those blood sugars and your diabetes. The last but not least thing that we’re going
to talk about in regards to apple cider vinegar is its effect on weight loss. Interestingly enough, there is research showing
that apple cider vinegar can help with weight loss. In the research, it shows it can help with
decrease in weight with decrease in waist circumference and then decreasing a lab called
the triglycerides. The reasoning behind it might be that the
property acetic acid in apple cider vinegar can slow down digestion. We talked a bit about that already. That might help to decrease somebody’s hunger
or appetite, which might support weight loss in the effect of maybe not eating as much
food. But know that there are a lot of potential
root causes to weight loss. Don’t ever judged somebody for their weight. You never know what’s going on with them or
hormones, a lot of different factors. Just know that this is one piece of the big
picture. But yes, we do have research showing that
using some apple cider vinegar can help to support weight loss. And now just a word on apple cider vinegar
supplements. I suggest avoid them. A, supplements aren’t regulated. This is partially why I work really hard to
find good, quality professional supplements. I do third-party testing and are pure for
my clients in my private practice. If you’re buying just on Amazon or at Costco,
know that, A, it’s probably not the best quality. You might be wasting your money. And B, there might be contamination on that
supplement because supplements aren’t regulated, you guys. And then B, apple cider vinegar supplements,
that’s not what we’re talking about today. We’re talking about the Whole Food, the Braggs
brand apple cider vinegar that’s a little cloudy because it’s fermented. That’s what we’re talking about. We’re not talking about drinking a whole cup
of it. The research that’s been done is usually on
about 15 to 60 milliliters. And if you don’t know what that connects to,
60 milliliters to the about a quarter of a cup. If you know those little medicine cups, that’s
about 30 milliliters. So don’t use the supplements. And again, always check with your main health
care provider before starting anything of that sort. But to review, apple cider vinegar, we have
no research to show that it helps to increase stomach acid. We have research to show that it can make
gastroparesis worse. Research shows that it can help with blood
sugar regulation, and insulin sensitivity, and with improving and helping with weight
loss, with decreasing waist circumference, and decreasing that triglyceride lab level. I hope this was really helpful for you guys. Go ahead and take this information. Please share it with people. Get the nutrition facts out there. Again, like this video if you liked it. Subscribe if you want to see more videos that
I post on different topics. Comment below. Let me know if there’s a topic that you’d
like me to discuss in a future video or just say yes in the comments if you found this
video to be helpful for you. I want to thank you so much for watching,
and I hope you have a wonderful day. I will talk to you very soon.

11 thoughts on “Is Apple Cider Vinegar for Stomach Acid and other issues REALLY Helpful??

  1. Comment "yes" below if you found this video helpful! Also let me know if you have any questions that you'd like me to cover in future videos!

  2. I keep Braggs ACV in the house at all times. I started buying it several years ago when reading up on various supplements (something about turning 40 made me start paying more attention to what I put in my body). I can't remember what I initially started using it for, but I honestly never stayed with it consistently enough to know if it worked. It's one of those things that I'm solid on it being a good thing, but do I need it bad enough yet to justify getting it down? (strong stuff!!). 😉😂

    I liked the video and love having someone who has more knowledge about nutrition putting up videos out here so I'll be looking at your other stuff too!! Thaks for doing these!

  3. Really interesting stuff. I had heard about apple cider vinegar being great but didn’t really know the details until now!

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