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Interview: No More Crohns

so hi Marjorie thank you so much for
joining us today I really appreciate you taking a time out of your schedule do this call with us. It’s my pleasure! I’m so happy you’re here. I think the first question that I want
to ask you that what was your health like when you first
started with us, can you describe some of the things that you were experiencing
yeah so I had chronic fatigue, I was very tired I had a constipation and
diarrhea so and it was very very difficult for me because when I had my
diarrhea (that’s funny talk to about this to everyone) i had goosepumps and my heart beat would accelerate. I had
cramps. It was very painful and it wasn’t a good experience for me and it could
happen once a day and sometimes three times in a row and a lot in a week
so it was a more and more and more with the time, I had more problem like this
so it wasn’t…I wasn’t able to do things I was always tired, when someone would invite me to do something, usually I didn’t feel
good, so I wasn’t able to do stuff I was always tired, impossible to clean the
house, sometime just waking up from my bed, it wasn’t easy,
so it was not easy and I didn’t know but I had the high level of cholesterol too
and I knew that because of you, because that made me do my blood test. I should
do it one time before so I had a lot of problem like this and it wasn’t good for me, for my young age too like “my god I’m so young, I should do
exercise and stuff” and I wasn’t able to do anything because I was constipated
for five days or always in the toilet so that’s that was my life. And then so what was
your energy levels like? before? like 0 or minus 2 because before,
I had to burn out too so I thought it was because of my burnout but
more months and years and I was like it’s not normal but everything
seems like a mountain to climb everything was difficult and I had a
business. I still have a business and it’s not easy to work on your business I have
time for you, organize a house and cooking and stuff I didn’t cook. I hated
cooking, so my energy level was nothing I think it was very very very low and
people didn’t understood me like they they were like ‘oh my god it’s not a big
thing to do things, these things or these thing” and I didn’t know what’s
happening to me but I wasn’t able to do anything so it was just thinking about
it was too much energy for me and I had brain fog too but I didn’t notice
before because I always had it and now knew I had a break point before
and I didn’t have a clear mind so basically you suffered from digestive
issues for many years as well as a lack of energy and brain fog so these things
were impacting your health. I didn’t know the name of this. It’s a…? Irretible Bowel Syndrome. I’m not english, I am french. I have to translate everything. what kind of positive changes have you
experienced since we started working together in your health like what was
the first thing that you noticed? oh my god, my my energy level for sure
but at the beginning I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy because I have to change
everything that wasn’t good for my body but so many things, my energy level now I jump out of the bed and I’m energy! energetic or energy and before I used to
drink coffee and I need my coffee to start my day now I don’t need my coffee
to start my day. I see people waking up they are like they live in being too so it changed a lot. My mind is so clear now. I don’t have this like foggy thing in my head. everything was so difficult to achieve
and now I I have a clean mind. I feel lighter. and I love to cook now. I hated
for 27 years when I was born I hate cooking I think, now I love to cook for
my boyfriend like this and me too! – it’s fun I don’t stop thinking about the
business or anything else. I’m cooking I love to do me and experiencing new
stuff so that changed for me. I can go pass through my day easily. I don’t have
any issue with my digestion I don’t! oh my god thing that’s funny to
say maybe, but I didn’t went to the toilet that easily like oh my god every
day is no problem and I don’t have a pain or anything yeah and I don’t have
to I’m not scared to eat something and that I not sure if it will pass or not
so I think that’s what changed the most. I’m so happy to
hear so basically you started feeling improvements very fast right within like
around two weeks you noticed yeah a huge difference
yeah two weeks before was wasn’t easy for me
maybe I don’t know because I got a lot of change happening and it was a new
change too but a good change because it challenged my mindset and my
relationship with food with I… like I said I didn’t cook before and I wasn’t
nourishing, I was eating because we had to eat. Now I am eating to nourish my
body you know so when I eat something i feel that my body needs something else i listen more to my body, so it changed too, better to
first week wasn’t easy because I probably scrub before but after that it
was worth it because after that you’re like a new human being and
everything is is so good. I’m so happy to hear that it was such a positive impact on you and
it really helped you improve your digestion and so another thing I wanna know is
what do you feel like your health would be like if you didn’t decide to contact
us or if you decided to make that decision to change your health? Worse, worse, because I contacted you because I was done with all this issue and I can
as I can see more as the months and years past, I was sicker
and sicker so I don’t want to think that at my 40 or 50 what I will look like
so I for sure it would be worth because if I didn’t contact you, I wouldn’t have know that i had high levels of cholesterol
bad cholesterol plus my digestion issues I don’t know where have ended up. Sure, worse.
and like in a short period of time changing like this. It worth it – I’m SO GLAD that I contacted you and we started this journey here
together. So happy too – and so do you feel like how did we exceed your expectation
what kind of expectations did you have and how did we exceed them? I don’t know what was
my expectation. I expected to reach out once a week and have my plan and maybe some few recipes, but I didn’t expect that much, like we were in touch every day every day but at the beginning
every day. You are so patient and you listen and you’re passionate about what you do and I can see in your videos so that’s why I contacted you and you really love what you do. We feel, you don’t do it for the money or
anything else but you really do it because you want to help people and the unique
human we are, like me, you wanted to help me with my issue and I’m sure you do the
same with other people and your we can text you and ask you questions
anytime, share what we do and you always explain, that’s the big part, you
explain everything so everything that happens to me or every food that I eat
you can explain what will happen or why it has produced that kind of result.
I know everything about the food I eat why i’m responding this way or another so you exceed my expectations like crazy and you do
everything you can to help people and show us that you care thank you so much it’s so nice to hear
that. First of all, I’m really happy that you have had so many positive changes in
your health and that’s what makes us like it. We love doing it, but it’s seeing
other people get better, it’s like, it means everything to us and I’m so happy
that you got so many positive results and you feel that way. Yeah and I feel
like when we was first starting, you had a totally different mindset. Right now, you
have so much energy and then you just think differently and you have just uh I
feel like you just evolved so much and you grew so much because in the
beginning it was difficult and but you push through and you asked us
questions and you reached out for help when you needed it and you basically..
that’s why you got results because you stuck through the process and you
trusted us and then you reached out to us when you needed us. yeah. you were very honest. that’s very important for us because we are able to help
you more if you tell us things and we were able to talk to you about anything
and that there was really what made everything work. yeah. and then when
something comes up and I I didn’t responded well because my mind set, my mental, and you changed it. You propose change immediately to the diet
or things to help me that it goes easier so yes and so what I already
told people because I talk about you to my my friends and stuff. I told them
that I I’m not sure we can do it alone, because it’s so big change and we have so many
things to understand and we have to be accountable to someone and you’re there
and you look at everything we eat, we drink, everything that our enters into our body, you
look at it and I think that’s a big part because. I have people. I have you
to help me and every day I had to stay accountable and told you that what i’m doing doing and I think it’s part of new habit. that I am able to have
now and it’s a collaboration and such teamwork for sure
because you helped me but like you said, if I don’t tell you what’s wrong
and unless with what’s going and what’s good, you can’t help me So what would you tell somebody who is
considering working with us? what kind of advice would you give them? what would you tell them? first thing, if you weren’t able to do it alone until now.. for sure you need help and it’s
worth it for sure because, if you you feel sick and not good and you cant do stuff, everything you want, because you feel sick and you’re not in a good condition, even just mentally to be have a clear mind and better mentally just this is awesome and worth it you should be, you should be considering
help and invest in some help, the girls of course, because they are awesome. That’s the first point
and the second point is that you won’t be alone, so you don’t have to do it alone,
you have people who can help you, who have the knowledge and you will educate
yourself and so that’s the the second point. And the third point I would tell is if
you invest in your health and then some help, go all in,
because you want big change and they can’t do it for you. They are here to
help you but you have to do it, you have to do the work, so they will help you as long they can, but you have to put in the work so if you want to invest and you’re really fed up with your health, invest and go all in. It won’t be easy at first but
it will be so worth it. You will have a new life you, will have
energy like you can’t even imagine. You will be able to do anything you want and
then you know like we’re beginning the same so that what I would say. do you think it was worth the investment for
you? oh sure. 10 times! like yeah and it’s a good
investment because you have two awesome girls who are always responding and helping you and they have a good a great platform too where you will educate
yourself, you will have so much help with recipe and so much stuff so yes it’s a
really worth it. REALLY worth it and everything. thank you so much and that’s all the questions
I have I guess we want to ask you, so how you
feeling now? like your digestion because before it was like a 4, correct?yeah. I don’t remember. I don’t want to remember. but now it’s awesome. I don’t have problems. and now I eat my food and I’m not scared of ruining it and to be honest, at the beginning, i was questions myself if I would able to eat like that, like my whole life and you always said to me “we have a protocol at the beginning and after that we can eat other stuff” and now I’m looking at
it and I feel like I can eat this way all my life and I don’t need the food
before that I wanted so much and that was hurting me so it
changed a lot of thing, not just my digestion. I think my relationship with food wasn’t good and now it’s better. My digestion is 10. My relationship with food is 10. Everything is awesome. yes and then you also have us like if
you have a question about something, we will always going to be there for you to help you. I know that. Thank you.
I’m so happy that you took the time out of your busy schedule because I know how
busy you are with your clients and your business and so many things that are
going on in your life and I’m so grateful that you took the time to do
this video with us. Of course, for you anytime! a lot of people who are just
kind of not sure or scared and just your story is going to inspire them just to know
that they can feel good and they can actually move on with their life they
can heal. Because a lot of people they think that nothing is going to work for
them. They think it’s not possible but when they see other people healing, it’s really going to inspire them that there is a there is a chance
for them as well. We give people hope, because a lot of times, we lose hope, when
especially when something’s both been going on for many years but you know, I
think, you giving people hope is you sharing your experience
with everyone and I think it’s a it’s gonna be very inspiring. If they are scared to
change the way they eat, I understand them. I was. I couldn’t do exercise like before because the food wasn’t that easy, but even if you’re not ready, you’re not sure about you like you’re
not sure you can do it, like I said you won’t do it alone so if you’re not
sure you can change the diet now I’m sure when you will invest and you will see how much help you have. you will be able to do it because it’s not just about the food, they they can help you
with your mindset, there is stuff about mindset and it will help you to to have
enough self confidence in you to to trust you that you can change your
habits and you can heal and you can eat the food that can help you so
sure I’m sure you can do it. You just have to trust it and if you can’t, just
invest and they will help you anyway good well and so we’re gonna let you go
so we don’t take up too much of your time and again thank you so much for
joining us today and we’ll talk to you soon! okay. thank you very much
Thank You Marjorie. bye!

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