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– Hello, everyone. Welcome back to my
channel, Eat Burn Sleep. I am Yalda and today
I’m doing the Episode 2 of my Inflammation Series. I want to talk about
a link that is crucial when it comes to health. It is the link between gut
health and inflammation. So the focus of my platforms are gut health and inflammation, and sometimes people do not make the link between the two. I’m just gonna recap quickly
what inflammation is. Inflammation is the process
that happens to your body when it needs to heal. For example when you catch a virus, your body temperature rises, that is inflammation
and it allows your body to fight that virus. When you cut yourself, there
needs to be some inflammation for the tissue to repair. However, when inflammation is sustained over a long period of time, that is called chronic inflammation. That’s when things start going wrong and the immune system starts going funny and cells start reproducing or developing or behaving in an abnormal way. For example, under chronic
stress our body gets inflamed and then we can have all sorts of issues. So many things are linked to inflammation: Heart attacks, diabetes,
Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune issues, psoriasis in French, I can’t say it in English. Psoriasis, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), so many diseases basically
all non-communicable disease, i.e. diseases you do not catch are linked to chronic inflammation. Why is your gut health crucial to avoid chronic inflammation? There is something called
leaky gut syndrome. It’s when your gut is
not completely sealed. You eat particles of food, so basically the whole digestive system from the mouth to the rectum is basically like outside of your body. It touches the outside. Although it looks like it’s in you, it’s actually exposed
to the outside world. So it needs to be extremely
sealed just like your skin. So things from the outside
cannot penetrate your body. If your gut lining is not properly sealed and you suffer from something
called leaky gut syndrome, particles of food you are
ingesting are gonna go into your bloodstream. Your body is going to
recognize that those cells in the bloodstream are foreign pathogens that’s going to be a mechanism of defense within the immune system, which will go and attack those cells. And this creates inflammation
because effectively your body is attacking itself. So it is extremely important
to prevent diseases to look younger, because
skin is our biggest organ and inflammation ages all organs, to be healthier, to
have more mental clarity because brain cells do get inflamed, to keep your inflammation levels low. And by that having a good gut health is absolutely essential. When it comes to mental wellness, there’s a gut-brain connection, but that will be in a another episode. I hope that this is
clarifying the link between why gut health and inflammation
are so closely linked. Inflammation is linked to chronic stress, to gut health, to the
type of exercise you do. And I share all of this
in my different platforms. And you can go on eatburnsleep.com, follow my 6-Week Plan
if you do want to lower your inflammation levels
and improve your gut health. And basically what I
have spoken about today in this video is the link between the two. Thank you so much for watching. Please do leave a comment,
a little thumbs up, subscribe, and make sure to check my Instagram @eatburnsleep my website eatburnsleep.com and watch more recipes,
videos, whatever you fancy from what I offer. Thank you so much for watching.

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