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Index, Middle Finger Numbness, Tingling – Wrist Pain – Neck pain – Specific Chiropractic NYC

– Hi, so I have a problem both here and in my index and middle finger. It’s tingly and it’s numb. And my wrist also, there’s some pain in
the corner of my wrist. It seems to be traveling up my arm through to my neck. There seems to be a lot of tightness in my neck muscles. So, at this point, the
only thing I can think is there’s some kind of
pinched nerve up here which is affecting the
whole right side of my body. – So, we feel there’s a
lot of muscle tightness on the left side. And we compare it to your right side, see, it’s not as tight. It’s a little swollen over here but it’s nothing like your left side. A lot of significant swelling over here, and a lot of muscle
tightness here as well. We also feel down your right side, there’s a lot of muscle
tightness over here, okay? And it’s kind of loose over here, okay? It’s not as bad. You feel this right over here? That’s a lot of swelling right
in this spot right over here. Okay, and you don’t have
anything on this side, the left side. You feel that nice little knot over there? – [Patient] Yeah. – It feels like a little pea in there. – [Patient] Yeah, what is that? – Okay, that’s the swelling
we’re talking about. Now I’m gonna check
every single structure. We’re gonna see how
your structure’s moving. I’m gonna challenge it
going back and forward. Normal it’s supposed to move back and forward without a problem. Abnormal, it’s gonna be stuck in place. For me, that should be tender. Feel that one right there? – [Patient] Yeah.
– That’s not moving too well. Tender?
– [Patient] Yeah. – Does that also duplicate
your right hand problem, too? – [Patient] Yeah. – Okay. Now I’m gonna tilt. See how it goes. So, you can tilt your head to the left. See how much issues you have rotating and tilting towards the right, okay? So, that indicates a
lot of structural issues going on right there
at the sixth cervical. Next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take a look and see how you’re rotating. So, once again, you can turn
your head easily to the left. You’ve got some issue
rotating to the right. You can’t turn your
head over to the right. Feel that difference right there? – [Patient] Yeah, a little bit. Not too dramatic, but definitely there. – It’s most certainly there. – [Patient] It’s like 100 and 85 that way. – Exactly, so we already identified that this is the one that’s the problem. We saw with instrumentation, yes, there is a nerve that’s being
irritated at this level. There is swelling right here,
muscle spasms over here. X-rays indicated that this
structure over here is backwards and rotating in a very
particular direction. This is the one we need to correct. In this X-ray structural analysis, what we see is this is what
normal is supposed to look like. Like this space right over here. However, we see on the
fourth, fifth and sixth there’s a lot of breakdown
and a lot of degeneration. In essence, we’re seeing a
lot of this fellow over here and the sixth cervical disc we’re seeing this fellow over here. So, take a closer look what
caused all these fellas’ is actually right here. This bone moved backwards and
also tilted backwards as such so this is the one we need to correct. There we go. – [Chiropractor] What
difference do you notice right now in your fingertips? – It does feel like it’s subsiding. It hasn’t gone but it feels like it’s, the tingling has gone. The tingling has gone. It’s still a bit numb but
the tingling has gone. – [Chiropractor] How much numbness would you say is left over? – Because I can’t slice my
finger open it’s hard to tell. It’s definitely better though. – [Chiropractor] Alright. Well let’s take a look
at your wrist, okay? Fingers towards me. Okay, so you feel this one over here? There’s too much movement. – [Patient] Yeah. – [Chiropractor] Okay, we’re
gonna compare it to your left. Okay, it doesn’t move as much. You feel that difference there? – [Patient] Yeah. – [Chiropractor] Whereas this one– – [Patient] It’s loose. – [Chiropractor] Very loose. So, we’ll take a look at your elbow. Feel that difference here?
This over here is solid. But when I deviate towards this way, do you feel that difference? – [Patient] Yeah. – [Chiropractor] It’s too
much moving towards that way. So now we check what’s
going on with the radius. Okay, just over here. We’ll fix it. There it is. Feel that nice little fellow pop? – [Patient] Yeah, what was that? – [Chiropractor] So, we just
fixed his bone right over here. – [Patient] Yeah, that’s
where the pain is, there. – [Chiropractor] So we’ll
have to fix your pisiform, this small little bone right over here. – [Patient] Right there, yeah. – [Chiropractor] Okay, go ahead
and move your hand around, see how you like it. How’s these two fingers right over here? – [Patient] Yeah, getting better. – [Chiropractor] Okay so, fill me in. How is the wrist and the fingers? – So it’s been about a
week since I last saw you. I think dead on a week. – [Chiropractor] About. – And my wrist is 90 to
95% better, maybe more. And the tingling in the
index finger, middle finger are now at least 30 to 40% better. The neck is feeling
better and for the hips what you did down there
it’s dramatically better. I can sit with my legs
kind of almost parallel now which is a new feeling. And I do feel overall that I’m
more aligned. So, all good. I’m definitely going to the bathroom with much more regularity than I used to. – So how are the fingers now? – They’re fantastic. From non-stop pain and numbness and getting worse during the day to pretty much back to how it was before. – So, any residuals or
absolutely none left? – I mean, it’s one percent of what it was. – One percent?

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  1. Amazing to see. I have the same issue of tingling and shooting up my arm. Would love to see a dr as the caliber of this dr. himself, however in la. What kind of dr is he?

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