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I’m 36 Weeks Pregnant with Cramping and Back Pain!

I’m 36 weeks pregnant with cramping and back
pain! What is going on here, and what should I do? Everyone gets back pains at this point in
the pregnancy. These seem worse than before. Have you had a urinary tract infection? I think every pregnant woman gets them. If you’ve been dealing with a urinary tract
infection, it could have turned into a bladder infection. Then you have pressure in the pelvic area,
cramping of an inflamed bladder and even back pain. I’d expect a fever if that were the case. Probably, and if you had a fever with stomach
cramps and vomiting, the back pain could be due to dehydration or strains as you tried
to rush over to the toilet. I haven’t had vomiting like that. Some women develop really bad constipation. That wouldn’t explain the back pain. If you added too much fiber to your diet to
compensate, you could get severe stomach cramps before the bowel movements. That wouldn’t last this long. If you are taking those iron coated prenatal
vitamins, and then you took more than the recommended dose to try to offset the fatigue
you feel in the third trimester, your body could be cramping over it. Again, that’d only be in the digestive tract
or result in super pooping until it passed. Have you passed the time watching a clock
while dealing with the cramps? No, but it seems to take forever. If you have back pains and stomach cramps
that ramp up and ease, then come back ten minutes later every ten minutes, you may be
in labor. If it comes back in ten minutes before returning
in nine, you need to get to the hospital. You think this is a sign of early labor. You are nine months along. I’d be four weeks early. There are women who have premature babies
at week thirty and it lives, and you’re six weeks past that. And I’d be worried about that. If you are only having cramps but your water
hasn’t broken, go to the hospital. They can give you a shot to stop labor in
most cases as long as there isn’t an underlying condition to prompt it. I’m pregnant, that’s what prompts labor. In some cases, the woman goes into early labor
due to an infection or dehydration. Or she has to be induced due to high blood
pressure. The inducing of labor because you have pre-eclampsia
requires the high blood pressure signaled by seeing red, headaches, high blood pressure
readings, swelling of the legs beyond what’s normal. I don’t have that. Then you may have standard early labor which
a doctor can treat one way or the other after you get to the hospital. What else could cause these back pains that
isn’t labor? You were carrying a heavy load with your back
instead of your legs, straining what is already carrying a heavy load in front. No, I haven’t done that. Or you tried yoga that twists the back and
strains already strained tendons. I have trouble just reaching down to put on
my shoes. Then we’re back to ask a doctor just in

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