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Ileostomy bag and stoma reaction from kids

How do people react to your ostomy bag?
Coming up, my children’s reaction to my stoma and ostomy bag with some
behind-the-scenes footage to bring a smile to your face. Stomanner Okay, so here we’re going to do something a little bit more experimental. I’m doing the stoma bag change and it’s more of an
education piece. Here we have oldest son Luke and younger son Jack and we’re
going to see their response and reaction to daddy’s stoma. So you know what this is boys, dont you? What’s daddy got here jack. It’s a bag And what’s under the ostomy bag? Tummy, shall I take it off and then we can
show you and you know you know what it’s used for? Yes, my daddy wees and poos.
That’s right, except the stoma is just for a poopy. But these people
are used to seeing this What does daddy do from
that Jack? Poopy, okay that’s good and it’s a noisy one. You can go to
toilet properly all right, it was fine, daddy’s fine. Okay? Oh yes. Okay good stuff. I’ll now change this ostomy bag. Thank you boys that was
the education over with. I just want to show a little moment here
where I’m gonna leave my stoma out just to air between the bag change I presume this probably isn’t really a common thing but I know that I certainly take the ostomy
bag off quickly, give my stoma a wipe and then straight back on with the new
ostomy bag. So there’s very little time to actually air the stoma because of
worry of the stoma leaking. So I want to make this a proud moment
actually and show you how comfortable you can be just showing your stoma and
actually seeing how it reacts. Here you’ll see that it does keep moving and at the top part is the main output and then there’s a smaller second part which
then loops back into your intestines and in my case I can actually have a
reversal, but I’m completely comfortable with it and won’t actually have the
reversal purely for fear of heading back to bad times. Okay now the stoma change was actually quite active in the end, so it took a bit of time to change
it. However, the story today was just to sort of show how my children aren’t
fazed at all I can carry on living and enjoying time with them and as you see here, they’re straight back into playing with their monkeys and setting up all sorts
of stuff. So a big thank you to all my subscribers. If you’re new to this
Stomanner channel, you’ll see that I’m looking to show the positive side to
life with a stoma, Crohn’s disease or similar illness, as well as wanting to
raise awareness for invisible disabilities and illnesses for our
community into the public eye. Please continue to watch or subscribe if you
like what I’m doing! As you’d expect working with children and it’s taken a
bit of time so here are actually some of the outtakes that we had before the
final edits as well as wanting to raise around as well
wanting to raise awareness so big thank you to my subscribers so far so big
thank you to my subscribers so far if you’re new to this Stomanner channel
now I know my face jokes I’m trying to talk to people here so big thank you to my subscribers so
far hope everyone enjoyed it so big thank you to all my subscribers so far no no no because this is recorded he’s
not in it Jack you know in it try and look at my arm in it too much here there
we go please continue to watch or subscribe if you like what yours Jack
hold on so you want to be in it as well Jack see a bit too there we go
Jack I need your hand out your mouth that way I was as well as wanting to
raise awareness for invisible disabilities in business exactly though
exactly so a big thank you to all my subscribers if you’re new to this Stomanner channel you’re not even in it through my channel what’s the last bit
see my weekly videos or shared videos through our channel our what am I saying
here I can’t read it now the pages in the way
I cannot get this bit it’s right at the end boys For more of our videos about greater times to live with a stoma bag, choose one of our featured playlists or subscribe to
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videos Stomanner

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