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IcyHot Smart Relief Review- Zap the Pain Away!

– Hi, I’m Parris. Just returned from a YouTuber’s convention where the general consensus was, if you could hold on for one more year, things will start to get better. Not much I can do about that pain but the shoulder and back pain from the 20 hour drive back from Palm Springs here to Austin, may be relieved by the use of this Icy Hot Smart Relief little wearable electronic pain zapper. (upbeat music with name of show) I’ve seen the TV commercials
for these devices. There’s an electrode patch
that goes on your skin. A little device that sends out little, very small charge zaps to you. What it tends to do is
confuse the nerves underneath so that any pain signals going through don’t actually make it up to your brain, so it can lessen or get
rid of pain that you feel in certain parts of your body. This particular model is
for shoulders and knees and I could use it on my shoulders. I’m gonna see what this does for me. I picked up this Icy
Hot TENS therapy device over at our local Target store. It’s about 30 dollars. Find out more about it at the link down below this video. Now I’m familiar with this type of device. My daughter Roxanna,who
has a paralyzed arm from West Nile virus, some of the therapy they did with her was attaching electrodes and trying to get the muscles to activate. This is different than that. That one uses a higher amount
of electricity, I believe, and your goal is to get
the muscles to contract. This one, I think, is much lower power and it’s aimed at the nerve. You basically wanna confuse
the pain signals in the nerves so they don’t get up to
your brain and tell you, hey, this is really hurting. Now, this comes with batteries in it. It uses a hearing aid size battery, the CR-2032, which is a
pretty easy one to find. A double A, triple A
would be easier to find. It’s got a couple snaps on the back where, and they said this was
wire free, oh, I see. ‘Cause I’m used to
hooking these up to wires and putting them on my daughter’s arm when we were doing the therapy. This actually has the snap buttons right on the gel pad. You do need a little bit of gel for the electrical conductivity. And you slap it on the skin and then you see, depending
on where you put it and how much hair there is there, what it feels like when you pull it off. We’ll hope this isn’t one
of those really sticky ones. They include an extra battery, It’s nice there’s a
battery already in this when you take it home you
don’t have to realize, ah, I gotta go back to the
store and get batteries. You can start using it right away and there’s another battery. I’ll see how long they tend to last. And your quick start
guide and instructions on how to use this, how to place it, and what to expect from it. I’ve read through the instructions and found out I should not apply it to my face, neck, or chest. Okay. Also don’t use it if you have some kind of medical electronic device
already implanted in you. This is the control box and the one that actually
sends out the little signal. It’s very simple; the on/off button and the intensity plus, minus. Every time you turn it on, intensity is set to one. Maximum intensity is 63, I think. So, there’s a lot of
button pressing involved if you need the higher levels
of electrical stimulation. They suggest you get it to the level where it helps with the pain but not so high that you start to feel actual muscle contractions. These are the snap-on points that snap on to the pad. This is a reusable pad. They don’t give an actual number of how many times you can reuse it but if you clean it after each use, keep your skin oils
from building up on it, you should be able to
use it multiple times. You can see the diagrams here, showing where this particular pad is recommended to use. Looks like the back of the neck, over the top of one shoulder, and of course the other shoulder. Also, you can do it over your knee and part of a calf. They have one for lower back. I think the pad is a different shape, but that’s a separate purchase. Now my lengthy drive, I’m still feeling sore
across my back and shoulder so that’s where I’m going
to put this eventually, but to try it out so
you can see better here, I’m going to put it on
this part of my arm, see how it is to apply and remove. Here’s what’s hiding underneath. It’s so long. Make sure it has good contact. The TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical
nerve stimulation. Transcutaneous means through the skin. I’m gonna turn it on now. It does say it starts at one. I’m hoping that’s the case. I’ve got a flashing green light. I don’t feel anything, but it’s at one of 63. Oh, I’m feeling a little doo-doo-doo. Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. It’s faster and then it’s slower. It’s not making my muscles contract but it’s definitely noticeable little, I don’t know, tinglies, across the skin. I can’t feel my muscles contracting but it almost feels like
that’s what’s happening here, with the tt-tt-tt. Now it’s almost stopped. Whoa! It went very fast and
now it’s slowing down so it changes the pattern, and I read it does that so you don’t get too
used to it, basically. With the varying stimulation pattern, that helps it to provide the pain relief. Let me bump it up a little
higher. One, two, three. Oh, I’ve got big old
bounces going on in my arm. I think I better go back down a couple. ‘Cause you’re supposed to stop right before the level
of muscle contraction but right at the point where
you get the pain relief. I don’t have any pain in
this arm to compare it to, so I have a screwdriver. I’m just gonna poke my arm
around this spot here a little and then try poking it around the pad here just to see if I notice any difference, any numbing, I guess it
would be a numbing effect. Okay. Doesn’t hurt, but it’s not pleasant. Now let’s try over here. Huh, it feels like a general kind of numb. I still feel myself poking. It’s like the dentist tells you, you’re going to feel some pressure. That’s more what I feel
rather than pain over here while it’s doing its thing. Okay, well, where I do have sore muscles is right across the back of my shoulders, so let me replace it there and see how it does. Now to take it off, you wanna
turn it off first. Okay. And then you peel it. Now that it’s been on a
few minutes let’s see. It’s not that bad. It’s not EKG electrode
bad, not by a long shot. Okay. Hopefully there’s still
some gummy stuff on there to put it on my shoulder. Okay, I now have it running from right here, across here, and that muscle right
across the back there. Turn it on and start out low. Got my green flashing, here we go. Two, three, four, five. Little pulse. Little pulse
right here, it feels like. I think I’ve got it well attached. Let’s go up a few more. One, two, three, four, five. Yep, it’s activating the muscles now. Oh, there’s some interesting skin sensations going on there. When it does the little pulses so quickly, it almost feels like it’s warmth. It almost feels like
it’s getting warm there. I found that wasn’t
really hitting the spot, it wasn’t affecting
where I had the soreness. There is this other place you can put it right across, down below
the base of your neck, across the top of your shoulders, the place where you get
people to massage you. That seems like a good spot so I’ve moved it there. I can’t see the things to turn it on and increase the power, but I think that’s up and that’s down. Let’s turn it on. I feel like I really am a cyborg now. I’m gonna put it up a little more. I think I’m about eight. Nine, 10, 11, 12. Mmm, I bumped it up to 25 and put my head down on
the desk for a few minutes. It’s nice. It’s helping. I think it’s a matter of, if you have larger muscles, you need to bump it up higher to get the effect. I was feeling a lot and even seeing my arm moving right here where
the muscles are smaller. That’s sad to say. There are smaller muscles in here because of course you have, for fine control, whereas on your back, you just, I’m imagining, just have a few big muscles to support and move the
core of your body around. You can, seems like bump
it up a little highger in intensity and that really does have that effect of going through the skin and confusing the nerves so that you don’t get as many pain signals coming up to your brain. Yeah, I really think that helped. This will automatically go for 30 minutes and then shut itself off. The Ice Hot Smart Relief
device can be used in this kind of situation, where you have sore and
achy you’re dealing with, but they do say it can also be used for chronic pain conditions like arthritis and it may provide
some relief for that. Okay, it’s been about half an hour. It feels like the shoulders, at least in the middle here, my back, don’t feel sore anymore. They must still be it’s
just they don’t feel sore. They’re not getting the pain signals sent up to the brain. They’re still complaining but there’s no one around to hear them. This has turned off so
I’m now gonna remove it. Let’s see how it goes pulling
it off without seeing it. That was easy. There’s a carry-on effect of using this, that even after you turn it off, that confusion in the nerves continues to go on for a while, so I still feel good, I suppose, in half hour an hour,
I don’t know how long. It may, the achiness may come back but then I can always put it back on. You can find more about the Icy Hot Smart Relief
TENS therapy device at the link down below this video. I’ll be back soon when I’m running at a hundred
percent, doing more videos. You can keep checking back for those or you can click that
subscribe button down below. You’ll get notified when our videos go up. See you on the next review. (upbeat title music)

31 thoughts on “IcyHot Smart Relief Review- Zap the Pain Away!

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  2. Are you still using the aromatherapy roll on essential oils to help you sleep?If so is it working to help you sleep?

  3. now that's something both me and my husband could use. for me the lower back one for him the one you used. wow that's great!

  4. I remember that ghostbed you did about 7 months ago is it still as comfy as it was when you first got it? We are looking for a new mattress and are thinking about getting one.

  5. Sorry Parris, 2032 is not a hearing aid battery as that would be a huge hearing aid. 2032 is for car remotes and products like that.

  6. Dios Mio, that was a very entertaining video Parris! I have a pacemaker so this would definitely be something I'd be told not to use. But I have used the big TENS units in the hospital and in the spinal rehab places. Personally, I hated them. Of course, they always had them up to high and so it gave me shocks as well as making my muscles jump and jive. No bueno. Anyhow I LOVED the fun faces you made when using this, I could almost feel what it was doing to ya just by watching your faces, lol. Oh and if you need to get another EKG, have them use the suction bulbs instead of the standard electrodes. The bulbs are like lil suction cups and don't hurt and are FOR HAiRY PEOPLE!

  7. Great review and i loved your explanation made me lol hope you feel better 👐 virtual back massage love ya

  8. Can you update us down the road on about how long the cr2032 battery tends to last on this? I'm kinda surprised it's only one battery and not two.

  9. Hi Parris. I used the Icy Hot tens for the back (mine is horrible) and it worked well. The only problem was that I have really bad neuropathy in my hands and couldn't feel the buttons on my back to turn it on or adjust the intensity. When the Aleve tens came out I immediately bought it because ít comes with a wireless remote. It is SO much easier to use! You might want to try it out if you have back pain. Take care….Chris.

  10. I actually tested an implanted TENS unit. I've used a prescribed external TENS unit for 10 years. It causes your muscles to contract multiple times over super fast which causes the muscles to eventually exhausting. High levels needed for larger muscles & higher pain. I hope this will quickly be your favorite review.

  11. That kind of devices really scare me… But I'm glad it works fine, and it can help someone relief their pain 🙂

  12. These are basically T.E.N.S. units. You can actually purchase far better systems from Amazon for around $30. I recommend the TENS 1000 :O)

  13. Be nice if they could use her own Stem Cells to regrow nerve's back to where they function again. Had a friend in the early 1990s who had something similar to this, he was a Firefighter and fell through a 2 story building landing on a steel sink on the ground floor. Without his 9 volt battery connected up to his spine he couldn't walk around it was the only way he was able to move.

  14. Cool! Have you tried the weight-loss belts or bands that use similar technology? Don't know if they work for weight loss but might be even more effective on pain considering that they're more powerful! Thanks

  15. I’m Dringa vlogs.
    I’m completely blind, autistic and have a chronic heart condition.
    My mom got me the smart relief and it does work for me.
    Here’s my review:

  16. Great video. I just bought this unit and was worried about using it. I started at level 2 until I found this video and then I started moving it up. Thank you for taking away my fear!

  17. I can barely feel the pulse it puts out. I guess I'm used to the ones at the doctor's office. Those electrodes are intense! I make them turn it up to the highest setting and the doctor will ask, "are you sure?" Hell yeah I'm sure, turn that bitch up! Lol And when he does, my arms are all twitching and bouncing around everywhere. Feels good!!!

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