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100 thoughts on “I Bought Some Old Sex Books! | Hannah Witton

  1. Hannah please Ill read the 800 page antique sex book with you. I know we're not actually friends but we could be!!! I need this podcast

  2. I like the idea of the old book! Perhaps you could look at only some chapters, like the ones about France but not the more racist ones?

  3. How about you work the encyclopedia into Doing It where you maybe read a little bit with your guest as like a segment of the podcast, and tailor it to suit whatever the topic of that week's episode is if you can?

  4. Lol Hannah you are too funny. You really had a good time with that one. I love the history on anything shows us hw far we have come as people.

  5. I would love to hear you read through the big old book. I think even though some of the material is horrific (at least from what you've said here) I feel like 1. it's always important to acknowledge these appalling past attitudes, 2. you're very good at dealing with contentious topics, and 3. you don't have to read alllll of it in a video/on the pod/etc if some of it is truly awful.
    Plus I feel like it's always a good opportunity to have a giggle at some of the absolutely ridiculous ideas that prevailed back then. But that's just my personal thoughts on it anyway.

  6. cant watch right now but just nipping in to say hi! dont quit!your videos, even on topics im "not interested in" is absolutely top notch and I think you are a wonder xxxxxxxxxx

  7. "I bought this book of male nudes for my uhhh FRIEND! Yes, that's it, for my friend. Totally friend. Not for me, for friend. In summary, friend."

    "He just hasn't picked it up yet." ?

  8. I was so mad I couldn’t come see you at Wigtown book festival this year! No one ever comes to south west Scotland, and normally Wigtown is a 30 minute bus ride away but i had just moved up north for uni ? Another time! Keep doing what you’re doing <3

  9. I love the idea of the podcast please do! As a history undergrad student I completely understand the pains of sifting through old texts and avoiding the racist remarks and stereotyping, but don’t think there’d be any problems with a podcast. Approached from the perspective of a sex expert in 2019 who clearly knows the prejudice is wrong and makes that clear in the podcast, you can do no wrong!

  10. So interesting!! I do think that publicly reading that ol' french book would be too hurtful though, even though it does sound so intriguing

  11. If I offered up list of a recommend list of sexual history books by title and subject, could you please tell if you've already read or would be interested in any of them?

  12. In the 1920s and 30s picking ones nose was considered masturbation because it involved an appendage (finger) penetrating an orifice (nostril).

  13. I switched off notifications to make myself more focused, productive and less distracted during the day. So far, it's working. Sorry Hannah!

  14. I love the idea of the podcast, I think it would need to have input from the perspective of someone who is a part of the minority thats being written about. Especially as I can imagine that the book probably includes some stereotypes and it would be interesting to hear conversation around a persons current day experiences with that when it comes to their sex life and sexual experience.

  15. I love books, I love thrift shopping, and I LOVE your braids!! Also hopped over here from your insta which reminded me I haven't watched this yet!

  16. I think it would be fascinating to evaluate that book! I’m a history major with a minor in gender studies, so that is right up my alley!

  17. You should read Wordslut by Amanda Montell! It's much newer, and not entirely about sex, but the author talks about the language around sex and swears and LGBTQIA+ issues and how ways that women speak (like sounding like a valley girl and stuff) are looked down upon and its just super interesting!

  18. Yeah I have a book on medieval Europe from the twenties and there are a number of places where you pause and think 'I would have worded that differently.'
    It's no Golden Bough so forty years of progress I guess.

  19. I would love for you to read and discuss/summarize the old sex book… But maybe just the topics you feel like you can speak to? Like the ones on women and Jewish people so you can at least frame it through your lived experiences? Just an idea if you were wary of accidentally stumbling into something so wildly offensive that you aren't personally impacted by.

  20. The podcast idea (10:38) is brilliant. I love reading books out loud with others… there should be more of that in general, and I'm sure you could do something wonderful with this one (celebrating things it gets right, cringing out loud at the rest). Whether it comes to fruition or not (re 10:33), I love the idea. And if you do it, I look forward to listening one day.

  21. When my great-uncle died and my great-aunt had to go into assisted living, we cleaned out their house and…found some stuff. One of the books I took was called "Handbook for Husbands" because it was old and looked charming, but it turned out to be an old timey sex manual. The first section I happened to turn to claimed that most women can orgasm from feeling a man ejaculate inside of her (SURRRRRRE), AND that in order to trigger said orgasm before he actually comes, the man should PEE INSIDE OF HER A LITTLE BIT. I mean…points for caring if she has an orgasm but YIKES YOU GUYS.

  22. This video makes me regret throwing out all the 70's porn that we found in my dad's mobile home after he died, I'm sure Hannah would get a kick out of it.

  23. When you held up the old one I got excited because it looks like an old copy of the kinsey reports I saw one time. Old books are so important, they teach us so much. It's also important for all of us to be aware of atrocities against people of color, even in sex books. Which means reading with a critical eye to learn from primary sources how people were treated. The study of history should never be denied. That book was published and its views shared. We can respect people of color both in the past and present by acknowledging it and shining light on the pain it caused. This is why we study history at all.

  24. Yes, I would love to have such a podcast. I think as long as you actually acknowledge how offensive it is while reading it and bring up why it is problematic it should be okay.

  25. I haven't watched your video yet, but let's see if one of the books is "Married Love" by Marie Stopes (1918). I study history (like you did), so I read it. It's so interesting! It's kind of revolutionary but the author was such a racist! Sexually open to some extent but then again racist. Edit: Love your video Hannah! Please get some more sex books and make a part two. I recommend you get a copy of "Married Love".

  26. I feel the sensitivity and awareness of how wrong the book is about those offensive things would be enough. Providing you continue to acknowledge how wrong it is, I would love to watch a series where you go through by chapter/section.

  27. I think a podcast about the sex encyclopaedia would actually be a really good way to do it since you can compare those views with modern views and it would be really interesting and I definitely think you could find a way to make it not come across as offensive!

  28. if you specifically got poc to come speak on the chapters about race then it wont just make it okay to discuss them but it'll make the discussion better and more informative because people will naturally know more about their own culture and the history of the treatment of their minority group and will be able to relate that to the text and share things that you wouldn't be able to

  29. Read them all. Expand your horizons and perspectives even if you disagree or its outdated in context. Knowledge is power!

  30. Yes! Definitely do the podcast with the 1930s book. It’s a piece of history, it’s of its time. Better to read and explore, and contrast with today than just to ignore the book. You can always have a disclaimer saying the text of the book represents past ideas that’re not supported by the podcast etc.

  31. Please do the podcast! That would be fascinating! As long as it's clear that you do not agree with the racism then it shouldnt have too much backlash other than by the usual people that are always upset anyways. I bet my ancestors are in the "primitive group" hahahaha

  32. Margaret Sanger was one of the most racist people to have lived! She literally created planned parenthood to “control their populations” and even performed forced abortions to women who didn’t want it

  33. I would super love to listen to you read through the old book on a podcast! In my opinion, if you do it, the best way to do it would be with you guys acknowledging the problematic nature of what you're reading it and correcting it/updating it.

  34. You could do a kind of like Potterless type thing with the book. So every episode you have a guest who is expert in some field, like sex and relationships, history etc. and you read a chapter with them and then discuss why certain things were that way, how they have changed, how it has shaped certain thought patterns and ways of acting even to this day and why it is important to know the history of sex and sexuality.

  35. Kinda want to read your dissertation now! Would love to hear the podcast with the book as I know you'd have incredible discussions about it. Such a good video! <3

  36. Got a major jolt of excitement hearing you say "Dumfries and Galloway" cos I'm from a wee village there and oh my goodness you were there, how weird but HOW GOOD IS THAT BOOKSHOP?!

  37. My entire sex education was from the books on my parents shelves. None were really erotic, but I learned more than my parents ever taught me!!
    These books are so fascinating, you can really get into the psyche of intellectuals and what they were telling society.
    Definitely keen to see videos on your thoughts on these books!

  38. As to fetishes most curious about full list might get the book maybe I have missed something, breasts would be 1st in my book, but then I also get slightly weirded out when people refer to breasts as a "fetish" seems odd either liking breasts much more niche than I think or the use of the word fetish closer to "preference".

  39. Yes. Yes, you should read the old book! I think the old thoughts on female sexuality are really interesting. I remember in uni during a history of medicine lesson learning about the "wandering womb" which I thought was hysterical.

  40. i love old books. I dont find historic things offencive if its no longer relevent, we shouldnt be offended but celebrate the progress

  41. I think you should read parts of the giant book but not all of it. And yes this video was so much fun! Hope you do this again in the future and can’t wait to hear about the snippets you do read!

  42. Prefer this
    Quote “Relationships and dating don't always have the perfect narrative arc like they do in the movies. In real life, nothing happens in an order that makes sense and sometimes there's no end or conclusion to things.”

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